• Daily Market Update by REP

    Council warns of Craigslist real estate scams... Man duped by Ontario Realtor... House prices in Canada to push consumers elsewhere?... New listings up 39 per cent in Calgary due to oil...

  • Rate cut to pull up Halifax market by Olivia D'Orazio

    The Bank of Canada’s decision to cut interest rates will benefit most of the country, but the East Coast in particular is preparing for the surge of buyers cheaper money will bring.

  • ‘Bad’ neighbourhoods looking good as listing shortage continues by Jordan Maxwell

    With no end in sight to the listings drought in Toronto, some agents are pointing to a former ‘bad’ neighbourhood as the newest investment hotspot.

  • Lighter Side: “Good husband” demolishes house by Jamie Henry

    Not everyone has the mental stamina required to undergo a large-scale renovation. Like the man in Middletown, N.Y., who demolished his wife’s house while she was out.

  • 7 things you do that tell your client: "I don't care" by Nicola Middlemiss

    Most of us care about doing our jobs well, and about the relationships we have with clients. But The Energy Bus author Jon Gordon says your actions might be sending the opposite message.

  • Lighter Side: 5 annoying things TV buyers say by Jamie Henry

    We’ve compiled a list of the five most annoying things those buyers say – and the comments we’re screaming at the screen. Have a laugh, then share the most, erm, misled comment you’ve heard on the job.

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