7 steps to marketing heaven for new sales reps

by Dustin Graham03 Dec 2014
Dustin Graham heads The Graham Partners, specializing in Milton, Ont., and the GTA.
If you’ve just entered the real estate business, you’ve no doubt been introduced to a plethora of marketing techniques to attract new clients. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t is like walking through a financial minefield.
The key is to pick a few strategies – three to six – and do them very well. Don’t get caught up in trying new things all the time; you’ll only end up wasting money. Build a foundation for long-term success.
Below is what I started with in my first two years and it propelled my business to new heights.
1 – Develop an informative and attractive website.
Any company without a website is automatically behind the times, so start here. Make sure your web presence contains useful information, while at the same time building a brand. All your imagery and written content should align with your desired brand.
2 – Build your social media presence.
Yes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything new that may be up and coming. Every post I make, whether it directly appears as so, is for the business.
3 – Find your niche market.
Being a generalized agent is a thing of the past. People like to know they are dealing with an expert. A niche may include a geographical area/neighbourhood, a specific demographic (e.g. first-time buyers, empty nesters, etc.), specific types of properties, and so on.
4 – Direct mail is not dead.
When I first entered the business, I swore I would never send out direct mail and farm an area. I have since learned that direct mail still has its place. I farm an area every two to three weeks.
5 – Tell anyone and everyone what you do.
You are the CEO, so act like one. As CEO, your primary job is to promote your business. Whenever you’re meeting someone new, going out with friends, or sitting at a coffee shop, find a way to bring up the topic of real estate. Make sure others know what you do and always speak confidently about yourself.
6 – Build relationships.
Whether it’s meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, or strengthening current friendships, the business of real estate is all about relationships. If people like you, trust you and feel comfortable with your skills, then you’ll likely get the business. Always remember that it’s not necessarily about having your friends and family as your clients, it’s about who they know and sending you referrals. Build out your network. 
7 – Pick up on open houses.
If you’re given an opportunity to run open houses for other agents then take them. There are some exceptions to this, but generally speaking open houses are a great opportunity to meet potential buyers. Be prepared and host the open house in a professional manner.
At the end of the day, you need to build a plan, stick with it and do it well. If you’re consistent, maintain patience and work hard then you’ll eventually reap the rewards.

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