5 things that erode your clients trust (and can cost you the deal)

by Julie Broad25 Mar 2015
4 – You don’t look the part.
I know most of us were told not to judge a book by its cover but we do. What you wear and how you look matters.

We are naturally drawn to people who we find attractive. We are more likely to pay attention to them and like them. We also tend to assign them more positive traits, like kindness and intelligence.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit. It really depends on who your ideal client is and what is most congruent with your personality. If you feel uncomfortable in a suit, do not wear one.

What it does mean is that you need to look your best. Wear clothes that make you look and feel great.

This is one of those unconscious things for most people but we are naturally drawn to like and trust someone that has an appealing physical appearance. Do whatever you can to maximize what you look like.

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