Upgrade Your Engine: Goal Setting for “Being” Capable of any Speed

by REP11 Jan 2016
By Kathleen Black

You are not the amount you make each year. You are not the number of clients who choose to work with you. You are not the number of pounds you can lift at the gym. You are not your muscle to fat ratio.

If your max speed in 2015 was 250 km/hr, anyone would tell you it was pretty illogical to set a goal to reach 300 km/hr with the same engine without any upgrades.
So what if we are the engine, and everything else flows from there? What if we cannot “do” more without seeing, knowing, feeling, and experiencing more first. Our engine requires updates and upgrades. Our software systems get bugged and need a reset (just a time or two).

This year for achieving your next best version of yourself, I am recommending a magical process I have experienced with my clients for years which surpasses basic goals:


Who “You” are, is that amazing person that the world is waiting to meet and know. You have something to offer that is of value. The act of writing a “Being” statement is magical because it targets the core, our engine, instead of waiting for our capacity for speed to improve by starring at the odometer. It allows us to open our minds to our capabilities and see the world through that lens, and in turn feel the world from that energy level. Our energy invites others in or repels them away, and it does the same for our opportunities.

Have you ever thought about creating a statement about the 2016 version of yourself?

Who is that person and why?
What has changed about you since 2015?
What is important to you about your 2016 self.

A great way to begin is with the words "I am" This creates a statement about us as a person, and allows what we "do" to flow from who we are. Instead of making your goal about the by-product of who we are, as in focusing on the $, Lifestyle, Business Growth, or any other measurable tangible benchmark, why not switch it up this year and create goals in line with the source: You!

Here is an easy template to start with:

"I am (who are you? What comes to mind first?), who is (accomplishing X: $, Lifestyle, Business Goal, or any Measurable Tangible) by (date) or sooner, and I am doing this by actively (your focus, habits, skills, values, good faith, purpose, mission, passions)."

Focus on who you are being and what those attributes, skills, habits, and values will bring to you in 2016. Keep it SMART by being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Read and recite it daily :) Multiple times a day if possible!

The best statements are compelling and raw. They leave your big "Why" fingerprinted in every word. They create an emotional connection that is calming, grounding, and in line with the big picture of you.

Congrats to all those already posting and reading multiple times a day! It has been a pleasure to read many of these statements and to feel the hearts and hopes of the authors jump off the page.

Our goals are about who we are becoming. Why not take the time to connect with our vision of ourselves as intimately as we do with the "numbers" and business plans.

The goal is not to sell a certain number of homes as a real estate agent or team. The goal is to have a business capable of selling that many homes. The same applies to us personally. We are more then what we create. We are what we are capable of creating. Invest in what you are capable of and the results speak for themselves.

All the best to those investing in pursuits of passion and purpose in 2016!
Kathleen Black is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into a dynamic, results-driven consulting company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, where she serves as CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. The systems she used in her daily real estate business to get her to the top are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company specializing in helping Realtors across North America build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success. She has recently moved forward to pursue KathleenSpeaks as her prime en devour.
Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of team building and systems has enabled her to successfully coach hundreds of top producers to higher production. Many of her clients have now built mega-teams that are leading their markets in production. As a highly demanded coach Kathleen has enjoyed a high retention rate, uncommon in the coaching industry, with loyal clients and a long waiting list for her services.

You can contact Kathleen at info@kathleenspeaks.com

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