Marketing based on your personality

by Dustin Graham01 Apr 2015
The real estate business is abundant with different methods that Realtors can use to market themselves.
The era of cold-calling and door-knocking is not necessarily dead, but fewer people employ these strategies. Roll the clock back before the day of the Internet, though, and these strategies were some of the primary methods for finding new leads.
But, as the Internet and social media continue to grow, we are finding that these traditional strategies are becoming less popular and this trend will continue as younger generations come into the business. This is not say that cold-calling and door-knocking doesn’t work, because it certainly can and I’ve seen it. I know of a couple of agents who rely on these methods and it works quite well for them.
What drives us to use some personal marketing methods versus others is largely impacted by our personalities. If you’re typically more introverted, then door-knocking isn’t going to be your thing – it’s that simple. If you’re dedicated to learn the skills of door-knocking then you may eventually be successful, but the majority of people with this type of personality won’t bother with this approach, and that’s completely fine. 
Extroverts, on the other hand, enjoy talking with strangers regularly – sometimes to a fault, mind you. If that’s you, then get out there.
But what about the rest of us that fall somewhere in the middle: we are neither introverted nor an extreme extrovert? For these types, focus on building upon current relationships and adding people to your circle of influence over time.
I could write a novel on personality and how it impacts our individual businesses, but since we don’t have time for that I encourage you to take a reputable personality assessment geared towards our work.

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