• Edmonton sales quietly grow in 2014 by Jamie Henry

    Its oil-riding counterpart might get all the attention, but Edmonton silently posted a great year with increased home sales and housing prices across all property types.

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    Have your previous marketing efforts been filled with good intentions, but are delivering little tangible results?

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    Private equity firm numbers at all time high... Vancouver home price skyrocket in Dec 2014... Calgary on record pace...

  • Condos in 2015 are going up, up, up by Olivia D'Orazio

    To make a prediction for Canada’s crazy housing market would be, well, crazy, but like Re/Max Condos Plus, some agents believe it’s safe to say high-rise living will continue to post strong gains in major markets – especially for larger family-friendly units.

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    The kitchen is often considered the most important room in a house: it’s a hub of activity and, of course, that’s where all the delicious food is.

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    Clients – especially inexperienced ones – often have unrealistic expectations and it’s your job to set them straight, but some agents say it’s best to let the market do the talking.


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