Does it seem like “I’m too busy” is your new motto? Take back your time towards your real potential

by 14 Dec 2015
By Kathleen Black

First a little background on what inspired me to come up with "The 7 Tips to Source Your Creative Energy" in the first place.....

It seems like “I’m Too Busy” has become the new motto of many. But getting caught in the “I’m Too…” excuses can be self-sabotage in disguise! I created these tips as a starting point to solve a problem in my business. As a coach and speaker I hear a lot of excuses why we don’t have time to dream and visualize during the day. Some of the excuses are really compelling. So much so that people actually believe them!

See that is the thing with “ideas”, they are real, alive, and true so long as we believe them to be.
“Too” many people tell me they are:
  • “Too” busy and hectic to encourage day dreaming.
  • “Too” busy being real to be frivolous and creative,
  • “Too” busy to be distracted by dreams when there are “real” tasks at hand.
  • “Too” determined to keep what we have in hand,
  • “Too” scared to consider risking a new path.
  • “Too” busy carting children to classes and sports to make time for them
  • “Too” many excuses they are keeping on life support to even consider taking a chance.
Can you blame them? I am “too” depleted and exhausted just writing the “too” list! And so I endeavoured to combine creativity with logic to help solve this problem:

How can we harness our creative energy despite living busy lives and facing real everyday demands?
I was pulled towards brainstorming the 8 Tips to Encourage Your Creative Energy. After all dreaming is easiest in a creative state of mind. Harness your ability to get creative, and the dreams will come! So I hear you asking: How do we get into that creative state despite so many everyday demands. I would argue we need to get into that state of dreaming, goal setting, and creativity BECAUSE our lives are so demanding. Who wants to keep up with the everyday demands despite their dreams? Our moments in this life are limited, and I do not believe we have the time to waste our potential on "I'm too busy" statements.
Do you?

I am inspired by where the creative state can take us all, to that beautiful place where we can see our potential in a glimpse of reality. This is also known as day-dreaming to some. For others they know that these little dreams or visions are opportunities or options for your future. We will choose some of those options, and when we do, the experience of being drawn towards your dreams, or magnetized into the future is simply amazing inspiration.

Imagine feeling pulled towards an outcome? This is a far cry from the goals we force ourselves to achieve with laborious effort. The minute the dream becomes real in our minds, it also becomes real in our world. I am simply encouraging some steps which cause us to eliminate the distractions and chatter so we can hear, see, and feel some of those little dreams and ideas, and sometimes consider the option of creating that reality. Of course, just the good dreams! Remember, it’s your choice.

Sometimes it requires the bravery to silence the noise. The bravery to listen to your own voice, amongst a sea of outsiders, to allow for your own power, and with that, build a space where your potential has a voice, a name, and a plan,
I have experienced the beauty of our lives when we are pulled towards a compelling vision. The juxtaposition of “solving problems” combined with something so idyllic and real to us that we feel magnetized towards it. This connection has been the closest thing to euphoria I have ever experienced.

Maybe living in the solutions of both worlds: logical and creative, is where the magic lies. When we can nurture our visions for your life to the point where they are real to you, then we can walk the path towards them with ease. Suddenly the fears of “what if” and “should I” melt away into a distant memory as you know one thing: “You must” or suddenly “You already have….”. When the mental clarity and belief in your dreams become so strong it arrives in reality with one option: a step towards a new you, or a retreat to what was. At once with a simple action step, you are committed, and you have moved forward.

Even if we fail at parts of the journey towards this lovely idyllic dream or vision, it won’t matter! It simply won’t make a single difference because we had to take the journey. What is the alternative? Resolve to silence a voice created specifically to direct your path to purpose, passion, and creativity?  Once nurtured, a dream can became so real that you did not have a choice to act on it anymore. That is the best part about a nurtured dream: You do not second guess pursuing it! In your mind the next you already exists... Walk around, try on the new you, get acquainted, make adjustments, and pick the best version while the dream still lives in your head. This makes for a much easier transition when you execute amongst others.

The path towards a dream long past, or the path to avoid a nightmare likely contributed to the reality you live in now. Sometimes you get the dream, and sometimes you get the lesson. Stand still and you get nothing. Just more of the same or worse.

Even if you are the only one who understands your dream, the very act of moving towards it will have you choosing where you are going, and with that comes the secret joy of the greatest confidence anyone can ever have: You are taking daily steps towards your dreams, and with that you are creating your own reality, an everyday act of rebellion in itself.

What if your potential lies in a dream? What if somewhere deep inside you always knew what you were capable of, but got “too” busy and forgot to listen? We all feel busy sometimes. These tips are designed to quiet the noise so you can hear slight whispers, notice a passing vision, or feel a recurring hunch.

Once you have your clear picture of your dream you can use the tips that work best for you to hold and nurture that vision every day. Take 10 to 15 minutes every morning and evening to quiet the noise and make a plan. A plan to focus your time, energy, and efforts towards your potential every single day. Visualize your outcomes in advance and nurture your version of the future. The more you train yourself to find your creative energy, the easier it will become to practice these exercises and reap the rewards daily.

8 Tips to Source Your Creative Energy
  • Use sound cancelling headphones, (even cheap ones work!), listen to Holosync and audiobooks on the connection of thoughts and visions and why we must put them into actionable goals and take action. Cool French music also seems to do it for me. La Conga Blicoti by Josephine Baker is currently inspiring this list!
  • Spend some extra time in your morning shower or evening bath. Even an extra 5 minutes will do. It’s the perfect time for an audio book (it also cancels out the sound of screaming children). The only hold back here is that you need to be relaxed. If it takes us our whole shower or bath to get to a relaxed place to think clearly it is worthwhile, however it won’t succeed in creating a place where your brain knows to get into creative mode, until we can achieve this goal multiple times. This is one of the reasons I do my visualization in the shower every day at home. My brain is trained to know that is my creative place. The many audio books played there in the mornings have helped as well.
Your day is anchored in the morning. Focused thought at the start and end of your day are most productive. In the AM we set a tone and expectation for your day which will likely play out, so choose carefully.
  • Go to a play, opera, orchestra, ballet, and check out something different and new. Try to do this in the evening or while kids are in school. Even local theatres have worthy productions. Being in a creative environment has an amazing ability to link thoughts and visions in a new way. Being in the same routines or environments does exactly the opposite of this; being in routine reinforces seeing the world as it is.
The problem with “seeing the world as it is” is that it reinforces your current perspective, and guess where that is going to get you?

Exactly….Right where you already are!

That can be good or bad for your life, but one thing is for sure IT WILL NOT CREATE DIFFERENT. Reality is a scam! It is not reality, it is just the reality you have accepted as true right now. Shake it up to see a new version of reality. I recommend Cirque du Soleil as a great option.
  • Have fun! Brainstorm with your team, loved ones, or a trusted mentor. Throw out the crazy weird “unrealistic” things you would love to see in the next 5 years. Put them all out there, especially the ones you feel shy about or that you may think are too “unrealistic”. Those are the main ones you WANT to include.
  •  Attend a course, and/or attend monthly or weekly community meetings associated with that subject or change it up and visit several. We cannot un-know what we now know. Just learning a new perspective forever changes the way we see things. Sometimes this changes our perspective on little things, and sometimes on big things … and ALL things are inter-connected. Any change effects all in some way.
  • “What do you want?” In approaching a new year, venture, or goal, always ask yourself this question before any interaction. Even interactions with ourselves and our time warrant asking this question in advance. Focus your outcomes on what you are looking to accomplish. Push yourself to answer this question in detail.
 What SPECIFICALLY do YOU want - not everyone JUST you?”
We can link this with others later. Keep asking yourself this question again and again until it’s all out on paper. Be bold. Be honest. If you do not know what you want, someone else will tell you!
  • “What does this have to do with me?” If you are stuck and feel like you’re lacking a compelling vision ask yourself this question repeatedly. Ask it in your head for days or weeks if necessary. We all have blocks coming from fatigue, burn out, over using one aspect of our personality, or even using our strengths too much without considering other perspectives. Too much right or left-brain thinking gets us out of balance and actually diminishes our abilities in our logical and creative hemispheres, or both. You may just find the answer if you are brave enough to ask.
We all have time to dream. It is not reserved for children and youth. Saying we do not have time is an excuse that comes with a high price: Your potential!

Kathleen Black is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into a dynamic, results-driven consulting company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, where she serves as CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. The systems she used in her daily real estate business to get her to the top are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company specializing in helping Realtors across North America build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success. She has recently moved forward to pursue KathleenSpeaks as her prime en devour.
Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of team building and systems has enabled her to successfully coach hundreds of top producers to higher production. Many of her clients have now built mega-teams that are leading their markets in production. As a highly demanded coach Kathleen has enjoyed a high retention rate, uncommon in the coaching industry, with loyal clients and a long waiting list for her services.

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