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by Contributor23 Oct 2017
Victor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search For Meaning, said, “If we take man as he really is, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him … we promote him to what he really can be.” The best real estate teams are almost naively optimistic about the potential of others – but make no mistake, they are experienced realists in what is possible overall, and have the power to create environments that encourage greatness in those lucky enough to join.

In the traditionally individualistic world of real estate, we often lack or consciously avoid an objective, third-party approach to professional development, which causes many a strong agent to go awry. The best teams engender in their agents the confidence and mastery required to become top achievers, as well as a collaborative, compassionate outlook that can only improve agent-client relationships.

Here are six steps successful real estate teams must take on their journey toward shared success.

1. Avoid hiring licensed people
They are entrepreneurs and want to build their own businesses. Before leaving to become your competition, they often want to benefit from your skills, training, mentoring and opportunities. Find people you can influence and build loyal relationships with.

2. Seek out a team training specialist
Leverage experienced help with a proven training track record – or risk compromising results.

3. Learn to differentiate between skill and personality
You can train skill, but you can rarely affect someone’s inherent talents, values or workplace motivators; attempting to do so is often an uphill battle that you may want to skip.

4. Realize that pay is not the only form of compensation
Performers seek environments of learning, excellence and growth. They seek to be paid fairly, but once money is off the table, they stay so they can grow, thrive, and master themselves and their craft. Overpaying to recruit or retain will not attract the people you want long-term.

5. Decide whether you want to be the top producer or the team leader
These are two very different roles, and the transition to the latter requires change, risk and development. Choosing to build a team on the side while you only focus on selling is not fair to your team members, and it will sabotage your team growth.

6. Envision the business as you want it to be and work backward
Do not build your team to suit the applicants you attract – build it instead to its ultimate capability. Thinking this way will help you avoid regrouping and re-staffing, which will save you time, energy and money.

There is simply no competing with a group of unified individuals helping each other master every step of their chosen game. Once established, a supportive, energetic environment like that generates its own momentum, which generates success, which generates more momentum. At that point, team leaders have started the fire. They just need to fan the flames.

Kathleen Black is the CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, Canada’s leading real estate coaching, consulting and training firm. Black’s broad experience in all aspects of real estate business development has allowed her to successfully coach hundreds of top-producing teams. For more information, visit

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