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by Craig Proctor04 Jul 2017
I thought I’d share a story from one of my coaches who operates his own successful real estate business. A couple of years ago he was reviewing the performance of the agents on his team. He began with the lowest producing agent whom we’ll call John. John was producing far less that the two transactions per month that had been set as a baseline. Because of the tough real estate market at the time, this coach had been pretty lax on enforcing this minimum production standard. In fact, there were numerous months that John went totally without a sale. Looking back, it’s hard to understand how John was even surviving. He was in the office most days, at his desk, so he must have been working, but he clearly wasn’t very effective … which means that the money and leads that were sent John’s way were being wasted.

John was called into the office to discuss his production, or lack thereof, and asked what was wrong. John explained that the leads he was getting were just not very good and he just could not get these people to meet with him.

When asked how well he knew the Universal Call Back Script. This is a call back script I’d developed myself after much trial and error in my own real estate business. The six simple questions have been very carefully honed to determine the two most important things you need to know about your prospects: their timing and motivation. Proper delivery of this script enables agents to qualify and convert their prospects in under three minutes.

John said he knew the script very well … and he surely should have as he had been on the team for almost a year. When he was put on the spot to role play, however, it became painfully obvious that he really didn’t know it very well at all.

Two people are at fault here. John himself was certainly culpable, but my coach insisted he also had to take responsibility for his failure to ensure John was proficient in making his calls and that he was really good on the script. After all, this is the basic 101 of the system I teach agents. If you, or the agents who work for you, are not armed with the proper language when going into battle with clients, there’s bound to be failure all around.

Here’s how my coach solved this problem. He asked John to imagine that he was on death row in the State Prison and that he had seven days left before his execution. He told him to imagine that he had been convicted of a crime he did not commit and that the State Governor had offered to him that if he would memorize every word on the page of the Universal Call Back Script, and could stand up within the next week and recite the script completely and competently, he would get a full pardon and be released. Under those conditions, John said for sure he would learn the scripts.

John was then informed that he actually was on death row on my coach’s team (no imagination needed now) and that he had seven days remaining to stay on the team. If he could learn and recite the Universal Call Back Script perfectly, he would stay and if not he would be leaving the team.

Well, John came through. He did learn the script as evidenced by frequent role playing in team meetings since that time.

But here’s some great news. Magically, the leads seemed to get better. The first month after really getting good on the scripts, John sold two homes. The next month, John sold three homes. The next month, John sold another three homes. Only eight days into the next month John had four homes under contract and another couple coming.

Pretty amazing stuff. John was not working any harder. He was maintaining his same schedule, but in 3 months and 8 days he’d sold about as many homes as he had done the full previous year. And all in this in a “crummy” market.

To boot, John made a point of thanking my coach for kicking him in the butt. Neither of them wants to go back and look at how many sales they did not make because John did not know the scripts, but it won’t happen any longer.

This is your kick in the butt. Make sure the language you use to convert your leads is word perfect. Make sure your language is targeted and precise and that it will achieve exactly what your goal is: i.e. the determination of whether, how and when you will work with this prospect, and to get the most qualified of them into your office to sign a contract. Rehearse every day. Get good at this and the results and rewards will amaze you.

If you’re not confident that your own call back script is as powerful as what I’ve described, this is one of the topics we get into at my free Discovery Day which you’re welcome to attend.

Craig Proctor invented his real estate success system during his own, highly successful 22 year Real Estate career right here in Canada. While an active agent (not a broker), Craig consistently sold over 500 homes a year for annual GCI of almost $4 Million. In fact, for 6 years straight, no one listed or sold more homes in the Greater Toronto Area than Craig Proctor (Source: TREB Statistics). Experience matters! Craig successfully battled in the trenches just like you. He understands the challenges that real estate agents face and he believes because he better understands you that he can better help you. Known within the industry as Real Estate’s Millionaire-Agent-Maker, Craig has created more Millionaire Agents than any other real estate coach or trainer in the world. Learn about free half day Craig Proctor Discovery Days in your area >> MORE.

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