Prospecting: Old School vs New School

by Justin Kua03 Nov 2014
I used to be a cold calling machine.
I knew the MF script in and out, and I was doing it so well that I used to play video games while prospecting. It was the only thing I could do from dying of boredom because, as good as I was at cold calling, I hated it. Honestly, who loves cold calling? Show me someone that does and I'll show you a sick individual.
That being said, I'm sure the majority of us were trained (if ever) on the five pillars of lead generation: cold calling, door knocking, referrals, expireds/for-sale-by-owners, and then the mailers. I never personally saw a use for mailers because: one, I didn't have the budget to do a farm area consistently and two, who reads flyers? I'm sure it works wonders for people but I never liked the low ROI.
Door knocking? Could you imagine me sweating in the middle of summer in a three piece suit with my hair going frizzy? Neither could I.
That left referrals. The problem was, I never liked asking for referrals. It always felt like begging to me, just a touch above cold calling. Of course, we have expireds and for-sale-by-owners to chase after, but chasing after expired listings is like speeding. It’s only a problem if you get caught, so I won't go into that for today.
Then I discovered lead generation for the new ages: reverse prospecting and pay-per-click. My average return? Oh about 50 to 1. The best thing about it: I get to do other things with my day, and wait for my business to come to me.
What's your preferred method of prospecting?

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