• Foreign investors set their sights in rural B.C. by Jordan Maxwell

    An agent in British Columbia is cashing in on interest from Asian buyers increasingly looking to invest not in Vancouver, but in the province’s more rural regions.

  • Daily Market Update by REP

    Nanaimo home sales up 10%... Toronto home prices rise at near-record pace... Kirby: ‘Things about to get vicious’ with oil prices... Northern B.C. home sales boost brings confidence...

  • Toronto sales, prices rose in 2014 and no one is surprised by Jamie Henry

    Toronto’s housing market continued to rise in 2014, with sharp increases in both average price and number of sales, and the city’s December data suggests that hot streak is hardly about to cool.

  • Canada’s luxury market is doing just fine by Olivia D'Orazio

    Regardless of the doomsayers pointing to low oil values and potential market overvaluation, the luxury real estate market in Canada is not suffering, and Sotheby’s International doesn’t think it will in 2015.

  • Are Vancouver’s sky-high home prices inaccurate? by Olivia D'Orazio

    It’s finally happened: Vancouver’s hot housing market has hit the benchmark price of more than $1 million in December, but some agents argue that figure isn't entirely accurate.

  • Edmonton sales quietly grow in 2014 by Jamie Henry

    Its oil-riding counterpart might get all the attention, but Edmonton silently posted a great year with increased home sales and housing prices across all property types.

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