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  • How to keep the leads flowing by REP

    Lead generation is one of the least glamorous and most frustrating aspects of being an agent, but according to Craig Proctor, the Millionaire Agent Maker, it doesn’t have to be this way

  • Avoid these marketing mistakes by Contributor

    One of North America’s top real estate coaches, Richard Robbins has witnessed his fair share of mistakes. Here, he outlines three marketing missteps agents commonly make and what they should do instead

  • Five signs your employees don’t care anymore by Contributor

    From absenteeism to poor-quality work, leadership expert Karen Gately identifies the warning signs of employee disengagement and what you can do about them

  • 5 ways to motivate your employees by REP

    Nine in 10 Canadian workers believe goal-setting is important, but few discuss goals with their managers

  • Boom-bust musts by Contributor

    In an economy like Alberta’s, investors need to insulate their properties against sudden economic downturns. Corey and Tiffany Young of InvestorOnFire share three strategies that saved their portfolio

  • Time's up for performance reviews by Contributor

    Annual performance conversations no longer cut it. Targeted, real-time feedback means we can change, grow and develop the skills needed to stay in the game, writes Anneli Blundell

  • How are your employees handling stress? by REP

    A new survey shows staff can turn to good or bad coping mechanisms to deal with workplace anxiety

  • Why slowing down is vital to business success by Contributor

    Ever feel like life is moving too fast? Do you wish you had more time to work on your business? The great news is you can – you just need to slow down, writes Angela Lockwood

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