This real estate guru says you shouldn’t earn a living

by REP20 Aug 2014
Real estate guru and CEO of RRi says agents shouldn’t strive to just earn a living, but should instead focus on building a sustainable and successful business.

Richard Robbins, a successful real estate agent, and CEO and founder of the international business coaching group RRi says that, in order for agents to be successful, they need to think in advance.

“We have to give up on that whole concept of instant gratification, of wanting the deal now,” Robbins says in a video at

Instead, Robbins says Realtors should think like savvy businesspeople. They should work to build their businesses – that is, building a database of clients and contacts – and try to service every client to the fullest degree.

In thinking about selling real estate as a more structured business, one that has long-term goals that take priority over immediate sales, agents will be able to maintain a successful practice now and in the future.

Watch the full video here.

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