Is now a good time to be a Realtor?

by REP on 06 Oct 2017
There’s no doubt about it, things have changed dramatically in the real estate industry in recent years. Changes fuelled by increased transparency, new technologies and, in some markets, government intervention, to name a few.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that change in this industry will continue at a rapid pace. So when faced with constant change, potential disruption and market volatility, is now a good time to be in real estate?

The answer is a resounding YES, there is tremendous opportunity in real estate, especially today.
Here’s why:

1. An entrepreneur’s dream
Real estate is one of very few businesses that offer entrepreneurs the ability to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of inventory without having to own any of it. And unlike many other professions, it doesn’t take years of education or a substantial financial investment to get started.

2. The Boomer shift
The average agent is 53 years old (according to NAR) so, inevitably, we’ll see many agents start to wind down or leave the industry. The opportunity I see here is for new agents to partner with retiring agents, and start building solid relationships with their existing databases. It’s like a young doctor taking over a retiring physician’s practice and getting to know the patients.

3. Real estate is no longer just about selling
The days of agents being primarily salespeople are over. The Realtor’s role has shifted to becoming a trusted real estate advisor. Market insight, in-depth knowledge and the ability to provide an exceptional client experience, are the new rules of success and have levelled the playing field for more people to participate.

4. Freedom of income and time
The fruits of traditional employment (job security, steady raises, a retirement plan) have been withering on the vine for decades. A career in real estate, however, offers the chance to achieve both freedom of income and time, provided you deliver exceptional value to the marketplace.

5. Making dreams come true
In most cases, your client’s home is their most valuable asset and the decision to buy or sell their home is the single biggest decision they will make in their lifetime. The process is exciting but it’s also terrifying for them, and as their real estate professional, you have the opportunity to make the biggest difference in their experience.

Rest assured, there’s nothing more rewarding or inspiring than watching your clients achieve their real estate dreams. That’s why right now is always the time to be in real estate – provided you know the rules of success in today’s changing environment.

Richard Robbins is the CEO of Richard Robbins International Inc., Canada’s foremost real estate sales training and coaching organization. For more information about Richard Robbins or to attend an upcoming free training event, visit www.richardrobbins. com or call 1.800.298.9587 anytime.

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