Choosing the right home inspector for your clients

by Jeffrey Brookfield11 Oct 2017
Real estate professionals offer so much more than just helping clients buy and sell homes. Both buyers and sellers often need support in finding a variety of services, including movers, cleaning services and contractors. Home inspections are a key service you’re often asked to recommend, but how can you find a truly exceptional home inspector that will provide top quality service to your clients? Who will offer the same exceptional service that you provide and service that will maintain the reputation of excellence that you worked so hard to build?

Certification and Training. Before making any recommendations, check for certification. Qualified home inspectors should be members of a professional association, be fully trained and certified and carry a proper level of Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurance. Look for someone who takes professional development and training seriously and is constantly honing their skills to keep up with changing building practices, like AmeriSpec home inspectors who upgrade their skills all year long.

Thoroughness. Home inspectors should spend at least 2-1/2 hours for an average home. A top-quality inspector will guide your client through the mechanicals of the home, pointing out areas of concern, tips on future maintenance, and an overview of how the home functions. Once completed, the client will have a solid understanding in the property’s inner workings, what changes need to be made and what ongoing maintenance will be needed. Every aspect should be covered including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, structure and landscaping. The client should leave an inspection feeling fully informed.

Communication. In addition to the very careful and thorough inspection with your client, professional home inspectors should provide a detailed written analysis of the property. This document is given to the client as an invaluable reference tool, like the AmeriSpec Report. The report should outline all the areas addressed in the home inspection and any concerns noted. It should be written in accessible language for clients and presented in a clear, organized manner. The report will be a go-to guide for clients on every aspect of the home and clients will refer back to the report many times as homeowners. Top-notch home inspections also provide additional resources for clients, such as a Home Repair Manual, a Repair Cost Guide, a Moving Checklist, and a Seasonal Checklist for home maintenance. These tools and handy checklists simplify the buying and selling process and keep things as stress-free as possible.

Other Services. In addition to exceptional home inspection services, look for other services to help your clients make their sale and purchase as smooth and stress-free as possible. For example, AmeriSpec offers Home Energy Evaluations as well as Indoor Air Quality, Mould and Radon Testing services. Clients may request these services before they buy as part of the offer, or later, as homeowners, as they embark on renovations. A Home Energy Evaluation will help homeowners pinpoint where they have energy loss and how to correct the problem and save both energy and money. Indoor air quality, mould and radon testing can be lifesaving measures for any homeowner. Radon is especially concerning as this naturally occurring gas is the leading cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking.

Choosing your recommendations to your clients with care is all part of the exceptional service you provide as a real estate professional. Choosing to recommend AmeriSpec will give your clients—and you!—peace of mind.

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