5 things that erode your clients trust (and can cost you the deal)

by Julie Broad25 Mar 2015
3 – You don’t believe in yourself.
Are you the best person to help your client?

If you don’t believe you are the best to help someone, people will sense it.

It’s funny how the very thing you’re concerned about (lack of experience, market conditions or the price of a property) will often be the very objection or concern your client expresses.

The simple solution is to build your belief and only work with people you know you are the best person to help.

If you’re not a condo specialist don’t pretend. Partner up with someone who is. If you don’t know your area well enough to feel like you can give your client A+ advice, hustle up and do your research.

You will attract far more clients and deals if you are certain you’re the best person for the job than if you question whether you’re really the right person.

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