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BC amalgamation decision comes in

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Real Estate Professional | 07 Dec 2016, 02:19 PM Agree 0
Members have voted – will BC’s six real estate boards band together under a new association?
  • VIREB 40+YRS | 07 Dec 2016, 03:50 PM Agree 0
    I'm a LONG time Realtor and this idea was deemed to fail, once the Realtors of the Province became aware that for over a year, the so-called insiders, were having behind closed door meetings. Hiding from their members what they were doing. Openness, could have made a difference. They never disclosed to US, what money they sent flitting around the Province, conger ring up these plans. Their first clue should have been, when they could only get 6 Boards to participate. I could go on, but, I'll close with the old adage, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T TRY TO FIX IT.
  • voted yes - less than 50 years | 07 Dec 2016, 04:32 PM Agree 0
    In the words of Hilary Clinton, this was supported by the popular vote of over 50%. However, it was not fully supported by the 75% needed to fulfill the requirement needed by some boards to amalgamate. There will always be those who cannot visualize the long view that change is important for we are in an ever changing world. But each year they drive the latest model BMWs, Lexus, and Mercedes and not horse and buggies. They use IPADs and Iphones, DocuSign and IdentiSign. They elect representatives but want to micromange their recommended decisions. Like western gun slingers, they have drawn guns, slain some enemies and innocents, have travelled to the saloon, drank fully but no longer are able shoot straight through their bleary eyes. Meanwhile the West changes and future generations will too soon forget the legends.
  • Fred Gorley Royal LePage Prince George | 07 Dec 2016, 04:53 PM Agree 0
    I can only speak to the results in the BC Northern Real Estate Board. I am an active member of this board and have been continously for over 27 years. I am not actively involved in the day to date operations of the board. Those members that are actively involved worked tirelessly and very openly to move this initiative forward for I believe the benefit of all Realtors and the provincial organization.

    It is my understanding that BCNREB did reach a majority vote in favor of Realtor's of BC which attests to the effort put forth by both board staff and those hard working individuals who volunteer their time on behalf of all members opposed or not to improve our profession.

    Given the geographic size of our board and the logistics of coordinating an undertaking like this makes the achievement even more remarkable. They deserve our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.
  • | 07 Dec 2016, 04:58 PM Agree 0
    Very creative with the Western analogy. We are still living in the past. What happened to advancements in our industry and as human beings?
  • | 07 Dec 2016, 07:23 PM Agree 0
    Well put Fred. i think, all Realtors in BC missed a huge benefit to all in not supporting the Realtors of BC incentive.
  • Nicholas Meyer.. REBGV | 07 Dec 2016, 07:53 PM Agree 0
    Only 6 out of 13 boards in the province even agreed to go to a vote on amalgamating. That in itself is a reason to vote No.
    So the majority of realtors in the Province did not see a benefit.
    There was I understand a cost saving of $9MM for the proposed 6 board amalgamation. $3MM was to be spent on more admin:)
    Where was the remaining $6MM going to go? It certainly wasnt going to be refunded to the members who had paid it.
    Were there any benefits to the individual members in amalgamating? I couldn't see any, in fact I think service would have decreased.
    We dont work for the board, the board is an organization that is there to serve the members though it seems more and more of late we have less say.
    Things have sure changed in the way things are run from when i first started 38 years ago.
    The continuous emails and meetings to persuade us to vote yes were amazing. How much did we pay for this election process? Barrages of emails ... breakfast meetings at the best hotels etc.
    No, thankfully this did not pass.
  • Barry Brown-John | 08 Dec 2016, 01:53 AM Agree 0
    It is Sad that we now face a very unclear future. I have been licensed for nearly 30 years and have cumulatively spent over 24 years involved in ORE, with KREB, RECBC, GRC the and REF. As always we can improve but without ANY Mandate from me or many of You, our "Professional" Organization embarked on a $3,000,000 venture, using every lever they could find; Eliminating Boards who weren't in favour, adjusting the date so the Society Act amendment could come into force and lower the the vote threshold from 75% to 66.66%, for the GVREB muzzling those at the Table. with secrecy commitments...and still they could not get the necessary votes.

    Now there is talk of a Plan "B" only hours after the defeat. We need New Leaders who are Open and Honest with us, so we can make decisions on what is truly beneficial to our Profession...and we need them now!
  • YVR | 09 Dec 2016, 02:04 PM Agree 0
    Just to inform some of our colleagues from other provinces
    Unfortunately the proposal that was brought forward was with no facts. For us to sit here and talk about change, moving forward, moving left or right, are all (labels) words that marketing companies use to sell their products. I'm not looking to buy a car and wanted to see facts. I'm not fearful as Realtors take risks everyday. But those risks are personal risks. One bad NOT very well thought of policy can "kill the real estate business in that region"
    No business plan- would you invest in a $60 million dollar transaction without a business plan? (187pg doc is not a bus plan) The projected savings started at $9mil than $6mil than $4 mil and than it changed again to "it's not about the money" All I can say is over $3.2 mil was invested towards this failed proposal and Vancouver is probably into it for close to another $1mil😏 Even a marketing company was hired to sell the proposal to the members. Voting results= 66.7% was needed and they got 68%. Just barely squeaked through with all that money spent.
    The proposal failed when 5 of the 11 Boards pulled out and only 6 out of 11 went to vote. The people in charge should have regrouped back than, figured out with all 11 Boards what they have in common, and build from there. What was the hurry🤔 Any savings could have been had by sharing of services province wide and once you have established a good foundation than you can go to your members to have round table discussions to see what they want there future to look like. (Especially the young generation of Realtors) Realtors mandate is a must than you can put 1or 2 proposals for members to vote. Transparency in today's world is a must. Any big time executive will tell you that.
    It is time to give BCREA the mandate and the strength they need to do what they have been doing for years - work with our BC Government.
  • VREB Old Guy | 10 Dec 2016, 04:08 PM Agree 0
    How about maybe we don't need this many oversight helpers in our profession! We have CREA, BCREA, RECBC, RESA, and likely a few I have forgotten. I am a 39 year veteran of the real estate industry who has never been in trouble with the public or any governing body to date. It is not because I have never made a mistake, but it was just that, a mistake. It was never an issue of faulty ethics. Victoria was asked to sign on to the move to amalgamate the boards and for very good reasons opted not to take part. Our board is professionally run, I believe we respond quickly to any request made to us and our ethics are among the best in Canada in my opinion. We didn't feel the need to donate our paid for board office, potentially lay off staff or do anything else to gain these remarkable "savings". My understanding is BCREA spent $3,000,000 of our contributed fees to do this, provided poor at best consultation and ended up with a "No" response, especially when you factor in the boards like ours that said no from the getgo! Maybe it is time for one less "helpful" organization to pay fees to, especially in light of the fact we are no longer self governed! Just my opinion but I bet it is shared by many more than have commented here. Swimming upstream is never popular but like the Salmon, has positive results.
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