Justin Kua

Justin Kua

  • Prospecting: Old School vs New School

    I used to be a cold calling machine. I knew the MF script in and out, and I was doing it so well that I used to play video games while prospecting. It was the only thing I could do from dying of boredom because, as good as I was at cold calling, I hated it. Honestly, who loves cold calling? Show me someone that does and I'll show you a sick individual.

  • To the newbies: What does it take to survive in the business?

    For any of the agents who have survived their first year in real estate, let alone the first five, congratulations. You’ve survived in one of the most competitive industries in the world, and above all, one of the most hated professions according to annual surveys.

  • I don't care if our MLS is blown wide open

    I'm quite surprised at the number of Realtors who still rely on the MLS. Specifically, in my opinion, the ones who consider the exclusive access to the information in the MLS sales history to be a major reason the general public should still use a Realtor when buying or selling a home, as opposed doing it on their own.

  • Home insurance: why your client needs it

    With the rising costs of home ownership these days, it's understandable how our clients may want to pass on added monthly costs, like home insurance, if they can be avoided.

  • If you build it, they will finance it… maybe

    Is your client thinking about building their own home? Will they require any level of financing along the way? Suggest they start at the very beginning with an in-depth project review with their mortgage broker, one that is specifically experienced with construction mortgages. In fact, have this conversation prior to their purchasing the lot if possible.

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