Jim Walker

Jim Walker

Jim Walker is a chartered professional accountant in Mississauga, Ont. He specializes in business accounting and taxation, particularly for real estate professionals and other small business owners. Contact him at www.jameswalker.ca.

  • 5 reasons you should hire an income tax professional

    It’s just about time to pay the tax man: are your financial affairs in order? Jim Walker shares the top 5 things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a professional accountant.

  • 5 bookkeeping mistakes to avoid

    Bookkeeping is a tedious part of running a successful business – especially in real estate. Chartered accountant Jim Walker offers solutions to the top five bookkeeping mistakes that many agents make.

  • Tax Tips: Business Vehicle Expenses

    Your vehicle expense is one of the most used business deductions available to a Realtor. You are allowed to deduct for income tax purposes the business portion of all vehicle expenses you incur to operate your vehicle, provided you use your vehicle for business purposes; that is, your vehicle is necessary for you to earn income.

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