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Client Commission Woes

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JayListon | 05 Jan 2015, 04:51 PM Agree 0
What’s the best way to deal with greedy clients who want to skimp me out of commission? I heard a few different approaches, some of which aren’t my style. I was approached about passing on $200 the other day. The nerve! I’m curious to hear what realtors have to say.
  • Rick | 09 Jan 2015, 06:28 PM Agree 1
    If you're not happy walk away... you have to be strong or get taken advantage of!!
  • What You Need To Hear | 10 Jan 2015, 08:50 AM Agree 0
    Just reading the way you phrase the question makes me shake my head.

    First, you don't seem to be happy nor enjoying this career, perhaps it's best if you hang up the license.

    Second, you have unknowingly (or knowingly, it really doesn't matter) called the clients "greedy". If this is already your perception going in, then your meeting with them will manifest and reinforce that, and regardless of what words come out of the clients' mouth or regardless of their reasoning, you have already pre-labeled them as "greedy", so as per my first point, just hang up the license.

    There is no good, better or best way to deal with “greedy” clients. If they are already “greedy” in your eyes, then walk away.

    Third, you already hold on to the “we against them” mentality by conjuring their plot to skimp you out of anything. If you “know” that these “greedy” clients “want to skimp you out of” anything, why do you still want to work with them to the point that you will come to this message board and asks questions, just walk away.

    Fourth, you don’t seem to be open to the advise that you are asking for on this forum because trust me when I tell you that unless you give yourself an advise, the advise you will get from here is “not your style” so just walk away and hang up the license.

    Fifth, since you are “curios” as to what realtors have to say, then here it is and buckle up:

    Life is hard, live with it. Not everyone will like you, live with that. Not everyone will like to work with you, live with that as well. You will not get all listings, live with that. Real estate is simple but not easy, nor is it impossible. There are thousands and thousands of realtors out there and it’s a “clients’ market”, you are a commodity, nothing more.

    You cannot expect people whom you label as “greedy” whom you suspect tries to “skimp you out” of your commission and people who “have the nerve” to see your worth and value in return.

    It’s not the client’s job to give you an “A ” at the “beginning of the school year”, it is your job to earn it.

    And how do you expect to earn it if you already have this pre-conceived notion that these “greedy” clients are “out to skimp you” on your commission, simply because they want to save a couple of hundred dollars here or there.

    This career path you have chosen involves negotiation, and the fact that these “greedy clients” are negotiating, they seem to be trying to “speak your language” and instead of negotiating back, you decide to take a stab at name-calling and then asking other realtors to give you that magic silver bullet, the cure-all pill that, by the way, needs to fit your style.... is just absurd and unrealistic so hang up the license.

    Have you never, in your life, tried to save money where you could?

    If you want an answer to that question, first change your attitude, then reflect on whether this calling is for you, then expect and embrace and welcome push-backs and accept that it is part of the cycle of the deal and instead of interpreting it as being in front of a greedy seller trying to take food away from your family, you either take it as an audition, an opportunity to show this client what kind of negotiating skill you bring to the table when you are defending the market value of their home should they hire you or you walk away from the greedy clients.

    No amount of scripts, techniques and advise that you will every receive can fix the underlying issue you have, and that is you have no clue how to negotiate, you buckle under opposition, you have a bad attitude and a pre-conceived notion that rots you, your client and this career at its core – and that is SELLERS ARE GREEDY and they are trying to skimp you out of your commission.

    While you wallow in this belief that they are greedy and want to skimp you out of your commission, the greedy seller has called other agents who don’t share your world view and attitude, interviewed them and gave the listing to them and then you see their for sale sign on the lawn and not yours and you probably are the last person on the sellers’ and the new listing agent’s mind – and yet you live everyday murmuring about how that agent stole your client and how the client was greedy.

    Get off the WOE IS ME horse, hang up the license and walk away....
  • Jackie Laurin | 01 Feb 2015, 03:08 PM Agree 0
    I think your hard nosed answer to Jay is overkill. He made a simple comment, he's entitled to his view. $200.00 today to do a full sale doesn't cover anywhere near the hours it takes to do a good job.. he should send the $200.00 client over to you.
  • Boo Hoo | 11 Jun 2015, 04:00 PM Agree 0
    Jackie, why don't you take this $200 client and work with them since you are overly sympathetic. No one is putting a gun to Jay's head to make him work with these clients. He did not make a comment, he asked a question, thus, expect a response. Since this is a public forum, he gets what he gets. You don't like the show, change the channel. life is tough, suck it up!
  • Humble Professional | 17 Aug 2015, 02:04 PM Agree 0
    I'm less sympathetic, so I'll get right to the point.

    Mr. Boohoo/Mr. What You Need to Hear:

    You're the one with the bad attitude. You're clearly too busy blowing this question out of proportion to notice your own obvious flaws.

    $200 is insulting to anyone, even a new agent, and he has every right to vent on this forum.

    My advice to you would be to spend less time judging others, and more time looking in the mirror.

    Now, Jay, out of that ridiculous post from aforementioned degenerate, there's one thing you should take: walk away. That's right, walk away. It's not your job to deal with unrealistic sellers.
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