I don't care if our MLS is blown wide open

by Justin Kua24 Sep 2014
I'm quite surprised at the number of Realtors who still rely on the MLS. Specifically, in my opinion, the ones who consider the exclusive access to the information in the MLS sales history to be a major reason the general public should still use a Realtor when buying or selling a home, as opposed doing it on their own.

I know, I know, not everyone feels the same way. I bring this up because I remember participating in a brokerage meeting when the competition bureau first announced that they were going to allow the general public to post mere listings on TREB. Admittedly, I wasn't scared for my livelihood, but I was concerned about what changes would sweep our industry, if any, should the general public be able to bypass the "driver" and use the vehicle for themselves.

That was then, and this is now. How do I feel about it today? If the TREB MLS was to start co-operating and allowing completely open access to all of the information stored on their databases, just like MLS systems all across the United States it wouldn't make much of a difference to my business.

Why? Just because a non-Realtor has access to sold listings information, doesn't mean that they know how to properly interpret the data. I'm not a doctor, and I don't pretend to be one. When I'm need of medical assistance, I don't try to do a self-diagnosis on WebMD, I visit a doctor. My stance on the whole subject is quite simple: the higher average house prices trend, the more there will be a need for a professional to help the average consumer navigate through what is still, statistically speaking for 87 per cent of Canadians, the single largest purchase they will ever make throughout their entire lives.

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