Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons has been buying and selling real estate on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia since 2007. Visit his website at:

  • Debora, it's time to cook!

    A few months ago on REP, an agent made a from-the-heart comment that her business was way down. She could not figure out why this was happening after 16 years. For this article, I will call her Debora. I searched on Google and found her website. It was a stock six-page website with basic boiler plate information. I checked Facebook and found her. She had a few nice posts about her joy of cooking for family and friends. Here is how Debora could change things up and grow her real estate business.

  • Over-pricing and re-listing is just wrong

    “List and you will last” is an old myth perpetuated in so many “how to become a Realtor” books. So much of the industry is built on getting listings. The more listings an agent has, the more times they will be on the MLS and, presumably, the more calls and or emails they will receive.

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