Debora, it's time to cook!

by Scott Simmons10 Dec 2014
A few months ago on REP, an agent made a from-the-heart comment that her business was way down. She could not figure out why this was happening after 16 years. For this article, I will call her Debora. I searched on Google and found her website. It was a stock six-page website with basic boiler plate information. I checked Facebook and found her. She had a few nice posts about her joy of cooking for family and friends. Here is how Debora could change things up and grow her real estate business.
She can repackage herself and become the Cooking Realtor. Her site could focus on everything about the kitchen. As we all know, kitchens are the main focal point of most modern homes. She could leverage her experience and passion to break out of the doldrums she is in. Websites have to be alive. They have to have a voice, a stream of new content and a mix of multi-media. They have to entertain people.
Everyone over the age of 50 knows what a newspaper is. It's pretty basic; all newspapers have a headline, an article and a photo. Upon close inspection, Debora's website has all the tools she needs. She has an attached blog, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel. Unfortunately, she has only used these tools to show her new listings. Her tweets are always the same - new listing at such and such, with an open house on Sunday.
Using the tools Debora has she can instantly start to rebrand herself. Twitter becomes the headline. YouTube becomes the photo and the article is written in the blog. The trick is to combine all three. When Debora writes a new blog post on, let’s say, kitchen design, she could shoot a 30-second video on her phone and embed it into the post. Then she could go on Twitter and promote her post using her town and/or city hashtag.
The content for Debora's rebranding can just flow from her. She has a joy of cooking. There are thousands of examples of blog posts. She could write from what she likes and dislikes about kitchens, to what she has to have in a kitchen. The first post she should write is why she loves her own kitchen. The key is to write from the heart as if you are sending a note to your best friend. Passion is something that can only come from within.
If she put her passion for cooking into the digital world and mixed it with her real estate business, she could position herself so no one would want to buy a home without consulting her about the kitchen in the house. She could become the defacto kitchen expert of our time. Anyone can become an expert today. This is the power of social media. One just has to focus and harness their inner passion. It's called social media because it's about socializing – not selling. Posting and or tweeting your new listings is not social media, it's in your face “selling” and will not work on social media. 
It's all about selling the sizzle not the steak. If you are just focused on one dimension and offer nothing that makes you stand out from the crowd, why would anyone use you? What do you offer that is unique? Sites like Zillow, Zoocasa and MLS have all the listings anyone will ever want to see. To survive in the new digital era, one has to have real unique digital content on their site. It's time to bring out the inner self and repackage yourself. It's just a matter of finding your voice and getting it into the digital world. Start cooking!

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