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Are you breaking sold data laws?

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Real Estate Professional | 13 May 2015, 11:50 AM Agree 0
Agents who think they’re giving good service might actually be breaking real estate legislation around sold data – a move possibly jeopardizing CREA’s tribunal case.
  • Consumers start charging for use of sold data | 13 May 2015, 01:48 PM Agree 0
    Agents should be getting permission from owners and paying them if they want to use our sold data especially if they are breaking their OWN RULES!!! They said they are protecting(keeping it private) our data but handed out it against their own rules and for their own benefit!!!

    No wonder consumers are upset and thank goodness the competition bureau is around to help out the consumer!! The greedy agents brought on all this attention ,now the majority of agents are paying for the greedy ones legal wonder they are fighting
  • | 13 May 2015, 03:45 PM Agree 0
    As an Agent who deals with many out of town Sellers, CMA's must be emailed to said clients. If there is not an opportunity to physically sit with potential clients for a listing presentation, how is it possible to "take the sold data with you". This is the digital age and the majority of people expect to receive everything in digital format, whether the transaction is being dealt with long-distance or not.
    Also, the MLS is not the only way to obtain "sold data". The Assessment Authority information is available to the public, so why would the comment above propose that Agents/Brokerages be charged?
  • Lawrence | 13 May 2015, 04:34 PM Agree 0
    Isn't government licensing or one taxing authority (CRA) anti competitive? Why is it that I can't choose to pay a lower cost at an alternative business for a drivers license renewal? Maybe I can pay another tax collector too. I find the one I'm forced to use keep charging me 35% tax on my income then 13% on my purchases and is bloated with wasteful spending. I guess it's ok to look out for consumers and not citizens.
  • Gary | 13 May 2015, 06:24 PM Agree 0
    In B.C. all a private citizen has to do is go to the B.C. assessment website, type in an address and it will give you sold pricing on a home in the last 3 years.
    All very public at this point
  • Peter B. | 13 May 2015, 06:47 PM Agree 0
    For all we know, the first respondent could be trying to start their own "real estate service" and simply needs to weasel out some free goods. Much like one of the founders of a "fisbo" site that was interviewed a few years back on CBC radio regarding their claim that information should be made available to them (a competing business model) for free, citing the need to provide "choices to consumers". Is the public so stupid to believe that "that" company would be providing their services as a public good? Bull. It's about money. That had a shi..y business model and needed to pad their service with relevant market info in order to provide a more competent product. They were just too (what is it that agents are referred to as, being?) greedy and wanted the info for free. What a joke. If I walk into a news-station and inform them of my intent to start a youtube news service, would i have the right to demand their news footage for free, citing the need to provide an alternate service to the customer as a motivation for the news-station to give their footage and use of their instrumentation? How loud would the laughter be?
    The argument put out by the "competition board" and many of the competing service models are presented through fuzzy optics and "lead-in" language designed to manipulate. One would think the smart-heads at the competition board would be intelligent enough to know when their were being manipulated. Then again, perhaps they are all buddy-buddy and planning their long-term gain and employment stability.

    There is NO competition in the banking industry. There will never be as most of the Banking execs are buddy-buddy with the politicians that have or may eventually work in the Financial field and they just do not want to impinge on their long-term prospects. Their is NO competition in the medical field. There will not be as the infrastructure makes far too much for those in charge (and no disrespect to hard-working nurses and others in the extended field).

    What, exactly, is the average, full-time wage of the average, full-time Realtor? What are the average expenses incurred? I expect that the gravy-boat and sustenance the competition board principles will earn on a year-to-year basis will exceed the average Realtor's take home pay by many, many times.
  • Charge Agents to use ur Sold Data | 13 May 2015, 07:13 PM Agree 0
    Consumers should stop signing these listing agreements that allows agents to use our sold info for their own benefit!! Thank goodness bureau wants everyone to benefit on this information of sold data.

    The only arguments agents use is they are safe guarding the info but if they get a listing or sell someone a property they hand it out like candy for their potential longer sacred at that point...

    Consumers wake up and start charging agents to allow them to use ur info for their benefit. Plus, they have to get ur permission to use it too. They should pay $5000 to use ur personal sold data!!!!! They charge you 20,000-50,000 to play tour gudie seems reasonable for them to pay you $5000

    Consumers you are paying agents for their storage of ur sold data with their ridiculous commissions. ..and the only ones who benefit the wonder the competition bureau is own the consumers side... were are suckers!!
  • | 15 May 2015, 03:09 PM Agree 0
    Perhaps it's time to publish what individuals paid for cars at dealerships too.
    Isn't anti competitive to withhold this information from consumers?
    How about ALL consumer purchases?

    In any case, the MLS sold price is not necessarily correct as it may have changed before or at closing...
    There's no feedback to MLS from the date of closing.
  • Sneaky | 15 May 2015, 06:00 PM Agree 0
    I agree they should publish it ...if a car salesman( or any salesman) is showing potential buyers the sold price and address of someone who just bought a car or consumer product!

    Doesn't happen the only industry that does are the tour guides who sell real estate. Sneaky, they slip somewhere in the listing that they can use it for their sole purpose. Like to see agents spell out to clients that when they sign a listing the seller is agreeing to let the agent hand out their info like candy for their benefit. No wonder the comp bureau is pushing hard on these sneaky tour guides.
  • Robert | 17 May 2015, 02:25 PM Agree 0
    Looks like the writer of the article is looking for a controversy where there is none. Is this really a problem anywhere? Robert
  • Maxy | 18 May 2015, 02:10 AM Agree 0
    Calling Real Estate sales people "tour guides" is the most ridiculous comment in this debate. It sounds like what is coming from Tea Party Republicans from United States. One can disagree with a competitor but that disagreement needs not degenerate into absurdity. It does not matter which camp one belongs to, it is all about economics. One side wants a free ride, piggy bank on data generated by Sales Professionals the other side, the Sales Professionals, wants to protect data it generated through costly marketing, numerous fees (brokerage, provincial and national), as well as open house sessions. How can any honest person fault Real Estate sales people for wanting to keep the data they generated to themselves. If free loaders value the sales data so much, they should generate their own data or pay into provincial and national boards that collate and store sales data and have as much rights to the data as Realtors®. If this is not fair then fairness needs a new definition.
  • Fortune Tellers | 18 May 2015, 09:29 AM Agree 0
    Fortune tellers,

    The tour gudies seem flustered!! They handout personal info to a potential client after they preach they are safe guarding. I can't think of any other industry that hands out sold data which is connected to a address. Be like handing out the sold prices,addresses of consumers who just bought new cars or used cars to someone buying...or any industry that SAFE GUARDS PERSONAL INFO.

    Again,the only argument on here from the tour guides is we have a monopoly and we can hand out ur personal data as we please!!! You can barley graduate high school, take a 3 month multiple choice test and you are handling the consumers biggest purchase!!! On top they want ridiculous commission rates.

    At least there are agents charging 1,000-2,000 to list or sell you a home who are realistic and do a great job. And for the handing out of info we have the competition bureau making a stance for the consumer. Consumer time to fight back when you sign the listing don't agree to allowing agents to hand out ur info unless they get permission or pay a fee($5,000) They will argue with the oldest saying "u get what u pay for"....that is dinasour talk and well all know problems happen no matter what commission u pay!!!!!

    Ask the tour guides what could they offer for a condo listing/purchase? it has walls,windows,doors and a status certificate. The rest is roll of the dice if the building will be a great in the future. They look up the previous sold prices to shoot for in selling or listing. Where is the magic in doing that!!!???? Consumers data btw that you payed them to safeguard. But use if for their benefit
  • Ernie Hawrysh | 19 May 2015, 03:15 PM Agree 0
    All sold data is kept at the land titles records.
    For a fee the public can get this information.
    The Mls system provides easy search of solds with description of property .
    The land titles solds records only gives the price and the land description ( no improvements details)
    If the public wants the particulars of the property they may obtain the information from assessment departments for a fee.
    It appears that the public wants information for free.
    Our Mls system could give the sold price and the legal description of property same as land titles.
    The competition bureau should realize that there is a cost in providing information.

  • He's back!!! | 19 May 2015, 03:20 PM Agree 0
    Haha! He's back!

    The REP Troll is back and on top of things! Goes by many names folks... ie. "Fortune Teller, Sneaky, Commission Wars", yada yada yada!

    His claim to fame is calling Realtors "Tour Guides", etc. Spends most if his/her time on forums like this to get you worked up!

    As a matter of fact, he/she is reading this and planning out their next response! They will say that I have so much time on my hand, as a Realtor, to allow me to spend (literally 30 seconds!) to write this because Realtors are not allowed to do anything else other than real estate. Meanwhile, since he/she is not a Realtor, in their mind they are justified in spending everyday trolling and conflict engineering!

    Have a great day troll!

    No, I won't be reading the well thought out response that your are preparing!

  • Lol | 19 May 2015, 04:07 PM Agree 0
    Seems like "Fortune Teller" does not have much of an education and obviously failed the real estate courses after trying a few times!

    Fact (and stats) is the majority of the Realtors out there have way beyond a high school education, whether it's from Canada or outside!

    And if your going to argue against someones education outside of Canada, then you have deeper and more personal issues (ie. prejudice, personal).

    It's very easy to use the minimum requirement (that you failed yourself!) against people that have gone beyond that in there lifetime!
  • Commission Wars | 19 May 2015, 06:26 PM Agree 0
    Dear PhD Fortune Tellers,

    I have not seen one tour guide defend themself on here why they safe guard data for consumers until they hand it out like candy for a listing/sale. Not one agent can justify their fees of 4-5% for looking up listings,comparables, taxi,tour . 1,000's of agents are doing it for $1,000-$2,000 and doing a great job . Consumers you know there is a problem when realtors are fighting between themselves!!!

    it is between the ego tour guide and the realistic realtor who needs to eat.

    Not sure why they worry about me when the bureau is knocking,thier colleagues are fighting,consumers are looking for value..I would concentrate on ALL OF THAT PhD!!
  • | 12 Jun 2015, 01:47 PM Agree 0
    I am totally perplexed by this. You can't just make dogmatic statements and put them out there like they are facts without backing them up. What RECO regulations or provincial requirements say that you can't leave CMA's with clients? I don't know of any. Give a proper analysis and explanation. You do a dis-service to readers in throwing out opinions like they are facts. Let's hear the rationale.
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