Dan Plowman

Dan Plowman

Dan Plowman Team Systems (DPTS) has been helping top producers create teams that dominate in their marketplace since 2008. Founded by Dan Plowman, the company was created as a way to duplicate the success of The Dan Plowman Team who outperforms the next closest competitor in their marketplace by more than double the production.
DPTS has helped many top teams across the country achieve unprecedented success. The company focuses on all aspects of team development training including:

  • Hiring & Recruiting
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Team Training
  • Compensation Structures
  • Retention
  • Listing & Buyer Systems
As one of the leaders in real estate coaching and training, DPTS brings innovative ideas and training to anyone who would like to build a real estate business that surpasses all expectations.

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