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by Contributor12 Dec 2018

Before you go to your next appointment, write another email or send out your next ‘just listed, just sold’ postcard, take a look at these three common marketing mistakes. If one or more of them applies to you, it may be time to plan a detour from your well-worn marketing route.

1. Talking too much, and mostly about yourself
You’re great. The services you provide are probably great, too, but talking too much about yourself and your services can actually backfire and cause more harm than good.

What to do instead: Shift your focus from telling to showing
Whether in person or in print, rather than telling people what you do and risk boring them, shift your focus to show people how well what you do has worked for others. Social proof is an effective marketing tool that cuts through clutter. Incorporate client video testimony, online reviews and dollarized proof of your negotiation skills for the best results.

For print and digital marketing, the same rules apply. Rather than tell them you’re an expert, show them your expertise. Create and deliver content that is relevant, timely and insightful. The most impactful content teaches your audience something they didn’t know. Become an expert at communicating your expertise and watch clients start to actively seek you out for advice.

2. Sounding exactly the same as everyone else
Many real estate professionals share or post current real estate board stats or news articles, but how many are adding context? Your clients already have information and tools at their disposal 24/7. What they don’t have is the wisdom that comes from your years of experience, your expert knowledge and way of explaining things.

What to do instead: Have an opinion
Add your interpretation and advice to the real estate news everyone in your marketplace is hearing about. Break down the broad market statistics and talk to your clients about what the numbers mean to them. Offer your unique perspective and don’t be afraid to provide an honest opinion. Buying and selling real estate is a big deal. People want a leader who isn’t afraid to tell them the truth.

3. Spending too much time finding leads and not enough time converting leads
Ironically, one marketing mistake you might be making is spending too much time marketing. Technology and marketing strategies are powerful tools, but they can distract you from the real goal – converting leads into appointments and appointments into contracts. Five hundred likes on your Facebook page is great, but are you selling more houses because of it?

What to do instead: Become relentless at lead follow-up
Before starting a new marketing tactic, ask yourself: “Am I trying to stay busy to avoid doing the hard work of setting appointments with the leads I already have?” Most agents could literally double their business just by implementing an effective lead follow-up system.

Research shows that the optimal number of attempts to convert a lead is six. How and when you reach out to your leads is equally important as the number of attempts. However, the real secret here is having a system and sticking to it with a relentless commitment.

Richard Robbins is the founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International [RRI], a Canada-based organization providing worldclass real estate conferences and business coaching. For more information about upcoming conferences, booking Robbins to speak or coaching programs, visit richardrobbins.com or call 800-298-9587





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