Look beyond granite: Surprising features that buyers want

by REP30 Jun 2014
There are certain things that everyone wants in a home: granite countertops, hardwood floors, maybe an extra bathroom or two… But there are some bonuses that lots of homebuyers don’t immediately recognize.

Here are a handful of impressive features that often fail to get mentioned.

Storage – First-time homebuyers and new parents will especially appreciate extra storage. Even something small, like a separate kitchen pantry or an extra closet, can seem important to buyers who didn’t have a lot of storage in the past.

Built-in organization – No one likes unused space, and built-in organizers help to minimize the waste. Whether a shelving unit in the closet or a storage unit in the garage, built-in organization can help buyers see a clutter-free life ahead.

Location, location, location – Play up the best parts of the neighbourhood. List great local restaurants and promote fun activities in the area. Amenities – like grocery stores and day care centres – are also important to note.

Green living – Play up the home’s energy efficient features, like solar panels, a tankless water heater, or even something simple like new insulation, which will help to lower buyers’ energy bills. More earth-friendly features, like a backyard compost system, will also help to attract green buyers.

Allergy-sensitive homes – As allergies become more common, allergy-conscious homes are becoming more important. Highlight the fact that the sellers use chemical-free or all-natural cleaning products, or that they maintain a hypoallergenic home.

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