Market Update

  • BC property taxes set to soar by Steve Randall

    Home prices in some British Columbia markets may be easing but property taxes are rising and for some homeowners it will be a sharp hike

  • $420 more for food in 2017 says study by Steve Randall

    Food inflation will add $420 to the annual expenses of typical Canadian households, researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax estimate

  • CIBC is over-exposed to mortgage market says analyst by Steve Randall

    The Big Six banks began reporting their latest financial results this week and CIBC revealed figures that exceeded expectations. However, some analysts are concerned about the lender’s exposure to the residential mortgage market

  • More Canadians are insolvent says report by Steve Randall

    There was a rise in bankruptcies and proposals to creditors in September, the latest month’s stats released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada

  • Foreign ownership still low says CMHC by Steve Randall

    The share of foreign ownership of Canadian condos remains low, CMHC says, with Toronto at 2.3 per cent and Vancouver at 2.2 per cent; both markets saw a lower share than 2015


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