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by Craig Proctor20 Jan 2017
Leads, leads, leads – could you secure more listings and represent more buyers if getting interested prospects to meet with you wasn’t so difficult? The answer is obviously yes.

You know what UNCERTAINTY is like. Your family knows too. It is those many times you are at home and around them physically, but disappeared mentally and emotionally into brooding and worrying, wondering if and when all this will ever get any easier, thinking there must be a better way. It is those weeks when it seems the entire world has stopped, no phone calls come, no properties are shown, and the Estimated Time of Arrival of the next commission check is “your guess is as good as mine.”  It is the constant pressure to “try” something new, to “test” different ads, to “work at” social media, to “buy” more leads, to learn “just one more thing” – all revealing the absence of a reliable system. You know what UNCERTAINTY is like. However, what you may not know or even be able to believe is that all this uncertainty is NOT necessary.

There’s nothing worse than investing your time and money in advertising and coming up empty. Copying what you see others doing, thinking it MUST be working and SOMEHOW you’re doing something wrong….like a poor family’s kid meticulously copying a more affluent neighbour kid’s letter to Santa asking for a red bicycle, seeing the neighbour get his bicycle, but himself getting only socks and underwear. Agents know they must advertise, yet find its random results maddening. What if there was a radically different way to use advertising for your real estate business that not only changed your income but actually changed your entire business life?

What could you do with 12 to 24 really solid appointments brought to you each and every month?  What would it feel like to finally have Lead Flow and Appointment CERTAINTY in your life? 

Well, why don’t you have a steady and reliable in-flow of good leads from your advertising, marketing and prospecting? Most agents can’t accurately diagnose why they suffer so much unpredictability and randomness, so much famine and feast, why they struggle to get really good seller or buyer client prospects – even after years of experience and a level of success. Qualified lead generation is a real problem for most agents. It is “the” problem.

You see, the truth about this job we call real estate is that it is many jobs lumped under one umbrella. You may have got into this business thinking that being a real estate agent meant helping people with the most important purchase decision of their lives, and you may have had warm, fuzzy thoughts about how good you’d feel (and how much money you’d make) each time you closed a transaction, but the fact is that there are dozens of hoops you must jump through first. You have to generate prospect leads without breaking the bank. You have to convert these leads to appointments, you have to parade like a beauty pageant contestant, lining up against every other agent in town to pitch the business without discounting your worth or inflating the seller’s ego (and house price) in order to “win” the listing.

The harsh reality of our industry is that most agents fail, not because they’re not great with people, not because they’re not intelligent and good at the technical parts of the business, and not because they don’t work hard. They fail because they can’t cost-efficiently (or at all) find qualified prospects. And it all stops there. You can be the most ethical, hard-working real estate agent in your town with the most experience and knowledge, but if you don’t have any customers, you’ll starve.

The other problem, of course, is that because an inordinate amount of time is usually spent trying to find this new supply of prospects, many agents don’t do a very good job at servicing the few clients they do get. After all, there are only so many hours in a day. As a result, something suffers:

•           You’ll either have very happy clients but not many of them (because you focused on helping your clients but not at getting new clients in the door), or
•           you’ll have many less-than-satisfied clients who feel you did only a passable job (because you spent your time prospecting for new clients and not on helping the clients you already have.)
Now, in reality, none of you are oblivious to the fact that "finding" clients is a big job. We even have a term for this job -- it's called "prospecting".

Many trainers push you to do more cold calling, more open houses, more begging your friends and family, spend more money on dumb advertising, and work more hours. There are also plenty of companies now giving you the ability to “buy leads”, but all these leads are still coming to you cold. You know as well as I do that it’s much easier and more fun to work with someone who comes to you predisposed to using your services. So how about we focus on that – on finding a way to easily and cost-efficiently generate warm leads – people who come looking for you to help them. Most agents spend 85% of their time on trying to find customers. What if you could flip that, so you spend 85% of your time servicing paying clients?

I love marketing. Developing the system of ads I did for my own business, ads that consistently generate dozens of qualified leads every week for my students across the country, was fun for me – writing, testing, tracking, tweaking. Most of you won’t have any interest in this part of it. At the end of the day, all you want is lots of qualified leads you can convert into paying clients. That’s the beauty of the ad system I developed. It’s all done-for-you. You don’t have to write the ads or even understand much about how they work. All you have to do is run them – online/offline, social media, IDX – the medium doesn’t matter. This simple ad system I developed works across all platforms, and it does so very inexpensively and with very little effort from you. What you’ll find? Qualified real estate prospects will contact you. No cold calling them. All across the country there are agents using my ad system that are proof of how well it works. These are agents who have grown their businesses to high 6 and 7-figures simply by copying my system.

The Purpose of Your Marketing is NOT to Promote Yourself, But Rather to Attract Your Prospects . . . . . . This is a BIG Difference

 Where most agents fail when they write ads themselves is in thinking that the purpose of marketing is to promote themselves, but this isn’t true. The purpose of your marketing is to ATTRACT prospects. In other words, they WON'T contact you just because they are aware that you exist. They will ONLY contact you if they feel it will benefit THEM to do so. So the ONLY reason you should run an ad is to get prospects to contact you.

The ad system I developed starts from the same premise that all good marketing does -- i.e. it offers prospects an easy way to get something they want. This kind of advertising is called Emotional Direct Response Marketing, and it’s as unlike Image Advertising (those pretty agent headshots with cute slogans such as “I care”) as it is from Prospecting. With Emotional Direct Response Marketing, you offer people what they are dying to know, and then they contact you to get it. In other words, in direct contrast to Prospecting and Image Advertising, with Emotional Direct Response Marketing, your focus is NOT ON YOU, but rather ON YOUR PROSPECTS’ NEEDS, so that your prospect is motivated (not manipulated) into action on their own volition. You see how different this is from the strategy that underlies traditional prospecting methods or buying leads?

The best part is that the ad system I teach won’t cost you on top of any current marketing you’re doing, it simply replaces and makes more effective the advertising you’re already doing for your listings. By applying my simple copy to your already existing ads, you’ll open the funnel and attract the most motivated and qualified prospects in the market.

When you turn the tables on the process in this manner, astonishingly, you won’t have to cold-call prospects ever again, because prospects will contact you. It’s that simple. I call this Reverse Prospecting, and the best part is, it’s an automatic, press-and-play system. It’s easy to learn and easy to implement.

Craig Proctor invented his real estate success system during his own, highly successful 22 year Real Estate career right here in Canada. While an active agent (not a broker), Craig consistently sold over 500 homes a year for annual GCI of almost $4 Million. In fact, for 6 years straight, no one listed or sold more homes in the Greater Toronto Area than Craig Proctor (Source: TREB Statistics). Experience matters! Craig successfully battled in the trenches just like you. He understands the challenges that real estate agents face and he believes because he better understands you that he can better help you. Known within the industry as Real Estate’s Millionaire-Agent-Maker, Craig has created more Millionaire Agents than any other real estate coach or trainer in the world. You can request a free business consultation that will show you how Craig’s system can transform your real estate business into a highly lucrative enterprise that will earn you millions without high lifestyle costs >> MORE. Learn about free half day Craig Proctor Discovery Days in your area >> MORE.

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