Neil Sharma

Neil Sharma

Neil Sharma is a journalist at Real Estate Professional Canada.




  • New firm seeks to make sense of Toronto's market

    A new research and consulting firm will attempt to make sense of the madness in Toronto's real estate market by compiling comprehensive data and helping different industry players maximize their bottom lines

  • Luxury living here to stay, says Sotheby's

    Coming off a strong showing in 2017, luxury real estate markets in Canada's three largest cities will remain robust this year, according to Sotheby's International Realty Canada's Top-Tier Real Estate Report

  • OREA suggests governments leaving middle-class behind

    Tim Hudak, former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and current Ontario Real Estate Association CEO, says 2018 will be a jarring year if the government doesn't change tack

  • Expect more of the same this year

    With a municipal election in Vancouver this year, the approvals process could be even slower, but one thing not expected to change is the city’s supply crunch

  • Helping solve the affordability crisis one assignment at a time

    Townline has watched housing in Metro Vancouver grow further and further out of reach for the many, and decided to do something about it

  • Will B-20 contribute to more urban sprawl?

    The Places to Grow Act, Ontario's growth plan, was drawn up to intensify urban hubs throughout the province, but B-20 might have the opposite effect

  • Importing knowledge from other markets

    Merging its Canadian and American offices, Intracorp is streamlining its knowledge of different markets and, in the process, bringing a unique approach to building.

  • November a record month in Montreal

    If any proof was needed that Montreal is in the midst of a full-scale real estate boom, look no further than the month of November

  • A victim of its own success

    Vancouver real estate has become so desirable—and expensive—that, in many areas, the cost of rezoning isn't worth it, and that's impeding the city's ability to densify

  • Builder for hire

    It's no secret that there's money to be made on Canadian real estate, and a lot of landholders with no development experience have found their builder for hire

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