• Liberal budget released: These are the housing related promises by The Canadian Press

    Cities and affordable housing providers will find themselves with $11.2 billion more to spend on new and existing units over the coming decade, as part of the federal government's multi-pronged push to help people find homes

  • Addressing real estate issues countrywide by Justin da Rosa

    Housing policy has been fractured and, at times, contradictory; one influential professional is arguing in favour of a more unified approach to addressing the issues

  • Execution: the holy grail of business? by REP

    It’s all well and good spending hours, days or months on putting a business plan into place, but if you fail when it comes to putting it into action then you’re back to square one. Cyril Peupion explains how to follow through on your strategy

  • Tougher lending standards coming? by Justin da Rosa

    Your clients may soon have a more difficult time qualifying for a home, according to one leading economist

  • Vancouver high-end real estate world’s hottest—report by Ephraim Vecina

    Foreign investors are the main drivers of the rise in value of Vancouver’s luxury real estate, according to a recent report

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