Building brand “you”: Why personal brands matter

by Jamie Henry26 Jun 2014
Developing a personal brand may sound like a daunting task for busy real estate professionals, but it can be a key part of moving your career forward.

“Many of the most successful leaders today have, in my view, at least developed some form of a personal brand,” said David Owens, managing director of human resources recruitment firm HR Partners.

“Putting so much commitment and so much of oneself into ones career inevitably leads to you making an individual marque. It is that marque that identifies the individual and they become well known for having delivered a particular outcome.”

Strategist and author Megan Dalla-Camina shared her top five tips on developing a personal brand with the Huffington Post.

1. Be authentic
 According to Dalla-Camina, crafting your image the way a politician is molded into whatever the constituents want them to be is not a sustainable career strategy.

“You need to develop your personal brand in light of who you actually are. Look at your strengths, your likes, where you shine, how you like to dress, etc. When you strip away the mask, who are you really, and how can you show up in a way that allows your true authentic self to show through? That is the essence of your personal brand, and the only essence that you want to build on,” she wrote.

2. Make sure you can “be you” where you work
Once you know who you are and what your brand should be, find a way to bring your “full and authentic self” to work every day.

“If you feel confined, constrained and like you just don’t fit with how you are expected to show up in your work, then here is a hint – you may be in the wrong job. So have a think about your passion, purpose and reason for being, and see where it leads you. You may need to make a change to truly thrive at work.”

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