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Commissions are too high, agents argue

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Real Estate Professional | 18 Nov 2014, 05:10 PM Agree 0
The latest in the debate on commissions has some agents pointing the finger at their high-rolling counterparts, arguing sky-high payouts are overly opulent, not well-deserved.
  • | 19 Nov 2014, 02:13 PM Agree 0
    Access to the listings which provide those "lofty" commissions are much harder to come by and much harder to find buyers for. The costs of marketing those homes are also considerably higher. Let the market decide!
  • Mark Ranger | 19 Nov 2014, 02:26 PM Agree 3
    I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Best who said "Just because someone can research something on the internet, doesn't diminish your value, if you think it does, it's you that should be leaving the business.” What a good REALTOR® does in addition to negotiating and a great deal of that negotiating is; checking emotion at the door and bringing logic to the table. The sooner we stop prostituting ourselves by doing every song and dance and jumping through every given hurdle we think clients want us to do which are superfluous to the whole intended end game and increasing professional standards to be achieved to entering the business in the first place the sooner we can reduce our costs while doing a BETTER job for our clients and pass along those savings to them. 50 to 66% of listings expire before they sell, WHY? Because we do what our clients tell us to do instead of what we know needs to be done. Seriously; do you tell your doctor which scalpel to use? Do you tell your dentist which drill to use? Do you tell your lawyer which precedent to cite? Come on people, you call this a profession? Ya right, like the oldest profession, we prostitute ourselves to promise clients what they want in order to compete with our fellow REALTORS®. Does that make any sense at all?
  • DG | 19 Nov 2014, 02:32 PM Agree 2
    As Realtors, we all have the right to charge a commission that aligns with our business model. Personally, I don't cut my commissions. The reality is that if you're an agent only charging 1% plus co-op, then you are restricted on how you can market the home. This is particularly true for higher end homes, which cost more to sell. Personally I don't really care how much another person makes, but I do care when agents cut the co-operating commissions. This is just bad practice in all respects and reduces buyer traffic.
  • Mark Ranger | 19 Nov 2014, 02:34 PM Agree 1
    I've actually been charging more than the prevailing rate for strata properties because of the additional exposure to liability and expenses involved and have not had one client object. I don't care if someone were to object as if so we politely disengage - I'm not big on strata in the first place. Oh and I always give at least 50% of the gross commission to co-operating agents who are my greatest asset. Remember MLS stands for Multiple Listing <B>SYSTEM</B>, not Service. It is a "system" that was developed by our industry to facilitate the sharing of listings with co-operating brokers. Where we are getting ourselves in trouble with Anti-combines is we let them believe it is the latter "a service" it's not. The MLS is a proprietary internal "system" developed by and for the real estate community. <cite>End of rant</cite>
  • Agent007 | 19 Nov 2014, 02:41 PM Agree 1
    I guess the commission argument just won't go away. Many of those who gave their opinion on the previous post here have a point. HOWEVER, in most cases the majority of those who appear to be dissatisfied with our service belong to the 'armchair quarterback' group.

    In other words they have not bought or sold a home. My partner and I are 28 year veterans of this industry. Some of our best clients, both buying and or selling a home, have been lawyers! Yes, licensed fully competent lawyers.

    When looking back we ask ourselves ...why do these lawyers use our services? The only conclusion one can arrive at is that lawyers are not too bright, shy or incompetent. That would seem to make sense to a lot of readers. Otherwise, why would they not want to save thousands of dollars in commissions and sell their own homes?

    Why, I ask why?

    Would it have anything to do with fact that these lawyers realize what the majority of whining consumers do not? And that is that having the knowledge of ONE aspect of the selling process does not mean being able to successfully complete the transaction?

    I rest my case, and yes, the whiners will go on whining.
  • Bob Edwards Remax | 19 Nov 2014, 02:49 PM Agree 2
    There are agents in my market charging way less than my fee. For the services they provide, in my opinion, they are charging more than their services are worth. If your services are not worth the fees you are charging the market will tell you in a hurry. I have had some large sales that happened in less than 24 hours and my clients thought I did not charge enough. My marketing and negotiating skills that were developed over 40 years of business experience and have allowed my clients to sell their homes at the very top of what the market will bear making my fee worth every penny. In our market the companies where the agents have the lowest fees, they also provide the lowest level of services and they also sell less than 5% of the real estate. Way less. By the way, on a large sale I don't "walk away with 50 grand" Out of that I pay for the best marketing and advertising in or area, assistants, analysts, stagers, after sale services and a whole lot more. Your rewards in life will equal your service. If you are getting a constant stream of referrals and repeat clients you are most definitely not charging too much.
  • Rick Lewis | 19 Nov 2014, 03:00 PM Agree 0

    Olivia this article seem way out of line and assuming Robyn is a professional licensed agent should know this topic comes awfully close to a conversation on price fixing, which falls into the hands of The Competition Bureau. So a debate on commissions seems like fishing trip to me.

    If a agent received $50,000.00 at the close of a deal worth in access of $2,500,000.00, then good for them and his client who paid.

    Mr. Best I to value your point..
  • Rocket | 19 Nov 2014, 03:28 PM Agree 0
    All I know is the Agents that argue you get what you pay for then why not charge 15% ? I guess that would make me a better Realtor according to many Realtors.. Once home prices reached a certain price level several years ago the cost of a commission started to far out reach the cost of living percentages and inflation.
  • Change is coming | 19 Nov 2014, 03:30 PM Agree 0
    Agents are not doctors ..... You can't compare a Doctor to a Real Estate agent . U can be licensed agent in 3 months!!!!! Speak a langauge and u are able to sell/list a house.... Don't think it works that easy for a doctor!!!

    Agents and their Monopoly
  • Russ Coultrup - Remax | 19 Nov 2014, 03:33 PM Agree 1
    I was at a real estate agent training seminar a while ago and we had the chance to ask questions from a panel of "top producers".
    One of the questions was " what do you do if the seller want you to cut your commission" The (great) answer was "I send them to you, and I deal with the ones who believe in me and accept my commission structure"
    Let the market decide - does Mercedes drop their prices because some consumers think they are too expensive and don't see the value?
    Also, I think many of the contributors in this discussion forget - as agents we pay attention to what we are getting paid!
    Be innovative and explain to the listing prospect that you have to market their property to the public AND the other agents
    If my listing (client) is paying 2% and a similar listing is paying 1% to the selling broker - it's not hard to guess which listing will be getting more attention from the buyer's agents.
    Many former realtors who understand how this motivation works have asked me to bonus the selling agent, yes to 3,4, or 5% ,when listing their property because they understand how the mind works
    Having said that, what kind of service are you doing for your client,when you cut your commission , simply because you are desperate?
  • Lloyd | 19 Nov 2014, 03:34 PM Agree 0
    Let's not get this mistaken, we as agents are over paid for the amount of work we put into SOME deals. The fact that I can make someones half year salary in 1 deal is a little much. That being said we also spend a ton of time with clients that never end up purchasing anything. From my experience it's always the older agents who complain that they will never lower commissions and when they see buying side paying out 2.25% they also complain. I've found that many of the younger agents aren't as greedy and are trying to hustle and get their name out. They don't mind doing listings for 2.0% because getting that listing is more important then possibly making a few extra thousand. At the end of the day I find that there are just too many agents out there and we need make it much more difficult to be your license. With less agents out there it would mean more deals for each agent in turn agents may be able to lower commissions if they are getting more deals. This will probably never occur but just a thought.
  • Bill Lafferty | 19 Nov 2014, 03:42 PM Agree 1
    By law commissions are negotiable, which means they can be negotiated up or down, not just downward as some with a discount mentality think in their narrow minded way. If a Realtor on account of his superior marketing strategy and powerful negotiating skills can put more money in the pocket of his seller, why shouldn't the Realtor be entitled to an above average commission?

    To illustrate the point, I will ask sellers "If I can get you an extra $100,000 more for your home would you pay me 10%?" Of course you would! Once again I will ask, "Which is more important, how much commission you offer or how much you net? Isn't it always the bottom line that really matters.

    Discount agents are not powerful negotiators and that's why they are discount agents. If a discount agent can't negotiate and defend his own commission, how can he or she negotiate and defend their sellers asking price?

    If any realtor places such little value on his or her own services and abilities to the extent that they cannot effectively negotiate their own commission upfront with a seller, how effective, how competent, how capable is this agent going to be when they are out there negotiating the asking price of their seller's home?

    Sellers really need to think seriously who they hire and entrust in the sale of their most important investment, their home. Why gamble with your most important investment? That's why real estate experts say, "Always select an agent based on a superior marketing strategy and powerful negotiating skills. Never select an agent based on price alone or commission alone."

  • Overpaid | 19 Nov 2014, 04:00 PM Agree 0
    Berlin Wall ,Kodak fell so will agents commissions!!! The public is seeing the writing on wall (internet) agents have a monopoly and are overpaid.... no matter how skilled or what they offer it is totaly embarrsing they keep trying to justify their outrageous fees....I filled out some papers,sat back ,played taxi and tour and demand for detached/semis sold the house not the agent ...and they keep boasting their enormous skill like they cured cancer..
  • Bill Lafferty | 19 Nov 2014, 04:57 PM Agree 0
    Hey Overpaid,
    If a Realtor is able to negotiate a full price offer or very close to it or manages to sell your home over and above the list price, whether you want to admit it or not that takes skill and that agent has done their job and is entitled to whatever commission they have negotiated with you upfront.
    As far as being overpaid many people may feel actors, musicians, those that play professional sports are all overpaid, but if they make huge profits for the large corporations that have hired them, then are they really overpaid?? Obviously the Corporations don't think so, or they wouldn't hire them or pay them the money they do.

    Some people put so much focus on the commission they lose sight of the most important thing. What is the most important thing? That is selling your home for the absolute highest price and thereby netting the most money possible.

    If any realtor is so willing to discount their own commission upfront with you, realistically what do you think they are going to do with your asking price when they are out there negotiating on your home?

    Professional realtors are only paid their commission if they bring you an acceptable offer on your home which entails netting you what you want in your pocket. So therefore in view of the fact by law commissions are negotiable, which means they can be negotiated up or down really what a realtor charges for commission is totally irrelevant. Since it's always the bottom line that really matters, isn't that right?
  • Walter | 19 Nov 2014, 05:10 PM Agree 0
    So what you are saying is for less money you won't work as hard? I've always heard agents say "I can justify my commission because I work hard for it". That is bs in my opinion because you may work your hardest at 2.5% and get your client over asking but another agent will work just as hard and have pride in what they do even if it for slightly less money.
  • Old Timer | 19 Nov 2014, 05:35 PM Agree 0
    My Bill, so "Discount agents are not powerful negotiators and that's why they are discount agents." This is quite a 'blanket' statement to make.
    I am a 'discount' Realtor. So what you are blanketing in your statement is all 'discount' Realtors. While I do not disagree, that there are many discount Realtors who are not great negotiators, this, in my experience, has proven to be the case with most full commission Realtors too. I have personally assisted in the sale of over one BILLION dollars worth of residential real estate. How about you, Bill? Is your total sales any where near this dollar figure? Perhaps you could tell the readers what your gross total sales are since you got into the business! Having owned franchises, private real estate companies, and having worked for all the major real estate firms in Canada, (and some in the USA), my personal experience, for what it is worth, has proven to me that the abilities of a Realtor cannot be 'blanket' measured by the amount of commission they charge for their services. Changes to our business (notice I didn't say 'profession') are in action, and there will be many more to come in the next five years. One can either remain a 'dinosaur" and refuse to keep up with what is happening, or, like I have chosen to do, keep pace with what is happening.
  • BIll B | 19 Nov 2014, 06:42 PM Agree 0
    I can't comment on the big city realtors but I can certainly relate to us small towners. IN my city of 20,000 we just in the past year or so broke $200,000 as an average house price. I work hard and long in this business and have done for forty years. My gross income is usually about $250,000. Take from that about $90,000 in expenses - to market the house - newspaper ads , websites , franchise fees , open houses , desk fees, etc, etc. and my net income which is taxed in the 50% bracket leaves me a pretty small net for the many hours devoted to serving my clients and customers.
  • Bill Lafferty | 19 Nov 2014, 06:54 PM Agree 1
    Hey Old Timer,
    1) So, assuming it is true that you have personally assisted in over a Billion dollars of real estate as you claim, (which I believe to be BS) why is it that you place such little value on your own services to the extent that you cannot effectively negotiate your own commission upfront with a seller?

    2)Being the discount Agent you are, if you can't defend your own commission, how are you going to defend and maintain your Seller's asking price?

    3)Why are you resorting to discounting as your means to compete successfully against other realtors to be able to obtain listings when you have really sold a Billion dollars of real estate as you claim ?

    4)When do you stop being a discount agent? When do you stop your discounting when you are negotiating the asking price on your seller's home?

    Without any more BS, can you answer the above questions?

  • Fairness | 19 Nov 2014, 08:32 PM Agree 0
    I think it is immoral to tell a seller you can get them $100,000 more for their house just so they will agree to pay you a higher commission. Of course the seller will agree to that! Who wouldn't? But here comes the immoral part. The house isn't worth $100,000 more. You are just saying that to negotiate your own commission. However if you do indeed, manage to get that extra money for the seller, this just drives up the price of homes. That is what is immoral! I heard once that it is realtors that drive up market prices. You just proved that it is true! Shame on you. Purposely pushing up house prices so you can get the seller to agree to more commission.
  • | 19 Nov 2014, 10:29 PM Agree 0
    Love reading the banter. The industry standard use to be 5 and now it should be 4 . No discounting, negotiating, that's the rate if you want to be represented by a professional. Now go and find a professional that will represent you in the way you wish to be represented. The rest of the banter is ego vs ego. Get over yourselves and let Crea make the decision.
  • Bill Lafferty | 20 Nov 2014, 01:18 AM Agree 0
    To Fairness,
    So, if you were selling your home you wouldn't want the Realtor representing you to negotiate and sell your home for the absolute highest price he possibly could get buyers to pay???
    Answer honestly, Yes or no?????
  • Eddie Realtor Vancouver | 20 Nov 2014, 01:34 AM Agree 1
    Discount speak with forked tongue!
    The public may fall for your generosity by only charging
    them 1%. The public may think you are doing this because 'its
    the right thing to do'. ..if discount realtors truly believe we
    get paid too much for our services why do discount realtors
    not give their buyer clients the same discount when they sell
    them one of my listings? truth, they don't!

    If we want the public to respect us as a 'profession' then it is
    up to us (collectively) to bring 'value' to the market place. Why
    do some lawyers charge $100.00 per hour vs. others that charge
    $500 per hour and they are always in demand? They bring value
    to the market place, they win more cases.

    If some Realtors wish to charge less commission...go ahead but
    don't expect me to follow suit!
  • Bill Lafferty | 20 Nov 2014, 01:35 AM Agree 1
    To love reading the banter,
    Don't mean to shatter your ego but for your information there is no such thing as a standard commission. By law commissions are negotiable and CREA has no decision to make in this matter.
  • Bill Lafferty | 20 Nov 2014, 01:47 AM Agree 0
    You eloquently say it like it really is.

  • Ras | 20 Nov 2014, 08:00 AM Agree 0
    The problem doesn't start with the commission rate, it's the costs just to be in business. From the Regulator and the boards right to the brokerages. The salesperson, the one who takes on the task of representing their clients and marketing the property cant survive with all the nickel and diming, the fees are way too high. Even Reco when they handout their fines, will fee a sales rep as if they were making 5% on deals, when in reality if they take home very little. The industry is broken with too high of fees. And imagine how much tax is paid between HST, Income Taxes and land transfer tax. It's not worth selling even for no commission.

    The Salespeople out there need to respect themselves and charge a commission rate which represents their value for the service they give to the client. If the value is only worth 1% then buyer beware.
  • Tour Guude | 20 Nov 2014, 09:38 AM Agree 0
    REAL ESTATE Lawyers should be getting more and they deserve it.... not agents who are tour guides,taxi service,secretary....sure there are agents who are good negotiators but not for $ 50,000.....they are experts until another bubble in the market...interest rates are low,immigration is steady,supply is conditions that make it very easy too sell
  • Mark Ranger | 20 Nov 2014, 09:40 AM Agree 0
    That comparison is getting old. Of course REALTORS® can't be compared to Doctors on many fronts but in terms of a profession when dealing with the healthy the concerns of our clients are <b>substantial</b>, maybe not as much as may be in the case of life and limb concerns that arise in a Doctor/Patient relationship, but really the duty of care we owe our clients is utmost and should never be mitigated by any such dismissal as we are not so comparable as a Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer. When it comes to our fiduciary duties we<b> ARE</b> a most important and relied upon practitioner in our field.
  • Mark Ranger | 20 Nov 2014, 09:52 AM Agree 1
    Oh and just to be clear, I like <b>MANY</b> of my colleagues across the country, while maybe not so lengthy an education as a doctor do have a university degree in a relevant discipline (Business and Economics) and fully endorse the implementation of any such minimum standard as may be contemplated by the governing bodies of our profession.

    And on the benefit I provide my clients, in economic terms, I can and do show that based on past performance which is a pretty good predictor of the future.
  • Jeff Gingerich | 20 Nov 2014, 10:30 AM Agree 0
    I'm not sure how many agents posting here held a license in the '90's but those were tough years in Ontario. Days on market were considerably higher and expired listings were widespread. I don't remember any sellers feeling sorry for me that I wasn't making enough back then. In good times and bad, we get paid for results. Save some money in the good times to get you through the hard times!
  • Bill Lafferty | 20 Nov 2014, 11:36 AM Agree 1
    Hey Tour guide,
    You say " REAL ESTATE Lawyers should be getting more and they deserve it.... not agents.."

    Give your head a good shake!!! Real estate lawyers I deal with use a secretary to do most of the work.

    Go get your Real estate licence and work for a year in the business and come back and then maybe you'll know what you are actually talking about.
  • Change is Coming | 20 Nov 2014, 11:56 AM Agree 0

    Stop feeling so threaten by change... uber is coming/here and u have experience driving people around. And speaking of secretary work you have the experience in that too a little.."form filler outer".

    Such a fool with secretary does work for the lawyer ..we are debating what skill and how much is paid...

    Lawyer makes are telling me you do 20 to 50 times the work!!! Like going to a car dealership and the salesman makes 1000 and the business manager makes $20 with ur REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY RATIOS....
  • | 20 Nov 2014, 12:22 PM Agree 0
    Most of my deals are competitive land development deals, and exclusive although other agents seem to jump in when I have worked with developers for years on some of the projects, and yes sometimes I end up loosing, so when I charge $200,000.00 for a deal when i get forced into competition from developers who are looking after themselves and I bring them $2,500,000.00 higher than the other offers they try to procure, and I think outside the box to get the job done, I deserve my $200,00.00 pay check, and yes I have seen a few of them that big, and I don't feel guilty one bit, adn my clients shake my hand, thank me and congratulate me for a job well done on both ends over and over again.
  • Guilt | 20 Nov 2014, 12:33 PM Agree 0
    Of course you don't feel guilt in the 1% world but for the poverty or struggling middle class it makes a big difference. All you have done is pushed the price up where it is passed onto the low income /middle class who try to get their foot into the market..
  • | 20 Nov 2014, 02:26 PM Agree 0
    I don't wish to use this forum to get into an argument. If you and I did, it would be hard for the readers to identify the 'fool'. I will say Bill, most of your rants are just that rants to try to justify your own personal opinion on a subject. When you have to resort to accusations, name calling, innuendos, castigations, and half truths, then that would prove to me you have very little to say from a 'constructive' point of view. I fully support your right to state your opinion or view on whatever subject is being discussed. What I find offensive with your comments is your habit of running down people who disagree with your viewpoint. When we put aside our emotional feelings towards a subject and actually take time to analyze it we often are able to contribute something worthwhile to the discussion. If we truly believe we are in a free market that encourages competitiveness, and I believe in the 'free world' we are, then it shouldn't bother us if each Realtor has his or her own 'business plan'. It may not be the one we use, but, they have a right to their own plan. Change is happening in our industry. Old timers resist change. Nothing stays the same forever. Commissions are becoming more in line with other similar sales occupations. From Day One I vowed to provide a SERVICE to people in this business. That vow has never changed over the years. It has never been affected by the amount of money I earn from one client. Younger Realtors get this. Most have come from other jobs where they made an hourly wage and are more then happy to be a Realtor where (even if they provide commission discounts) they still make double, triple or more money then they made on their previous job. I am in my 'twilight' years now in real estate sales. I have made a lot of money from commissions over the years and I'd be a fool if I said I didn't enjoy the 'big' commissions. When I sold real estate in the Caribbean we charged a straight 10% across the the board. Most of our sales were $300,000 to $2,000,000. We were the only 'game in town' so the 10% commission wasn't a problem. In Canada, none of us are the only game in town. The public has spoken. They want lower commissions. More and more Realtors are providing them with just that. If you, as a Realtor, don't want to join them, then DON'T. But being downright hostile towards your fellow Realtors who simply have a different business plan then yours, doesn't place you in a good light in my books. I am sure, with your experience and knowledge, you could be a 'voice of reason' and see the whole commission thing as a challenge instead of a threat. Berating others, name calling, accusations and providing 'mis-information', doesn't elevate a person in the mind of others.
  • RDG | 20 Nov 2014, 03:02 PM Agree 1
    Agents most certainly deserve to be paid what they are worth , and most of the points made by other regarding the value of the services agents provide are spot on. However I think that the piece of the puzzle everybody ignores is that is not the rate of commission, but the inflation in house prices. In our region a house that sold for 200,000 7 years ago, is now selling for more than 400,000. Even with the exact same commission "rate" an agents take, their income, will have increased by more than 100%. How many industries have seen incomes rise by over 100% in a mere 7 years....not a one, other than this one. When dealing with clients who's incomes may have increased by a mere 5% in the last 7 years, I think it's somewhat difficult to honestly justify to them that you really deserve to be paid more than twice what you would have been paid a mere 7 years ago
  • CARTEL | 20 Nov 2014, 03:04 PM Agree 0
    Laugherty feels threaten of course because if he was so sure with his expertise he would welcome any openness to the market and not knock competition...which is a sign of weakness, he thinks he has a patent but is scared because it's not...people are fair but a industry is threaten with less enrollment and agents dropping out if the commission a CARTEL
  • Greedy | 20 Nov 2014, 05:25 PM Agree 0
    jeff Gingerrich(Grinch),

    Of course they didn't feel sorry for u because it was ur over inflated prices that were pushed up by greed that killed the market in late 80's early 90's
  • Bill Lafferty | 20 Nov 2014, 11:27 PM Agree 0
    Hey Genius, or Wall is coming down, or Cartel
    You keep changing your name all the time. If anyone's afraid it's you, you're too afraid to reveal your real identity and you hide behind silly names.
    Olivia one of the writers of these articles interviewed me this week and can vouch for me that I am not afraid of more people becoming Realtors and also I don't think they should limit the number of new Realtors coming in to the industry. I told her that I have never feared competition all the years that I have been in the business.

    The only concern I have is that the very unprofessional "Can't sell your home but pay me up front clowns" and "Desperate Discounters" have brought down the professionalism of our industry.

    At one time being a Realtor was a respected profession something you could be proud of, not anymore since you guys came on the scene.

    However your days are numbered and you won't survive in this industry. You haven't in times past and you won't in the future because your way of doing business gets very low results when it comes to getting homes sold or for the highest price even in the best of markets and you eventually starve yourselves to death. You guys have always shrivelled up and died as soon as the market turns downward and it becomes a real challenge to sell homes. It's at that time sellers always call on the true professionals to get the job done.

    You wouldn't believe how many sellers have called me recently to come and list their home after they got fed up of not being able to sell using a flat fee or discount agent that did nothing for them other than simply take their money upfront and couldn't sell their home. I just listed and sold another one this week that had been on the market over 100 days with a major well known flat fee company and I have another one with the same sad story that I listed and sold that closes tomorrow. I also have an appointment to list another one next week that just terminated with a "Can't sell your home but pay me upfront clowns".

    Am I upset guys like you have brought our industry into ill repute by taking people's money upfront and not delivering the goods? Yes.

    Am I afraid of competing with your flawed real estate business model for listings over commission? Not at all!

  • Super Agent | 20 Nov 2014, 11:57 PM Agree 0
    MY HERO,

    you keep blabbing( like a little school boy) the same nonsense ...I am sure I could find top notch agents (peacocks)that couldn't sell with all the resources they could find,spend money ,advertise ,behind the scenes work etc...and the owner went to a FSBO,DYI or low rate service and got It done too with better results and more money in their pocket...pinch urself so ur ballon will pop of urself promotion and brilliance.. you should by a cape and be the spokeperson for SUPER AGENT
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 01:02 AM Agree 0
    Old Timer,
    Anyone reading these blogs can clearly see you completely evaded and couldn't answer a single one of the questions I asked you in my last reply blog to you. That's because answering those questions would have clearly revealed that you are a weak negotiator which explains why you have had to resort to becoming a discount agent.

    By your own admission in your blog you charged 10% commission on properties that sold for $300,000 to $2,000,000 because you were the only game in town therefore it took no negotiating on your part.

    So obviously charging a higher commission if you can get the seller to pay it, is not the issue for you. You're very happy to receive it.

    But now you have resigned yourself to be a Discount Agent because you are no longer the only game in town and therefore feel impelled to charge below average commissions as a Discount agent in order to compete and survive in the industry.

    So obviously if you could charge more commission you would , like you did when you were the only game in town. However not being the only game in town you feel forced into being a Discount agent because you don't have the negotiating skills to negotiate a higher commission than the below average discount rate that you are currently charging.

    Which proves the point that I've been making all along, that Discount agents do not have powerful negotiating skills and that's why they are discount agents and can't stop discounting all the way from their own commission to their seller's asking price.

    Let's face it, if any realtor is so willing to discount their own commission upfront because they can't negotiate commission with a seller, how effective is that agent going to be when they are negotiating on that same seller's asking price for his home?

    By the way to keep the record straight, I have never charged anyone in my 30 year real estate career 10% commission. However I do charge an average to an above average commission which I allow my sellers to choose. I never use the discounting of commission as a means to compete with other Realtors, instead I use marketing strategy and negotiating skills as my real estate platform to compete for listings.
    I do however say to my prospective sellers when discussing commission "If I could get you an extra $100,000 would you pay me 10%?" to show that you shouldn't get hung up on the commission you offer, the only thing that matters is what you net in your pocket, since it's always the bottom line that really matters.

  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 01:29 AM Agree 0
    To Super Jerk,
    Yes, and people also go to Vegas, hit the jackpot and walkout rich. But what are the odds???? The Real estate industry wouldn't exist if it was that easy for people to sell their own homes themselves. Professional Realtors unlike clowns like yourself that only know how to take people's money upfront and run, leaving them with an unsold home, provide professional service, pay all the marketing costs upfront out of their own pocket and are only compensated for positive results which is bringing their sellers an acceptable offer on their home. They stay with their client from the time they take the listing to the time the home is sold and right till closing when the sellers get their money for their home.
    That's the difference between a poster boy like yourself who takes the money and runs and a true professional Realtor.
  • Magic Bill | 21 Nov 2014, 08:39 AM Agree 0
    Bloated Fool,

    "Real estate industry wouldn't exist" without you.... now you are stretching things to the point of embarressement again..of course people are fools and would not have figured out something else(which they are doing)...ur industry was around in the 1800's.1900' everyone owes their saviour to the real estate agent.. superagent to the rescue..stop talking like u solved poverty,global hunger...u are a salesman who put buyers and sellers together, looks up previous sales and shoots for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the market is strong and u are just better at paperwork/more turnover than a newer cancer cure moment

    I think u hit the nail on the head with ur Vegas reference.... the house always wins with vegas/agents with all the odds/monopoly/emotion/cartel/glitter that you possess stacked against the buyer/gambler... forget the cape and I am going to dress you in white and let you spread the word as savior to the market....pass the kool aid

    always resorting to name calling like a true professional,
  • Fairness | 21 Nov 2014, 11:31 AM Agree 0
    To Bill Lafferty

    I am thinking of the greater good. The term Fair Market Value sums it up for me. "Fair" Market Value not "Inflated" Market Value. If all realtors push up the price promised to the seller, just to get the listing and to get a larger commission, what happens to our market? The answer is that the market prices go up and up and up. Where is the consciousness in this scenario? Do you not have a responsibility as a "professional" to care about the world you create? Do you not care about inflated prices pushing up the market? Do you not care about people not being able to afford a home due to inflated prices? Do you not care about people being burdened with excessive mortgages due to inflated prices? Where is the humanity? There is more to life than big commissions. I just don't agree with realtors pushing up the prices of homes in order to line their own pocket and not caring about the consequences.
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 11:41 AM Agree 0
    To Fairness,
    You evaded answering my last question to you in my last blog, so I will repeat it.

    So, if you were selling your home you wouldn't want the Realtor representing you to negotiate and sell your home for the absolute highest price he possibly could get buyers to pay???
    Answer honestly, Yes or no?????
  • Greedy Agents | 21 Nov 2014, 11:54 AM Agree 0
    typical other monopolies push prices and when it is overdone/crashes the tax payer foots the bill...all these agents are doing is pushing the prices higher to get their inflated commissions..not true market conditions..they prey on emotions of buyers who bought one home and no experience.. total greed...they don't explain to the buyer they are one paying the commission because of their inflated pricies to make their commissions...
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 12:25 PM Agree 0
    Hey Greedy,
    Stop blaming Realtors for everything just because you have a hate on them.

    FYI It's not Realtors that drive the market, it's buyers all related to supply and demand for housing. However with that being said Realtors representing sellers have a fiduciary duty to sell their client's home for the highest price possible. Just like lawyers have a fiduciary duty to represent their clients and work for their best interests.

    So, Greedy, if you were selling your home wouldn't you want the Realtor representing you to negotiate and sell your home for the absolute highest price he possibly could get buyers to pay???
    Answer honestly, Yes or no?????
  • Fairness | 21 Nov 2014, 01:00 PM Agree 0
    Getting the best price and get a highly inflated price are two different things. Yes, of course, I would want the best price according to Fair Market Value but I would not want a highly inflated price just so you can justify your high commission. Is that honest enough? Follow the Golden Rule and everybody would benefit.
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 01:08 PM Agree 0
    So, if your Realtor representing you in the sale of your home managed to negotiate an offer for $10,000 or $20,000 over your asking price, you would reject the offer or counter it back for less money?

    Answer honestly, Yes or No????
  • Dinosaur Model | 21 Nov 2014, 01:16 PM Agree 0
    of course I want best value for my home and would be willing to pay a fair commission, lawyer, 500-$1,000,agents(seller/buyer) 2000-3000 total, you live in the monopoly bubble , how can a realtor service be worth 20-50 times that of a lawyer handling the transaction(justify that one bubbles)... stop insulting the other agents who work for far less and that they are not as ridiculous...every type of employment has hard working people who are far better and work for less than their counterparts....course they are fools in ur bubble....most sellers and buyers are not as experience in commissions on who pays ,they get caught up the emotion and lose sight....ur model is a dinosaur and change is coming hard/fast

    uber/taxi(you will qualify for this for sure )
    stock brokers/online
    travel agents
    car salesman
  • OIL DROPPING | 21 Nov 2014, 01:24 PM Agree 0

    Oil prices dropping ,higher taxes,interest rates rising ,layoffs coming wait to see if those inflated commission will work ...get ur script ready to tell the sellers and buyers that ur a expert and have lots of me 30,000 so u can sell for less...but bill ur the expert...sorry seller the party is over...
  • Top agent | 21 Nov 2014, 01:24 PM Agree 0
    To Dinasour Model - Do you mind enlightening us where such 'change is coming hard/fast'? Or is it just personal wishful thinking>
  • Reality | 21 Nov 2014, 01:41 PM Agree 0
    Dear PEACOCKS,

    It will be coming on ur NOA and ur ego
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 02:06 PM Agree 0
    Hey Fairness, Dino, or whatever name you're hiding behind,

    Stop speaking nonsense against professional Realtors and stop evading the question I asked you on the last 2 previous blogs.

    So, if your Realtor representing you in the sale of your home managed to negotiate an offer for $10,000 or $20,000 over your asking price, you would reject the offer or counter it back for less money?

    Answer honestly, Yes or No????

    Since your answer will determine just how fair and honest you really are.
  • Fairness | 21 Nov 2014, 02:14 PM Agree 0
    Since you haven't answered even one of my many questions, why should I answer any more of your questions? You are used to being on the attack which is evidenced by your lack of response to my questions but instead just bullying me by keeping on insisting I answer your questions. Should I repeat my questions for you?
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 02:50 PM Agree 0
    Fairness Dino or whatever name you are hiding behind,

    That's not true and you know it!!! I have gone beyond the call of duty to answer every question that has come up on this blog thread. You and others have done nothing but unfairly blame and criticize professional realtors blaming them from the escalating of house prices to being greedy because they charge a commission you begrudge paying after they bring you an acceptable offer which is sometimes over your asking price. Then you criticize and blame them again for even doing that.

    You are just hell bent on blaming professional Realtors because you have an unreasonable hate on them.

    You are far from being fair or honest and that's why you refuse to answer the question that I've asked you 3 times now since it exposes your unreasonableness and unfairness in calling down professional Realtors.

    Below is the question you keep refusing to answer, This is the 4th time I'm asking you:

    If your Realtor representing you in the sale of your home managed to negotiate an offer for $10,000 or $20,000 over your asking price, would you reject the offer or counter it back for less money?

    Answer honestly, Yes or No????
  • Competition Bureau | 21 Nov 2014, 03:47 PM Agree 0

    take deep breath cowboy...told u I would pay $2000-$3000 for ur services...ur skill is not that prey on sellers and buyers who bought or sold one home and easy to get caught up in the emotions, you leverage the market conditions,in-experience owners/buyers,stress,telling buyers the seller pays the inflated commsission...I am sure if small FSBO,flat rate services DIY had the money and power they would try to kick you out,keep u down,make like they invented the only wheel...that is why the competition bureau has been breathing down ur necks because their fools too...the bureau is good as long it doesn't bother real estate cowboys...
  • Old Timer | 21 Nov 2014, 06:22 PM Agree 0
    Bill, I don't normally respond to these chat lines unless I believe someone, such as yourself, makes unsubstantiated claims, innuendos, untruths and foisted personal opinions passed off as supposed 'truths'. I wonder if you actually read the comments made by others. On this discussion I have found that the majority have tried to use 'common sense' and opinions based on fact as we know it. Some, like yourself, have agendas, and that is to be expected on any forum. Had you read my comment with an 'open mind' you would have recognized my purpose in mentioned a 10% commission rate on high end homes was not to justify a higher commission. I was making the point that I am human, as are so many other posters, and certainly enjoy making large sums of money. Better still, is making money without actually fully earning outrageous commissions. My point has always been: things are a-changing. The public are telling us it is time to review our commission structure. The majority of Sellers always question the commission during the listing presentation. Why? Because they are concerned. Simply put: it is too high. One of the posters made the comment that house prices have gone up but our work load has actually went down with all the electronic equipment we have to work with and with Buyers using the internet to find their own houses. I only worked 5 years in the 10% market. My other 35 years have been spent in the 'trenches' alongside everyone else. I have worked in the highly competitive Vancouver market for years along with 5 other boards. I am also licensed to sell real estate in Hawaii. To last this long and be as successful as I have been, would seem to indicate, even to someone who is 'closed minded', that I know how to negotiate. In fact I have three books I authored, on selling that are listed on e-books and sell fairly well. I have also taught sales training. So, even though you haven't told us how many millions of dollars worth of real estate you have sold in your career, I believe I am almost as good at negotiating as you are. Although I am a 'senior' Realtor I never want to be thought of as a Dinosaur. As much as we might want our industry to be 'closed' and membership regulated, and commission rates to be fixed at the high rate, this is a pipe dream. It isn't going to happen. Over the years I have balked at changes to the business such as allowing licensed sales people to hold down another job. We were shot down on that one. Discount commissions are here to stay. Get used to it. Part time Realtors are here to stay. Live with it. Don't make the mistake of painting yourself into a corner clinging to conventional commissions. As an association, we got severely spanked by the Competition Bureau for our attempts to quash discount commissions. The Bureau has spoken. Discounting is HERE TO STAY. Take it or leave it or lump it. Vehemently wasting our time fighting against it is both very stupid and NON-productive.
  • Bill Lafferty | 21 Nov 2014, 10:52 PM Agree 1
    Old Timer,
    By law commissions are negotiable, that means they can be negotiated UP just as much as they can be negotiated DOWN. You had no problem charging 10% commission when you thought you could get away with it because you were the only game in town.

    So don't try to pretend you are MR. Charitable, because you're not. As Eddie from Vancouver pegged you right when he stated "Discount agent speak with fork tongue". If you haven't read it already, you should read his blog since he clearly states it the way it is.

    If you were a good negotiator like you claim, you would have no problem charging an average or even an above average commission. However your only means of competing against other Realtors is to charge below average commissions as your real estate platform and that's perfectly in accord with the law and your right to do.

    However don't try to BS everyone by making out as a Discount agent you're at the same time a strong negotiator because you're not.

    Since, if you can't defend and successfully negotiate your own commission, how are you going to defend and successfully negotiate your Seller's asking price? When does a Discount agent stop his discounting when he is negotiating on his seller's home? I certainly don't believe so, and I don't really think any reasonable logical person does either.

    Which proves the point that I've been making all along, that Discount agents do not have powerful negotiating skills and that's why they are discount agents and can't stop discounting all the way from their own commission to their seller's asking price.

    This also explains why Real estate experts say " To get the best service and absolute highest price possible for a home always choose an agent based on a superior marketing strategy and powerful negotiating skills. They say never ever choose an agent based on price alone or commission alone."
    Old timer, you keep doing what you're doing charging below average commissions and I will keep doing what I do in charging average and above average commissions since Bylaw commissions are negotiable.

  • Double Fairness | 22 Nov 2014, 08:53 AM Agree 0
    laugherty my hero ,

    stop ur ranting and go take avantage of overcharging ur clients for a service you will never justify the sound very desperate in ur defense... competition bureau will shut you up and ur monopoly eventually

    send Christmas ecards to ur overcharged clients and tell them why the competition bureau is around!! use some of that rant/hotair and explain it fully to them..
  • Bill Lafferty | 22 Nov 2014, 10:52 AM Agree 1
    Anyone with an ounce of reason and logic understands fully what I have stated in this thread. However for senseless fools as yourself nothing makes sense except your own foolishness.
    Go ahead and rip off another $1000. or $2000. from another seller that can't get his home sold using your flawed business model that brings low results by listening to your false propaganda of selling your home without using commission which makes as much sense as fishing without using bait.
    If your system really worked, you wouldn't need to insist on being paid up front instead you would only accept compensation after the home is sold and closed like the true professional Realtors do.

    But like all con-artists you take the money and run before the unsuspecting victim realizes they've been had. Every day we receive calls from these types of listings asking us to come and get their home sold because your flawed system failed them and they are now out $1000 to $2000.
    If you were legitimate you would have no problem refunding these people that have been failed by your system their money. However you guys are quick buck artists that con people out of their money up front, teach false real estate propaganda and at the same time slander professional Realtors.

    In contrast, Professional Realtors invest their own money, time and effort in their seller's home upfront and are only compensated for positive results, that is bringing an acceptable offer to their seller.
  • Reality | 22 Nov 2014, 11:17 AM Agree 0
    I thought I told you to stop are being very insecure again!!...go overcharge ur clients and stop whinning that it is alright to take advantage SUPER AGENT..tell ur buyers the commission is paid by them when you have to jack the price, so u can get overpaid....

    Everyday I hear sellers and buyers say how they over paid to high commissioned realtors and the service was lousy,they under sold my property, we over paid..... their low ball listings to generate multiple offers...prey on my emotions and in-experience...keep up the con laugherty... Of course the Bureau are fools for seeing the monopoly ,unfairness,cartel type industry....I can hear u whinning how the car/home insurance bill you got was outrageous and the industry is fixed ,they take cable was ridiculous those cartel cable people., those car dealerships are taking advantage,mechanics are over charging...on and on...I can see the HALO over ur head!!!
  • Old Timer | 22 Nov 2014, 01:25 PM Agree 0
    This will be my last post on this subject. I think, for anyone, as Bill would put it, with a half a brain, I have clearly stated my thoughts on the subject of 'lower commissions'. My experience working with fellow Realtors over the years, has shown me that it is easy to get used to the high commissions. Not only get used to them but, to make ourselves believe we are actually worth these outrageous sums of money taken from our Sellers. Our conscience gets seared with our ego. After awhile, we cannot, or we refuse to see the ethical/moral mistake we are doing. I plead guilty to this myself. The affect of this self-important, 'entitled' attitude, such as displayed by you Bill, is you are unable to understand that there are Realtors out there who want to, once again, inject a sense of morality and ethics into our industry. Why? Simply because it is the 'right' thing to do. I started in this industry when Realtors were sought highly of. Both Sellers and Buyers had a very good opinion of Realtors. They valued our expertise and our services. (not unlike that of a doctor). I was proud to call myself a Realtor. This has changed today. I have read polls were the public has been asked to rate various professions for honesty and integrity and sadly, Realtors were at the bottom of the list. Even the storied car dealer ranked several notches higher on the scale then we did. I can only say to Realtors such as Bill who pride themselves in 'overcharging' the public, if they truly believe the foolishness they are spouting about working hard for every dollar of commission, then you should be very happy to return a significant amount of your inflated commission back to the Seller when you only spend one or two days negotiating an accepted deal on their home. It could go something like this:
    Bill: Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I listed your home three days ago and we agreed on a commission of 7% and 3% on the sale price of your home. Fortunately for you it sold in three days. That should mean you owe me $17,500. That's a lot of money. I didn't have to work very hard to make the sale. Therefore, I am going to cut the commission fee in half." Wouldn't that be the 'moral/ethical' thing to do? Did I forget your argument you use to justify the opposite, namely, 'I am worth it!'. Times are a-changing. Dinosaur Realtors will be joining the rest of the extinct species. I for one, have chosen, NOT to be a Dinosaur.
  • High Morals & Ethics | 22 Nov 2014, 02:23 PM Agree 0
    To Old Timer:
    You said it quite nicely and hit the nail on the head. It's about being moral and having a high standard of ethics. I myself am a Realtor and I have given discounts to many of my sellers. I have not suffered because of it and my sellers have not suffered because of it. I don't work for a discount brokerage firm; I work for a world wide, recognized name brand firm. I don't give discounts to all of my sellers but to those who ask for it, I give it. I know I make a good dollar so I don't begrudge giving a break to people. Everyone of my listings have sold in the same amount of time it takes to sell any other house in the same community. Nobody, absolutely nobody, suffers because I have given a break on my commission to my seller.

    To prove my point, I sold a multi million dollar home for half commission. The buyer's agent got their expected commission but I did not. I worked for only half commission. The commission was negotiated with the seller because as we all know, all commission is negotiable. This did not affect the sale of the house nor it did not affect my work ethics. The house sold SOONER than other homes on the market in the same area and the house sold for exactly for what I valued it at. Note of importance, the house sold for MORE than what other realtors had evaluated it at. So my evaluation was spot on. This proves that my commission IS NOT CONNECTED to the sales price of the house and the time to sell the house.

    I worked very hard for my sellers and provided absolutely every service imaginable even though I was working for less money. I even had to deal with an unexpected situation - a very temperamental and emotional seller that created a lot of stress. However, I handled it quite professionally and successfully, even though I was working for less money.

    Bottom line, there are plenty of good, conscientious realtors out there that:
    - give super, good service
    - have excellent interpersonal skills
    - have excellent negotiating skills
    - are very knowledgable
    - work for a highly recognized, world-wide name brand company
    - have high morals and ethics
    - evaluate the home properly
    - sell the home in the same amount of time as all the rest of the homes in the neighbourhood
    - are willing to give a break on commissions and don't feel like the world is coming to an end because of it.

    I know because I am one of them.
  • Bill Lafferty | 22 Nov 2014, 05:16 PM Agree 0
    Old timer,
    As Eddie from Vancouver stated: Discount speak with forked tongue!
    The public may fall for your generosity by only charging
    them 1%. The public may think you are doing this because 'its
    the right thing to do'. ..if discount realtors truly believe we
    get paid too much for our services why do discount realtors
    not give their buyer clients the same discount when they sell
    them one of my listings? truth, they don't!

    Also, Old timer, when you used to charge 10% because you thought you could get away with it, because you were the only game in town. Did you give your commission back? Absolutely not!!!
    So, don't try to hypocritically make out you are Mr. Nice Guy.

    You are a discount agent and charge below average commissions because that is the only way you see yourself being able to compete with other realtors who charge more than you do since commission cutting is the only skill you have to work with. However as I stated before that is your right since Bylaw commissions are negotiable.

    However, the fact is some agents consistently sell homes faster and for more money than other Realtors on account of their superior marketing strategy and powerful negotiating skills. In contrast Discount agents have a discount mentality all the way from the commission they charge to the offer they negotiate for their seller.

    The last 2 homes I sold, the one I managed to negotiate and sell for $10,000 over the list price and the other I negotiated and sold it for $900 less than the full list price. Just because I sold them quickly doesn't mean I didn't do my job and earn my commission. Since I managed to put more money in my seller's pocket, netting them the most money possible as quickly as possible.

    My sellers realized that commission is not a liability or an expense, it is a marketing tool. Like a powerful magnet or irresistible lure the right commission attracts the most agents, the most showings, and the best and highest offers, which in turn will put more money in their pocket which is their ultimate goal.
    People who are commission wise and price foolish are the same as people who are penny wise and pound foolish. They focus so much on the commission they lose sight of the most important thing. What is the most important thing? The most important thing is selling your home for the absolute highest price and thereby netting the most money possible.

    After all, which is more important, how much commission you offer or how much money you net?
    Since it's always the bottom line that really matters why make such a big deal about commission?

    Bylaw commissions are negotiable, if you choose to be a discount agent Old Timer that is your right but don't try to make yourself look like Mr. Nice guy at the expense of professional Realtors that have the ability to negotiate higher prices and quicker sales for their seller clients.
  • No MORE CARTEL | 22 Nov 2014, 05:54 PM Agree 0

    Laugherty is wrong again and talking like a cartel and bragging by using previous sales as his strong closing skill...

    By the way many Flat Rate services do charge only 1000-2000 when they sell you a property...they give nearly 90% plus of their commission back and I have used them myself. I promote FLAT RATE REALTY for any users out there and work just as hard if not harder for their clients.

    450,000 listing will cost u $1,000 and u get the same exposure as 15,000 -20,000 by laugherty
    Buy a property : FLAT RATE REALTY REALTOR and all u pay him/her is $1,000...they have many offices look them up.

    If you go on urself and find a property go and call FLAT RATE REALTY REALTOR and he will give you back 90% plus commission back!!!!!! either look urself or call when of the more than many qualified realtors at FLAT RATE REALTY
    Or u can pay tour guide laugherty 15,000-25,000

    all that extra savings will pay closing costs,unforseen costs, carrying costs during ur move ...better in ur pocket than the tour guide
  • Bill Lafferty | 22 Nov 2014, 06:18 PM Agree 0
    To: Pay me up front Con man that can't sell homes

    If your system worked, you wouldn't insist on being paid up front $1000 to $2000 per listing and you wouldn't refuse giving refunds either.

    However the facts reveal that only 40% of the listings your flawed business model take, ever sell, the rest are terminated or expire unsold.
    Which means 60% of the sellers lose their $1000 to $2000 to you con men who take their money and run before your victims realize they've been had as you promise them big commission savings that never happen.

    On the other hand, Professional Realtors invest their own money upfront into their seller's home, invest their time and effort upfront and are only compensated if they bring an acceptable offer which nets the seller what they want in their pocket, and such compensation only occurs after the home is sold and closed.

  • | 22 Nov 2014, 06:37 PM Agree 0
    To Bill Lafferty

    As I read through this blog thread, I see that all you do is repeat yourself and say the same things over and over again when various people continue to challenge you. It should be obvious to you that your rhetoric is not being believed.
  • Stop wasting money | 22 Nov 2014, 07:09 PM Agree 0
    Laugherty ,

    Laugherty keeps singing that old model from the 80's that he is brainwashed into....he thinks like the 80's where no interent or 24 info was around....

    Buyers can use flat rate services to save money when purchasing/listing guaranteed. Bottom line competition bureau is challenging the regular realtor service and not the fair realtor who charges 1000-2000 for sales or purchasing

    laugherty keeps grasping like a school boy.... fair realtors(1,000-2,000) are not being challenged by the competition bureau ,,,,,but they are after the cartel /monopoly
  • Bill Lafferty | 22 Nov 2014, 07:45 PM Agree 0
    Hey Old Timer,
    Nice comeback, I wouldn't want to believe what I stated numerous times over again either if I were you. But it's the truth.

    Once again, you have your right to charge whatever low commission you want and likewise professional Realtors have the right to charge an average or above average commission if they want. Since Commissions Bylaw are negotiable.

    However stop trying to make out you are a nicer agent because you charge less at the expense of Professional Realtors that charge a higher commission than your low one.
  • change is here | 22 Nov 2014, 08:31 PM Agree 0
    Competition bureau is challenging ur format not the flat rate services!!!!!!!!!! uber,netflix airbnb etc are changing the landscape..i even hear Mercedes is going directly to the consumer now in Germany through the internet

    Laugherty is the old timer living in 80's with his rants,defense on a cartel,monopoly ....

    Someone should come up with a model" hire me too negotiate the deal for $1000".....negotiator takes a few seconds to find comparables, very detailed description of property,,, and acts the go between the offer
  • Change for the Worst | 22 Nov 2014, 10:30 PM Agree 0
    You charging $1,000 and negotiating on the most important investment of people's lives?

    Na!!!! I think it would be a lot safer sticking with the gig you're doing now taking $1,000 to $2,000 up front from people and not selling their homes.

    Second thought...Wait ...a...minute I got it! Why don't you branch out to the painting business charge $1,000 upfront and have people do it themselves and tell them how they will save thousands from hiring a professional painter to come and do the job.

    That would be a nice addition and complement what you are basically already doing to people now.
  • Last Laugh | 22 Nov 2014, 10:53 PM Agree 0

    you can tell they are scared when they knock competition....change everything except my monopoly

    Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating,

  • THE BIGGEST LAUGH OF ALL | 23 Nov 2014, 01:24 AM Agree 0
    I heard you're no longer the only game in town and there's a new outfit with your same business model that are now doing it for only $50. coming to your great City and the competition Bureau is investigating you guys for fixing your fees at $1000. to $2,000 upfront and not making them negotiable like you were suppose to.

    I think it's time you prepare and get ready for this big change that's coming down the pipe by selling your car, so you can start riding a bicycle for affordable transportation to all the listings you'll be competing for and losing to the new $50 competition.

    On the bright side if the Competition Bureau do throw you in jail at least you won't starve like you will on the outside.

    Happy Real estate
  • Educated ur clients | 23 Nov 2014, 10:41 AM Agree 0
    Nonsense is a sign of being nervous,

    You can tell when they banter on about nonsense ...the battle has been won...they have no defense for the Bureaus investigation that consumers are being treated unfairly. They laugh at the bureau investigation because they will spend big money/lawyers to keep their monopoly. This spending comes from the consumer in their big fees they have to pay high flying agents.

    I would put money on it 75% plus of home sellers or buyers don't even know what the Competitiion Bureau is trying to do. Please tell them and educate them as a good agent should tell them and get their feedback

    I am sure everyone knows the squeeze on insurance,cable,phone and consumers are always paying so they are familiar... but buying and selling one house here and they don't know.....

    Just like the nonsense statements they say ,if I got u more money for u property are u happy? Ask ur clients that I am sure there are great agents that would be willing to sell/list for a 1,000 would you want that??? you would save 10,000's of dollars consumer would u want that??

    They are being investigated and challenged by the Competition Bureau for unfairness and that is the bottom line.

    They are scared to open their Monopoly but they say they are experts if they are experts than do what the bureaus wants!!!
  • Setting the record straight | 23 Nov 2014, 12:23 PM Agree 0
    To: Educate Ur Clients,

    You are so full of it your eyes are brown. There is no Monopoly, Cartel, or what ever other big conspiracy in the Professional Real estate industry you want to conjure up in people's minds. You keep up this false accusation, slandering professional Realtors making them out they are villains to promote your own flawed business model so you can continue to line your own pockets taking people's money upfront promising them big commission savings that most of the time either jeopardize the actual sale price of their home or where their home doesn't sell at all.

    You guys are the scammers not professional Realtors.

    You are the ones that take the consumer's money upfront, promise big commission savings, and let down the consumer.
    The fact is 60% of the people who follow your flawed system can't sell their home using it. Which explains why you insist on being paid upfront and refuse to give refunds for your failed service.

    Professional Realtors in contrast put their own money upfront into their seller's home, at the same time giving them protection by professional representation and are only compensated if they bring an acceptable offer netting what the seller wants in their pocket after any commission is paid. Professional Realtors only accept compensation after the home is sold and closed.

    By law commissions are negotiable which means they can be negotiated up or down. Professional Realtors therefore abide by the law and have nothing to fear with the Competition Bureau.
  • Nothing lasts | 23 Nov 2014, 01:08 PM Agree 0

    I have said many times I am consumer not a realtor.
    Monopolies force competitors/consumer to put up with big money,lawyers.

    Always knocking competitors when ur high commission model is perfect!!!?? Shake ur head...

    You never defend the Competitions Bureaus Investigation/Challenge to ur unfairness... no argument... they are after ur monopoly to give the consumer fairness. No argument and you have nothing to defend it except money/lawyers...I am sure every consumer would want lower rates and same service level(which I am sure they are getting from Flat rate services/not perfect either ). The bureau is saying it is not that way and many consumers/competitors want that...every monopoly would fight tooth and nail too keep it..

    you are fighting it because u can't depend on ur skill or whatever to continue the big rates..... once the bureau opens what the consumers want.... more are seeing what the bureau is doing and I am sure if it was broadcast more you would see sellers and buyers attitude change

    remember nothing lasts!!! Good luck
  • Setting the record Straight | 23 Nov 2014, 01:57 PM Agree 0
    To Nothing Lasts

    Stop lying and misrepresenting yourself, you are not a consumer as you would like to make everyone believe.

    Instead, you are a "Take the money up front, don't care if your home sells or not mere posting agent" whose set mission is to slander and villainies professional Realtors and their professional industry.

    Your motive is to line your own pockets. Since, research shows your business models' success ratio is extremely low...but your business model's incomes are in the millions of dollars. On account of that this real estate business model will not last long with the consumer.

    With respects to the Competition Bureau the Professional Real estate Industry and their professional Realtors have nothing to fear, since they have broken no laws, and they are not a monopoly or a Cartel as they are being falsely accused.
  • | 23 Nov 2014, 02:16 PM Agree 0
    stop being so insecure .....bureau will figure it out and if u can continue to over charge ur clients...good luck
  • Setting the record straight | 23 Nov 2014, 02:42 PM Agree 0
    That's right, The Tribunal judging this case will see once again like they did the last time that the Professional Real estate Industry and their Professional Realtors have not broken any laws, are not a monopoly, nor a Cartel just like they ruled on the last time.

    So stop slandering Professional Realtors just to line your own pockets so you can keep your scam going by taking $1,000-$2,000 upfront and doing nothing for the Sellers who make the big mistake of using your flawed system that has such a low success ratio.
  • Happy Realtor | 23 Nov 2014, 02:46 PM Agree 0
    To Last Laugh. "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating".

    The Competition Bureau is ALWAYS investigating. Why don't you enlighten them a bit since they seem incapable to find any way to change the commission's issue themselves, or to put us all out of business?

    Talk about being narrow minded and 'sour' grapes!

    Do you have a better alternative than the MLS system? Then stop whining and take on the entire real estate industry. Be our guest!!!

    Otherwise, would you do us all a favour and just be quiet.

    "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating". :-)
    "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating". :-)
    "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating". :-)
    "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating". :-)
    "Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating, Competition Bureau is investigating". :-)

  • Gordon P. | 23 Nov 2014, 03:28 PM Agree 0
    You make a good point. If a discount broker is able to justify a 1% or .5% commission on his listing end, then when it comes time to sell his buyer one of our listings that pays 2.5%, he should duly and forthwith offer his buyer 1.5% of the selling commission of his "hard" earned commission. Sounds right.
  • OVERCHARGING | 23 Nov 2014, 03:48 PM Agree 0
    how embarrassing that u have to be investigated/challenged by the regulators...make sure u bragg that something doesn't smell right with the Bureau to ur clients ...keep pawning it off that is a typical response when u are under fire.....what other system...again acting like you invented the wheel,cured cancer..... taxi people are saying the same thing,cable people said that to Netflix

    U are a Dinosaur and I like I said good luck with over charging ur clients
  • | 23 Nov 2014, 04:01 PM Agree 0
    Perhaps a rich Dinosaur? Get a license, learn the ropes and maybe, only maybe you can also make 'millions' and relieve so many 'burdened' sellers from these embarrassing high fees by charging them $1000 dollars per sale or something reasonable like that.

    By the way, the average agent earns between $34,000 and $45,000 annually. Wow! That's a lot money!
  • rocket | 23 Nov 2014, 04:15 PM Agree 0
    It is unbelievable the egos that some Realtors have developed by selling some houses. I do get it thou as (some) consumers just feed off that attitude and those consumers are the ones who are not educated in the real process that get drawn right into the ego. I like the guy who says you realtors think you cure cancer. Selling a house is not Rocket science or maybe it is (rocket). Believe me if you died tomorrow your clients would find someone else. Sorry but true, and maybe that someone will do the same job for less money, wouldn't that piss you off watching from the Pearly Gates. Maybe then your egos wouldn't get in the way.
  • Pro Realtor | 23 Nov 2014, 04:21 PM Agree 0
    To: Overcharging,

    You insult professional Realtors calling them Dinosaurs and accusing them of overcharging, when you in fact hose people for a thousand dollars or two up front and doing nothing for them and in most cases their home doesn't even sell. You don't give refunds either.

    I guess I'd rather be a dinosaur than a snake like you taking people's money and doing nothing for them.
  • SUPER AGENT | 23 Nov 2014, 04:33 PM Agree 0
    My Hero,

    wow..are you now making fun of people who earn those wages(lot of money for the majority of people and satisfied).....greed never lasts,we should all be over charging agents, be investigated, make millions and live in a u wear a cape /mask?

    Offer ur clients those con-flat rate services and see how loyal they would be.. explain to them u fill out papers and 90% sales are done by selling a house you will give them back 90% of ur commission/tell them they can list for a 1,000, ....tell them u are greedy and wear a cape... tell them ur model is perfect and every listing/sale never had problems with super agents,

    most boards,reco,orea etc have to keep that dream alive(making millions being a tour guide) so more new agents sign -up,current agents stay ....they need those fees/dues to fight off the bureau to hold their monopoly/cartel

    Good Luck Fossil
    PS still don't know why you keep responding if ur model/expertise is not in jeapordy,threatened,sound nervous,rant...
  • CHANGE | 23 Nov 2014, 04:40 PM Agree 0
    Competition Bureau investigating monopoly/cartel bottom line
    Buying through a flat rate service they will give you back 90% of their commission
    You can look at their service and contact a agent. FLAT RATE REALTY..see for urself
    YOu can list with them for 1000-2000.

    500,000 sale could cost 25,000 ...a savings of over 20,000 that sounds like a chance I would take..big rollers will say they are perfect and we never fail !!!!! We are given a cape when we charge you 5% and never fail
  • Bill Lafferty | 23 Nov 2014, 06:46 PM Agree 1
    Let the Sellers decide which is the best choice.

    1) Paying out $1000 to $2000 upfront non-refundable cash to an agent who has absolutely no interest whether the Seller's home sells or not, Seller does all the work themselves, including all the negotiations with a buyer's agent who is an experienced negotiator, still have to pay a buyer's agent their full commission with a flawed unprofessional system that only works 40% of the time.

    2) Go with a professional Realtor that puts his or her own money upfront in your home, uses a superior marketing strategy to attract the most agents, most showings and best and highest offers, as well as powerful negotiating skills and experience to achieve the absolute highest offer for their client, and only expects compensation if he or she brings the seller an acceptable offer netting the seller what they want in their pocket which sometimes exceeds expectation.

    Notice with choice 2 the seller has absolutely nothing to lose only to gain. The Seller has invested no money of their own, has no work to do, and while they offer more commission they only have to pay out that commission if they decide to accept an offer that nets them what they want in their pocket. If not the Realtor is out of pocket for all the expenses, not the seller as in the case of choice 1.
  • Saved | 23 Nov 2014, 06:48 PM Agree 0
    I looked it up and if u charge high commissions it makes u a better agent, negotiator,taxi driver,tour guide,administrator...I saw it online the guy/girl(mask so couldn't tell) was even wearing a cape.... it says I am perfect if you pay me 5% and if u go elsewhere and pay 1000 you are doomed... thank goodness for the internet and especially all the replies I read saying similar things!!!

    Like Christmas came early with the info..praise the lord
  • John | 23 Nov 2014, 07:09 PM Agree 0
    Cutting commission is like eating soup with a fork. You're always busy and always hungry.
  • Pro Realtor | 23 Nov 2014, 07:09 PM Agree 1
    To Saved,
    You're so insecure!!! I think Bill Lafferty is right when he said let the sellers make the choice of which business model they want to go with.

    I sure know the one I'd go with!
  • Gauranteed | 23 Nov 2014, 07:26 PM Agree 0
    fantastic, they keep preaching there is no alternative than paying high commissions will guarantee glad I am on here..I am going to tell everyone if you pay more for anything it is Guaranteed!!!!!!!!! if you take a risk with anything else u are a sucker,they con you...this stuff should be on Marketplace,fifth estate it is so valuable
  • Pro Realtor | 23 Nov 2014, 08:22 PM Agree 1
    Hey guaranteed

    You're like the foolish fisherman that cares more about saving his worms than catching a big fish.

    The seller doesn't pay out a dime of commission unless he accepts an offer that nets him what he wants in his pocket.

    Who cares what commission he offers, it's only the bottom line that really matters.

    If the professional Realtor doesn't sell the home, the Realtor is out of pocket not the seller. Where as with the mere posting outfits the seller is out pocket $1,000 to $2000 that he has to pay upfront and is not refunded and he's only got a 40% chance of even selling using that low result system which aren't at all good odds.

    The seller has nothing to lose going with a professional Realtor but he sure does going the other way.
  • Naive Agents | 23 Nov 2014, 10:47 PM Agree 0
    Silly fisherman learns to catch more for less are so naïve!!! Please don't tell me clients put their assets in ur naïve hands for 50,000!!!!
    Of course if the you pay 50,000 and the deal closes and something backfires in the deal that is nothing too lose!!! Super agents never have anything backfire,no legal issues ever...they wear those capes and it protects them and their clients

    You have to pretty naive to state only problems happen with others...
  • Pro Realtor | 23 Nov 2014, 11:45 PM Agree 0
    $50,000 HOGWASH!!!! How many agents are getting that kind of money on commission????? Selling mansions for big bucks???
    If they are you can be sure the seller is netting in his pocket the big bucks he wants to net or he wouldn't be paying it.

    Listen up Poster Boy, you have to be pretty naïve to think that people reading these blogs haven't caught on to the racket you're running. You taking thousands of dollars from people, promising them big commission savings, and then their unsold house hangs around their necks like an albatross until they finally call in the professionals to get the job done. But the money they paid you for doing nothing is long gone.

    For someone that's used to scamming people you're not too bright , you totally missed the point I was making on the foolish fisherman who cares more about saving his worms than catching a big fish. I'd try explaining it to you but I think you're a little too light on the brain cells.
  • Danny | 24 Nov 2014, 08:48 AM Agree 0
    It seems to me that our full fee business model is in place for a reason.I have been in the business for 36 years and have had my company for 32 of those years.The problem is a lot of salespeople do not understand why commissions are what they are and thus are unable to defend them and therefore are quick to reduce them.I often caution my own salespeople when when they complain to their client about spending $200.00 on a listing for advertising while expecting to receive $10,000.00 in commission from their client when they sell.I tell them commissions are a cost of doing business and not necessarily related to the actual value of that property being sold.Commission fees are the result of putting gas in your car,seminars you attend,licenses you pay for,open houses for properties that never sell ,customers/clients who buy from someone else that you have spent time with and on and on.The one thing a saleperson knows for sure every day is that it is going to cost he/she money without anything in return.Risk is relative to return and that is why we get paid the way we do.My fear is that these discount broker/salespeople do not understand this and thus are gradually undermining the whole industry.In order for the industry to sustain this model with eroding commissions and higher splits offices will have to become super offices in order to meet expenses and provide minimal services.Personally I feel if these continues our industry is heading for absolute disaster.God bless brokers who are actually managing and maintaining services and quality salepeople , it is now time to circle the wagons against those who just don't understand this business.
  • HIGH COMMISSION | 24 Nov 2014, 09:10 AM Agree 0
    pro,high commission man

    quote from the pro above:
    "You're like the foolish fisherman that cares more about saving his worms than catching a big fish."

    you missed my point reading like a cape crusader ...ur point sounds like ...why let clients save when I can real in a big one with my high commission model.. I was saying smart fisherman saves big by spending less with the same results...low commission saves could hire the fisherman with a boat,puts a ad on TV,sprinkles u with magical dust , wears a cape,tells u his ego will save the world with his model of selling/fishing... make sure you spin in ur favour with cape crusader talk ...".if it wasn't for" high commission man" this industry would crumble" we would be lost and the world would stop turning...

    You are so cute with ur dinasour defense and make sure you tell ur clients that the Competition Bureau Is investigating /challenging ur monopoly/cartel.. explain to them why...

    Good way to start the week with the facts. Tell them risk 1,000 to sell ur home in market that sells itself,low interest enviroment,immigration climbing,supply and demand...not the agent(5%) that sells it is the market conditions(95%) or they can list with a agents that charges up to 3% , low ball the listing and generate multiple offers... how genius is that move...have to take courses on that move...
    and tell them they can use a low commission agent and he will give you back 90 % of his commission if he sells a property to u... I like the last one the best..see what they say??? Tell ur clients that if they pay u 3% magic will this world nobody worked hard ,got good results and made less money.... dream wordls.. never would happen
  • Options | 24 Nov 2014, 09:43 AM Agree 0
    Bottom line again:

    Most consumers don't know the Competition Bureau is Challenging their model/monopoly/information

    They are spending millions to make sure they can charge the consumer more the end their fight is paid by the consumer ..we lose twice!!!!!

    The real estate market would continue/flourish with or without high commissions or their monopoly of information that the bureau is wanting to be shared. So stop the ego talk.

    Low rate services have issues just as much as any high commissioned realtor and their model works too and saves u big money on top of it..
    In -experience buyers and sellers is what high commissioned realtors go after because they don't know the options..or they have existing clients that are happy paying 20,000- 50,000 for a dinasour service...

    No matter what you pay there will be issues and one way you pay 20,000-50,000 or 1000-3000 and the results will be the same. We have a market that is pretty well selling itself how can anyone justify they are better..the only difference you will save lots of money in the end if you pay less commission.

    Can you blame anyone not too hang onto their model which is taxi driver.,tour guide,adminstrator, some good negotiating...
    Low commission does all the above for almost 95 % less..

    Anything in life where you have little experience the pros will be like to a very experienced eller who has been involved with dozen home transactions what he has to say.. I am sure he is happy to pay a realtor more...but guaranteed he has negotiated with his high flying agent a discount...and a big one.. majority of sellers and buyers are in-experience and their knowledge is limited on options..
  • Eddie | 24 Nov 2014, 11:24 AM Agree 0
    1. Whatever I charge or not charge is absolutely of no one's business.
    2. I don't judge people for their income, and I shouldn't be judged either.
    3. If I believe that I provide service where my commission is fully justified, and my clients agree to pay for it, then it is perfectly fine and all the self righteous discount and part-time agents need to mind their own business.

    I don't know why this is being discussed. This is free market capitalism. You can eat a burger at McDonalds or chew a steak at Morton's. You can chug beer or drink fine wine. You can drive a Corolla or a Benz. I prefer steak, wine and a big, fast, gas guzzling BMW. That is my choice and if I can afford it, I will excercise my right. In order to afford it, I work damn hard, strive to provide exceptional service, and ensure that my clients get value for their money. If I didn't, I wouldn't have the same clients for over 10 years. They stick by me and have no issues with my "big" commission".

    The bigger question should be whether we should be charging comission or be paid for work performed, similar to lawyers. I would say Yes. First, make real estate license a university degree. Second, allow agents to work indepenently of brokerages, if they wish to do so. Third, charge by the hour ($200-$400 per hour, plus expenses).

    Life ain't cheap. If I wanted to work for minimum wage, I would be applying for a job at Walmart.
  • Toilet Cleaner | 24 Nov 2014, 12:15 PM Agree 0
    Eddie ,

    Tell ur clients the bureau is investigating the fairness in the monopoly/information and see what they have to say. Tell them there are the services that will do just a good a job ..but u won't be able to buy ur gas guzzler...stop with the hard working statement...u go on the internet and look for properties,play taxi driver,tour a market that is selling itself!!!!! you happen to be fortunate in a industry that has a monopoly and ur ego tells you just invented the wheel!!! you are not a surgeon ,mother teresa,etc

    I think there are really hard workers out there that can make that statement..toilet cleaners!!!!
  • Pro Realtor | 24 Nov 2014, 01:21 PM Agree 0
    Listen up Poster Boy,

    Go back to cleaning toilets!!! At least you would providing a worthwhile service, because all you are doing now is taking thousands of dollars upfront from people, promising them big buck commission savings that seldom materialize, in the mean time you call down Professional Realtors who are left selling the homes of all the people that you scammed with your flawed low result system.

    Admit it Poster Boy!!! The reason you and your outfit insist on being paid up front $1000 or $2,000 is because your flawed low result scam system seldom works at getting homes sold.
  • Shirley | 24 Nov 2014, 01:24 PM Agree 0
    this paper goes to all realtors not just Toronto agents who sell higher priced product some of us sell low end product and therefore our commission will be higher to cover the cost to advertise and do business . I think if a listing agent wishes to buy business with their share of the commission do so but I agree with the comment leave the selling office commission equal to the norm 2.5% or higher plus the HST I personally sell some properties under 50,000 so go figure the pay check on that one. With price of gas at $1.25 litre. There is not a written rule on commission but I feel as a seasoned agent some of us do work for our pay checks.
  • Trash | 24 Nov 2014, 01:43 PM Agree 0
    pro boy,
    I am consumer and very surprised you can't tell the difference...thought u high rollers were magical
    UR Always acting like the tough street punk with ur bullying(typical strong arm/fool the in- experienced buyers/sellers).. I am very surprised how much time you have on here when you do all that super hard work behind the scenes, astonishes me that you actually have to defend that model that is flawless and attack ur competitors with trashy talk...thought you were above that sort of thing being a Pro Realtor..U sound like a punk who wastes a lot time trash talking on the internet...

    please stop, as I am trying to save you from trash talking on here with ur feeble arguments and reaching for support which I don't see much on least old timer who was agent didn't throw his ego around like you do...think I am going start calling u night club wannabee turn agent...please when u respond come up with some more trash PRO REALTOR TALK... seeing htta you have so much time on ur hands
  • Bill Lafferty | 24 Nov 2014, 01:45 PM Agree 0
    If you assume that a home will sell for the same amount of money in the same amount of time regardless of who sells it, then going with a discount agent make a lot of sense. But when people discover that some Realtors consistently sell homes faster and for more money than other Realtors, then shopping for a discount agent no longer makes any sense.
    Discount agents usually bring discount buyers along with discount offers.
    If a Discount agent with a discount mentality has no problem discounting his own commission, realistically do you really think he's going to have a problem discounting your asking price?

    That's why Real estate experts say, " To get the best service and absolute highest price possible for a home, always choose an agent based on marketing strategy as well as negotiating skills...never choose an agent based on price alone or commission alone.
  • Monopoly | 24 Nov 2014, 01:47 PM Agree 0

    Consumer wants the information the cartel will not give out. US it is available,australia..etc..the cartel wants their monopoly because it is making easy money..can't blame them..but they act like they invented the wheel and without them everything would fall apart
  • Pro Realtor | 24 Nov 2014, 02:05 PM Agree 0
    Hey Toilet cleaner aka Trash (Poster Boy in disguise)

    Everyone know it's you so stop trying to make out you are a consumer from the public.

    Admit it Poster Boy!!! The reason you and your outfit insist on being paid up front $1000 or $2,000 is because your flawed low result scam system seldom works at getting homes sold.
    So, stop slandering Professional Realtors just to line your own pockets so you can keep your scam going by taking $1,000-$2,000 upfront and doing nothing for the Sellers who make the big mistake of using your flawed system that has such a low success ratio.
  • Inflated pricing | 24 Nov 2014, 02:08 PM Agree 0
    Laugherty always talks like losing only happens a certain way...he is NAIVE like some of his clients that over pay him or unaware of other options which I bet is the reason they fall victim to high commissions...they don't understand when agents push up the price it for their commissions and buyer are paying it... so they didn't negotiate anything except more money in th eagents pocket..
  • Agent007 | 24 Nov 2014, 03:07 PM Agree 0
    Never read so much idiotic nonsense in my life! "The Competition Bureau is Investigating".

    Is that supposed to scare real estate agents? Most of you are so darn naive. The Competition Bureau HAS investigated, IS investigating, and will CONTINUE to investigate. So far what have they come up with? PRECIOUS LITTLE!!!

    Monopoly, monopoly, monopoly. What monopoly? If that were the case don't you think the Competition Bureau would have put a stop to it eons ago? If they have found a monopoly, then the Bureau is a gutless government organization, or as incompetent as the disgruntled majority here. So which is it?

    Get a life, use those 'pay in me in advance For Sale by Owner' services, buy from a private seller, set up a NEW MLS system or RENT!
  • Pro Realtor | 24 Nov 2014, 03:41 PM Agree 0
    To 007,

    Poster Boy in disguise, is out to slanderously discredit the professional real estate industry and their Professional Realtors to further the scam they've got going of taking $1,000 to $2,000 up front from people and doing nothing.

    They know their system is flawed and doesn't work 60% of the time so the more mud they can sling at the Professionals that know how to sell homes and get the job done, the better for them since it somehow appears to justify their slimy existence.

    That's why they keep falsely accusing us as being a monopoly or a Cartel when in reality they are just small time con-artists out for a fast buck.

    If they were legitimate they wouldn't insist on being paid upfront, instead they would wait until a home is sold and closed like professional Realtors do.
  • Agent007 | 24 Nov 2014, 04:32 PM Agree 0
    Hey Pro Realtor. Now I'm really confused. Is your comment directed at me or someone else here? In any event, I'm with you guy!

    My comments are about those idiotic comments by so many painfully uninformed consumers here, about our supposed monopoly, the competition bureau, immorally high commission rates (According to those who never sold a house with an agent) and the like.

    Read my comments again buddy. I'm on your side.
  • Pro Realtor | 24 Nov 2014, 04:47 PM Agree 0
    To Agent 007

    I know we are on the same side, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was just explaining the reasons and motives of why Poster Boy keeps trying to discredit us by calling us a monopoly, Cartel, and whatever other slanderous mud he can sling at us.

    Their whole M.O is to discredit us so they can keep their scam going of taking people's money and running.
  • Titanic | 24 Nov 2014, 05:59 PM Agree 0
    Double Pros,

    you guys are so cute how u joined together...using school yard slang ,seem very scared that u keep defending ur dinasour system..told you go do some work..surprised with all that hard work u have time for trashy talk.....the real agents wouldn't waste their breath with this trashy shows how insecure you guys really system is better, no mine is ..urs sucks ...I am super I am.. me too,
    we got them cornered, we won ,, I am Pro Realtor and nothing will stop me...TITANIC MOVIE.."KING OF THE WORLD"

    Please stop showing how weak Pro realtor/Laugherty are by debating this nonsense...
  • Pro Realtor | 24 Nov 2014, 06:53 PM Agree 0
    To Poster Boy on the Titanic

    "Dinosaur" Oh I forgot that's another name you like to call professional Realtors over and over again, besides Cartel and Monopoly.

    The only change that's going to happen is your low result flawed business model won't be around for too much longer, since it simply doesn't work, never has in the past, and never will in the future. Why?

    Because it doesn't sell homes and people that have used your flawed system in most cases wish they never had. That's a fact!!! We as professional Realtors are constantly getting calls from people that have tried your system and failed after paying out thousands of dollars for nothing, to please come and get their home sold.

    Do you think these people will ever use you again? Not a chance! Do you think they will tell their friends? Absolutely!!! It won't be good things either.

    Tired of your slander against professional Realtors and your unrelenting attempt to discredit the professional Real estate Industry.

    You poster Guys are the sleaze balls that insist on being paid upfront because you know full well what the odds are for a home to sell on your flawed system. On account of that fact your days I'm afraid are the ones that are numbered not ours.

    Professional Realtors that know how to get homes sold and their industry are here to stay!!!
  • | 24 Nov 2014, 07:01 PM Agree 0
    The moronic 'monopoly' cry babies just won't go away, will they?
  • pathetic | 24 Nov 2014, 07:39 PM Agree 0
    Weakness,(girly man)

    I thought I told you to stop?? Grow a pair and move on!!!! Why debate it if ur system is perfect!!??? Ok, I will try one more time..stop trying to debate ur invincible model with the same old dinasour rhetoric...I hear the same story with UBER ..they are cons,they are not like me,they are worse,they should be driven out of town, my monopoly is the only true service and will last the till the end of time..
    Call all old travel agents, stock brokers who went to the way side looking for their saviour..
    I want you take ur debate skills and join the Taxi,cable guys and fight UBER and Netflix... bring ur cape..

    Now hopefully you can stand with ur brothers and stop ur whining on here.. and hopefully the nightmares of competition don't keep u awake or scare u at night anymore.. maybe go to YOGA

    when u reply because I know u will, please give me something else that tells me how how gifted you really are...not we sell more< I saw it online that others fail 60% ..system is flawed, they con u,they are sleazey ...pathetic responses..
  • Agent007 | 24 Nov 2014, 09:26 PM Agree 0
    Ok, enough of the nonsense coming from the 'I've been overcharged by the real estate monopoly' cry babies club. Have three MLS 'dumb' sellers I have to serve and several buyers. The three sellers homes total value ... about $2.4 million.

    When sold my commission will come to about $54,000 dollars. One more sale to one of those buyers and my total income for the last two months ... $69,800 bucks.

    I thank my lucky stars that without exception, all my sellers are 'dumb' and truly enjoy paying outrageous commissions. One seller is an accountant who works for a bank. The other is an executive in a technology company. The last one owns his own manufacturing firm in Aurora.

    My 'dumb' sellers live under a rock, have never heard of discount brokers, 'pay me up front clowns' or the 'Ringling Property Guys Circus'.

    Not bad for a guy with just a Bachelor's degree who has a hard time articulating a good English sentence.

    That's all folks. Have a nice life.

    P.S. Can't come back here anymore. Its beginning to cost me money, :-)
  • TOUR GUIDE | 25 Nov 2014, 09:21 AM Agree 0
    Look at the last post by 000 agent bragging how much money he about nonsense!!! That is what he brags about, like to see him say we have competition,problems in the system, feedback saying we are overcharging the consumer, we shouldn't have investigation/challenges by the Competition Bureau., this is not the industry we built , the Bureau saying we are not providing fairness to the consumer...he is living under a ROCK

    I am sure if sellers and buyers had options they knew about they would consider them. A Monopoly that spends millions to promote itself with money from the consumer. Consumers (most)don't realize that there are options because the monopoly spends the consumers money to promote themselves..stranglehold.....cable/phone people tried it and Competitoion Bureau took some of that action away...

    By the way only smart thing he said"CAN"T COME BACK HERE ANYMORE" Being a tour guide and taxi service takes great concentration and sounds like 000 agent needs all he can get.
  • THE CHURCH | 25 Nov 2014, 09:36 AM Agree 0
    The Church Of the High Commissioned Realtor.

    We never sin or make mistakes. All sellers and Buyers are happy ,never had problems,never been sued ,no one has filed complaints...they all say we are the definition of FAIRNESS... don't listen to the Competition Bureau that we are not offering a fair system..they have no idea about our MISSION for the people.."make as much money off of them as we can"
  • Agent007 | 25 Nov 2014, 02:23 PM Agree 0
  • | 25 Nov 2014, 10:14 PM Agree 0
    Good for you Agent 007. The 'so unfairly treated' souls at the hands of those illiterate conniving, can't negotiate themselves out of a paper bag real estate agents, seem to have retreated and gone back home to cry. Poor little souls.

    May the government, the OPP, the Competition Bureau, CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), the Salvation Army, the Law Society of Upper Canada, or any other soul saving institution have mercy on them, because nobody else seems to paying any attention to them.
  • Milking Sellers/Buyers | 25 Nov 2014, 11:36 PM Agree 0
    A church member has spoken......we are the chosen ones for the real estate industry. Preaching to his members we have a monopoly and we sure have those sellers/buyers just where we want them. ....But how can they pay us 20,000-50,000 being a tour guide and taxi service ..

    Lets milk it while we can!!!

  • | 26 Nov 2014, 08:01 AM Agree 0
    To Milking Sellers/Buyers. Stop complaining and change it! Do something that will help those unfortunate buyers and sellers:

    - Talk to the competition bureau, talk to the ministry of consumer services.
    - Create a new and separate MLS system.
    - Get a real estate license and charge sellers $500, 1000, 2000, whatever you want. That way you can honestly HELP those uninformed sellers.

    Believe me, if you charge less you will have so many clients you'll make at least a million dollars in no time at all.

    Do SOMETHING. Not willing to do any of this at all but just go on complaining?

    Then would you please SHUT UP!
  • More For RE Lawyers | 26 Nov 2014, 10:27 AM Agree 0

    Lot of air in that response and appreciate the encouragement!! You can tell when High Commissioned Agents don't have a cut and dry case for their fees/monopoly when they know it isn't rocket science they are doing. Hey, keep milking it while u can and hope ur clients like over paying u.

    People are doing something about it and I don't need a license. I use a Flatrate Agent and they are fantastic. They understand that being a tour guide,taxi service or part time secretary/adm is justified in their fees(500-2000). If I really need negotiating skills I rely on myself or my 500-1,000 dollar lawyer that has plenty of experience and I would be happy to pay him a few hundred more for some great advice. If you ever read the real estate magazines plenty of lawyers have articles and their great advice and skill in the real estate world can be more (usally is)valuable than a Realtor. They see all the problems,mistakes ,legal issues licensed realtors make. So sellers and buyers pay ur Lawyer a few Hundred More instead and I promise u it will be lots of money in ur pocket that U saved.

    Buyers and sellers lets bring a end to the Monopoly!!! The Competition Bureau think so too!!!! Agent fills out some paperwork(online) for the listing, checks out comparables with list..sounds fair to pay him $500-1000 . Next step 99% of their advertising is done by other Agents for Free. Agents brings a offer, you remember comparables, shoot for that or even add a few bucks. In this market I would even tell the selling agent you would be willing to pay him 2,000(or let them walk) or ur not selling. Trust me in this market someone will buy if u are patient . Don't sign those gauarntee sellers agreements because weather u buy with that agent or not you pay him(10,000-20,000)!!! Just like when they say u list with Flatrate for a 1000 and they don't sell u are out 1,000......hmmm 1,000 or 10000 -20,000!!!!???

    Any industry doesn't like competition and they will spend the consumers money to protect it.
  • | 26 Nov 2014, 11:16 AM Agree 0
    Sure, sure. If you are so happy with what you've found, why do you keep complaining? Based on your comments, I can tell you probably don't even own a dog house.
  • Dog House | 26 Nov 2014, 12:21 PM Agree 0
    Insecure Tour Guide,
    Helping my brother and sisters with this debate /monopoly/cartel.

    You are so cute with ur defense..always attacking with superiority.....

    funny Competition Bureau said yesterday in the paper they like Uber...

    Keep up the great defense.."sure,sure ,you don't even own a dog house" !!!!
  • Wealthy Taxi Driver :-) | 26 Nov 2014, 01:31 PM Agree 0
    To Dog House - For your information, Melanie Aitken, Head of the Competition Bureau, who fought tooth and nail to 'change the real estate industry monopoly' and who made the Toronto Real Estate Board accept discount brokers, used the MLS system, paid full commission when she sold her house on Hudson Drive in Toronto;

    Judging by your weird twisted logic, I guess she is also one of those poor dumb sellers who do not know any better, but YOU do.

    How does that strike you smarty pants?

    Isn't that cute, :-) :-) :-)
  • BEWARE OF POSTERBOY | 26 Nov 2014, 02:11 PM Agree 0


  • Reachers | 26 Nov 2014, 02:21 PM Agree 0

    Always more to the Story.. Prove how much commission she paid to the listing/Selling agents !!! Were the agents a relative,friend etc.. I have used a Full Service Broker who is a friend I got him to list for half a point 1/2 % big deal .."FULL SERVICE BROKER"... I even negotiated the selling agent down to 1% ...

    Of course limited consumer demand it would be like a competitor up against Rogers...that would be a fair fight for territory...

    What a bogus statement ..I heard a serach engine BUBBLES went up against Google but didn't grab any market share!!! Genuis thinking...bubbles conceited and joined Google

    Author of Article was a Realtor ...solid!!! No Bias there at ALL!!!! I saw a article that said we used a flatrate company and we saved money and the FULL SERVICE BROKER Couldn't said a FLATE RATE REALTOR went to become a full service broker too... on and on..
    I will put money on it Aitken paid minimum to the FULL SERVICE BROKER

    Or treb offered a golden parachute to Aiken too fight back...that never happens either where people change their minds for money.. ALl you have is a un-biased agent making statements...get me Aitkens words...

    Get me proof how much she paid or a article from a un-bias journalist that spoke to her directly

  • Beware | 26 Nov 2014, 02:27 PM Agree 0
    Buyer Agreements,

    Don't sign those buyer agreements YOU PAY IF YOU BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE..High flyers are so unsure they force you too pay them for their taxi service and tours..

    No defense for buyer agreements if you found ur own place with ur own behind the scenes work.. high rollers will chase you for every penny.. they will be like those collection agencies...annoying..good tactics they can use the agreement and do even less and collect commissions..
  • Pro Realtor | 26 Nov 2014, 02:44 PM Agree 0
    To More for Real estate Lawyer

    You may think you have everything figured out, but you are like the foolish old fisherman that believes saving his bait is more important than using that bait to go out and catch a big fish.

    Which is more important, how much commission you offer or how much you net?

    The right commission will attract the most agents, the most showings, and the highest and best offers.

    You will never receive a full price offer or multiple offers using your penny wise and pound foolish strategy.

    Just like people can be penny wise and pound foolish, people can be commission wise and price foolish. They focus so much on saving commission they lose sight of the most important thing. What is the most important thing? That is selling your home for the absolute highest price and thereby netting the most money in your pocket.

    Only professional Realtors with a superior marketing strategy and powerful negotiating skills can get a full price offer or attract multiple offers and negotiate the absolute highest price for a home for a seller.

    No flunky commission cutting agent, Poster Boy or some real estate lawyer sitting at his desk is going to make that happen.

    No one sells more homes or gets their sellers a higher price for their home, netting them the most money possible in their pocket than Professional Realtors. That's a fact!!!

    On account of that fact, Professional Realtors are here to stay.
  • UNSURE | 26 Nov 2014, 03:09 PM Agree 0
    Powerful Pro Realtor,

    Are you still here I thought I told you to stop !!?? U are using we are "powerful", we wear capes,nobody can copy us,the world will shatter without us, the ego is embarrassing and somewhat insecure when u boast like that.

    It is a monopoly/cartel which consumers are paying to guard with ur high commissions charges. Take away ur monopoly/cartel/high Commissions and ur ego is gone...and real estate business would continue and that is a fact. Call up blackberry,nortel,enron etc , they had egos when things were flying

    Realtor 101
    1.ONLINE ADM/Secretary


    4. Shoot for previous sale/listing prices on negotiating

    5. Collect Commission

    Not sure why u come on here if ur so sure and have all those facts!!! That tells me u are not sure ....

  • Pro Realtor | 26 Nov 2014, 03:09 PM Agree 0
    Serious qualified buyers want to be protected. They want professional representation in a real estate transaction to protect them from all the pitfalls involved in buying a home and have no problem hiring a Realtor and signing a contract, since it makes a lot of sense.

    Therefore, I have all kinds of buyers under contract . I fully explain to them before they sign the dotted line, that if they don't want to have to pay all or any portion of a seller's commission, it's best to stick with the homes on the professional market who are offering the right commission.

    So I have found in most cases, they shy away from these sellers that want to pay little or no commission. So in reality these sellers that insist on paying little or no commission are really putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage with the sellers offering the right commission.
    Just as no one would want to spend hours, days, and weeks, working for an employer and then in the end not to be paid for their work. Realtors are no different and that's why these contracts with buyers are a must.
  • Pro Realtor | 26 Nov 2014, 03:21 PM Agree 0
    Hey Poster Boy Con man,

    When you stop your senseless defamatory blogging against professional Realtors and their industry then we will stop.

    Why don't you explain why you take people's money upfront and NOT AFTER their home is sold and closed like Professional Realtors?


    Professional Realtors IN CONTRAST only expect compensation after they bring their Sellers an acceptable offer which nets them what they want in their pocket and are only paid AFTER THE HOME IS SOLD AND CLOSED.
  • Light Bulb | 26 Nov 2014, 04:15 PM Agree 0
    Cape Crusdaer,

    I told u I am not a realtor Billy Boy ...I have said I would and tell people to risk a thousand dollars to list thier property in a market that is selling itself and not pay someone 10,000-20,000 to be a admistrator/tour gudie. Sorry if the truth is hurting ur ego...I can't stop u from overcharging for being a tour guide/taxi service... go get em Billy ....I just saying FULL SERVICE BROKER is a glorified Tour Guide/taxi service... Please tell me what else is done!!!!???

    Also, I have said on here and told people a flat rate agent will refund 90% or more of his/her commission on a sale. So forget about risking a 1,000 if u feel that is con for a listing..use a flat rate realtor and save 90% at no risk. for a purchase.... but of course ur a magical negotiator and everyone else is useless...unless u charge 10,000-20,000 ur are going to get a bad we see they con..."UR MAGICAL AND ANYONE ELSE WHO CHARGES LESS IS A CON"

    This debate has finally shown me the light thank you for sucjh insight into ways of selling an dbuying .. u are true PRO-CON/REALTOR

    Online listing /serach for property computer work I know can be done in 15min
    taxi service to or meet client
    Tour Guide Service Show /tell
    Negotiate with previous sales from online..
  • Pro Realtor | 26 Nov 2014, 04:26 PM Agree 0
    Hey Poster Boy,

    That's right!!! I never said you were a Realtor because Poster Boys are con men who take people's money up front and don't sell home homes.
    You can try to hide behind all sorts of names but we know who you are.

    By the way my name isn't Billy boy it's Pro Realtor.
    Poster Guy!!!
  • Agent007 | 26 Nov 2014, 04:32 PM Agree 0
    :-) :-) :-)
  • EGO WANNA BOY | 26 Nov 2014, 04:41 PM Agree 0
    Billy Boy,

    Told u I have lots of FULL BROKER SERVICE AGENT friends and I use Flat Rate Services for my own real estate needs and it works fine and saves me lots of money. I said Billy if you can over charge go for it.... do you wear ur cape to bed?? Ur like pet detective solving the mysteries..Ok Sherlock u are one sharp billy boy

    Let me guess some of ur heros Kevin O'Leary, Trump and urself "EGO WANNA BOY" Run down to the cleaners and get one of ur Moores Suits for the next tour/taxi ride..
  • Pro Realtor | 26 Nov 2014, 05:11 PM Agree 0
    Hey Poster Boy,

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you say "I Told u I have lots of FULL BROKER SERVICE AGENT friends "

    YOU ARE NO FRIEND TO REALTORS!!!! You can con the next unsuspecting gullible FSBO out of a $1000. or $2000. up front but you can't con Professional Realtors.
    We got your M.O.
    Keep slandering the professional Realtors, promise big commission savings, deliver nothing, and get paid upfront money. When the seller finds out he can't sell his home, it's too bad, so sad, we don't give refunds.

    Then you go to your next victim with the same scam, slander Realtors, promise big commission savings, and take the money and run before they find out they can't sell their home.
  • BILLY BOB | 26 Nov 2014, 05:41 PM Agree 0
    Billy BOB u are more gullible than I thought...I am guessing with u staying on here trash talking with me in a desperate way.... u are in ur mid to late 30's...I could be wrong and I sure hope not because if u are older than that even more embarrassing....BILLY BOB THE AGENT TRASHING aka PRO REALTOR ONLINE

    Go gas up ur car for the next tour/taxi hero BILLY BOB AKA PRO REALTOR....btw did you finish all that hard work scouring the MLS for a place for one of ur clients and u must be exhausted... maybe one of ur colleauges will post one and you can tour/taxi again this week...

    Every industry is slandered billy Bob....Church of Professional realtors were are the answer to the world

    Please keep entertaining me with ur insecurity
  • Pro Realtor | 27 Nov 2014, 02:06 AM Agree 0
    Listen up Poster Boy Con Man,

    When it comes to selling homes Professional Realtors are the answer to the world.

  • Reality | 27 Nov 2014, 10:17 AM Agree 0
    Billy BOB the Charlatan aka PRO REALTOR ,

    Please tell me for the last time if someone is buying/selling a property what do u do for $10,000-$20,000!!!!!!!!????


    I use previous Info on MLS if listed before and bingo listed. Maybe gas up do a personal TOUR and NEW PICS with my new camera or call a professional photographer to do it for $25
    Sit back wait for a agent to call for showings.. Put a ad online practically free these days!!!! High five other agents just bagged another 2.5% for 20 min of work!! oh ya!!!
    Offer comes in, check previous sales again in case another got posted.. bingo hold out for a little more Boom ..IN the bank!!!

    Give them the Pro Realtor 5 step charlatan( impressive moves) ...look on line ,gas up, taxi,tour and give them my 2 years(some more) in the business experience and Gotcha!! Now I can step up from Moores to harry's
    Maybe do the Donald Trump course on how to close..add it to the resume

    I have used Flat Rate services and they give you back 90% of their commission on a sale!!! I love that dance!!!

    If u like paying $10,000-$20,000 ( all the closing cost ,carrying,emergency in ur pocket)to list ur property and u feel like spending that kind of money on the church of high charging realtors....go for it than.
    Or you can list for $1,000 and you will get the same results. Make sure when Pro realtor explains the percentages(on who gets results more) he uses independent sources not paid by the Church info...and doesn't do more 5 step charlatan moves...

    But if you like the 5 step Charlatan by pro realtor for $10,000-$20,000 go for it
  • Pro Realtor | 27 Nov 2014, 12:42 PM Agree 0
    To Poster Boy Con man,

    You say "Or you can list for $1,000 and you will get the same results" ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    THE FACTS show 60 percent of the listings you take at $1,000. each DO NOT SELL!
    Your "Scam the FSBO low result system" delivers an extremely low success ratio. But makes your scam companies Millions of Dollars.

    Melanie Aitken couldn't sell her home without using a professional Realtor.
    The Founder of couldn't sell his home without using a professional Realtor.

    REAL ESTATE EXPERTS SAY "To get the best service and absolute highest price possible, always choose a professional Realtor based on marketing strategy and negotiating skills. Never, choose an agent based on price alone or commission alone."
  • Braggers | 27 Nov 2014, 03:54 PM Agree 0
    Billy Boy AKA Charlatan PRO REALTOR,

    Billy slow down and try Yoga tonight... come back tomorrow when you have calmed down. U sound stressed ...I thought u were a higher power but it seems you engage in petty trash talk which shows ur level of experience in the real world...u are getting caught up in the easy money scheme on over charging ur clients and it takes away from ur thinking....

    Please, I have said, if u can song and dance ur clients for 2.5% .....go for it and take that ego with u..I have concluded u are in ur early 30's now..lacking confidence, likes to brag about earnings... One of Kind!!!!! Super Special
  • Quiet observer | 27 Nov 2014, 04:30 PM Agree 0
    :-) :-) :-)
  • Pro Realtor | 27 Nov 2014, 04:35 PM Agree 0
    Listen up Poster Boy, Con man,

    Others are reading these blogs and by your silly empty headed replies it's very obvious you evade facing the facts.

    It has nothing to do with bragging but has everything to do with the facts.

    FACT: Melanie Aitken couldn't sell her home without using a professional Realtor.

    FACT: The Founder of couldn't sell his home without using a professional Realtor

    FACT: 60 percent of the listings you take at $1,000. each DO NOT SELL!

    FACT:Your "Scam the FSBO low result system" delivers an extremely low success ratio. But makes your scam companies Millions of Dollars.


    FACT: Professional Realtors IN CONTRAST only expect compensation after they bring their Sellers an acceptable offer which nets them what they want in their pocket and are only paid AFTER THE HOME IS SOLD AND CLOSED.

    FACT: REAL ESTATE EXPERTS SAY "To get the best service and absolute highest price possible, always choose a professional Realtor based on marketing strategy and negotiating skills. Never, choose an agent based on price alone or commission alone."

    FACT: No one sells more homes or gets their sellers a higher price for their home, netting them the most money possible in their pocket than Professional Realtors. That's a fact!!!

    That's why Melanie Aitken relied on a professional Realtor to sell her home, and didn't call a big loser Poster Boy Con man like yourself!!!
  • FACTY | 27 Nov 2014, 05:22 PM Agree 0
    Facty AKA Charlatan pro realtor,

    Lots of the same old rhetoric...I am better and the compettion sucks.."I AM KING OF THE WORLD"..we know how that ended up

    I assume you didn't do ur YOGA again...try relaxing.... you are getting worked up there Facty!!!

    .I heard the bias agent who wrote the un-verified article about Aitken didn't get the story right ...heard the friend was a agent and did the deal for 2,000. Aitken told her to take the 2,000 or a smart agent 2,000 is better than nothing.. heard the FSBO did the same thing and got it listed for 1,000 ....the Pro realtors said they would boycott anyone using flat rate services so I guess he had no choice...

    Pro realtors are use to those Bullying tactics..they Bully offers all the time along with their egos..think the government is cracking down on Bullies which protects the little guy...

    Go get some more bias links, info on stats and more ego and I think you will have a case

    Btw their facty make sure when you buy anything you don't slander any other industries when they bully you ...
  • | 27 Nov 2014, 06:31 PM Agree 0
    Hey Facty - You say Melanie Aitken paid the listing agent $2000 dollars? You say you have a verifiable source? Here is a source you can actually verify through anybody with access to the Toronto MLS system.

    "Melanie Aitken's house was listed for $1,849,000. The home was sold in six days for a significant amount above the asking price". That significant amount can not be disclosed by law.

    The selling broker got 2.5 percent as published on the MLS listing, or about $48,000 dollars!!!

    And you are saying the listing agent did it for $2000 bucks? You probably can leap from one side of the Grand Canyon to other side unaided!

    What kind of weed are you smoking Facty?

    BTW, 'feisty' Melanie Aitken never denied any of the facts that agent published. I guess as a tough 'take no prisoners lawyer', she is afraid of taking an agent to court for falsely reporting the facts about her house sale. Go leave milk and cookies for Santa Facty. :-) :-) :-)
  • Pro Realtor | 27 Nov 2014, 06:51 PM Agree 0
    Hey Poster Boy Con man,
    It's so sad you're so twisted you can't tell the difference between fact and fiction. Part of your M.O besides scamming people is slandering professional Realtors and now you're slandering the writer of the article regarding the sale of Melanie Aitken's home that he didn't get his facts straight. You are so full of it, your eyes are brown.

    All a person has to do to find the article is go online and it's there for everyone to see. Here are some excerpts,

    "Ms Aitken listed her home with a full service broker at 89 Hudson Drive in Toronto. Her home was on the Toronto Real Estate MLS system for $1,849,000.
    "The home was sold in six days for a significant amount above the asking price."

    "The question that immediately comes to the mind of many real estate agents is …why did Ms. Aitken choose not to hire one of those minimum service brokers she fought so hard for?

  • | 27 Nov 2014, 10:33 PM Agree 0
    :-) :-) :-)
  • Desperate Competitors | 27 Nov 2014, 11:33 PM Agree 0
    Desperate Charlatans,

    Do u mean someone can list for 2.5% and can't waive/reduce the commission during the offer process or at closing?? I never heard of a high roller agent posting 2.5% rate too save face and waive/reduce it later !!! if someone did that it would be unheard of...the church of high rollers would ban them cute...In ur Bias article that does not reference or confirm with Ex-bureau chief for anything......except you say she does not deny listing for 2.5%...big deal,,,but nowhere does it say or confirm that she paid 2.5% at closing...

    News is never biased or spun in someone favour especially a article written by the opposition bias high roller realtor... so desperate using that ...please tell me ur are just joking with ur attempts...

    I told u if u can song and dance ur clients into paying 10,000-20,000 to be a tour guide/taxi service go for it . Why are you so insecure about all the other losers that you say are out there...don't get it...

    You are such hypocrites... you have slandered real estate lawyers, competitive realty services etc... I am starting to feel you are very in-experience agents and are in ur 20's...lots too learn

  • Wealthy Taxi Driver | 28 Nov 2014, 07:56 AM Agree 0
    Laughing all the way to the bank. :-) :-) :-)
  • Agent007 | 28 Nov 2014, 08:08 AM Agree 0
    To Desperate Competitors. No moron! What the other guy said here was "I guess as a tough 'take no prisoners lawyer', she is afraid of taking an agent to court for falsely reporting the facts about her house sale". Can't you even read?

    Let me explain it to you since you aren't able to comprehend simple English. What that person was saying was ... if the agent who wrote the article made false statements about the toughest competition bureau head the real industry industry has ever had to deal with, Melanie Aitken's reaction to those false statements was ... oh, they are printing lies about me, that's OK.

    So tell me, who is the REAL moron who is unable to accept the facts?
  • | 28 Nov 2014, 08:19 AM Agree 0
    To Desperate Competitor - Learn to write properly. You say "I am starting to feel you are very in-experience agents and are in ur 20's...lots too learn". What you meant to say is:

    - I am starting to feel you are very ""inexperienced agents"" and are in ur 20's...lots ""to"" learn -

    See, blinded by your stupidity and frustration, you can't even write properly. And you are pointing the finger at agents' level of education?

    You are "too" dumb 'to' bother with.
  • EGO IS GROWING | 28 Nov 2014, 09:43 AM Agree 0
    Desperado Cutie 000 and charlatan aka pro realtor,

    Thank you for the spelling /grammar lesson much appreciated seeing English is my second language . I hope I can depend on u for correcting all my I know u are u are actually somewhat good at something( I think have to facty check it) besides doing the song and dance charlatan and over charge ur clients for being a tour guide and taxi service. ( one good thing gas prices are dropping ) More Money for harry's suit sale

    I knew it, all you have is spelling and grammar attacks in the end. Talk about a disappointment in our debate ...

    Please go dig up some more Bias articles authored by realtors without proper interviews or me how weak ur defense is getting and please attack my spelling and grammar skills it real shows the desperation...but it motivates me to improve on my writing skills. Thx, Cuties !!
    All u immigrants/morons out there whos English is not mastered watch out for these 2 charlatans ..this is what they real whisper behind ur back!!! On top they charge you $10,000-$20,000 for being a tour guide.. than snicker like school boys later....

    In the end you can offer ur over charged clients grammar and spelling lessons(free) if needed ...think they deserve it when they pay $10,000-$20,000 for tour and taxi services and u snicker at them like little school boys.

    Go get em Snickers
  • Pro Realtor | 28 Nov 2014, 12:27 PM Agree 0
    Hey Poster Boy Con man,

    You still haven't explained why Melanie Aitken chose a professional Realtor to represent her to sell her home and not some "Can't sell your home but pay me up front Clown" like yourself??? By the way she also had no problem paying a professional Realtor's commission.

    We'd really like to hear your idiot reasons, and more make up as you go moronic answers so we can keep rolling on the floor laughing.
  • Cutie Pies | 28 Nov 2014, 01:12 PM Agree 0

    Be careful with those harry suits rolling on the ground...u sound stressed still and you know that clouds ur thinking..
    Wait to after the weekend to gas up for ur tours /taxi service because gas is dropping...

    Please show proof she paid the 2.5 % cutie pie. I told u I have a used a High Roller agents myself and it was listed for 2.5 % to save face with colleagues/charlatan church and waived it at closing cuties.. Of course Bureau chief didn't do that because high rollers like you have the scoop... she probably thought about it too that rollers would boycott her listing if she listed with a Flat rate service...THE HIGH FLYING agents are known for their bully tactics....

    Rollers like you probably get all the commission statements from every high roller in the industry because the Church of Charlatans would not allow dropping their rates or waiving/reduce them for friends, family etc... you are so cute and I am serious ..I see a realty show or even ur own talk show... but you have do some more Yoga because the stresss won't look good on TV

    I can see u two at a TOUR...this is the bathroom,the bedroom,the ride to the next one.., the kitchen,the bathroom,the bedroom..whew that was tuff...
  • Ely | 01 Dec 2014, 02:59 PM Agree 0
    Taking into consideration the expenses to run and operate a real estate business.
    have you ever questioned why all of the discount brokerages never make it ?
    Comfree has lasted because they take their money upfront whether the property sells or not.
    Most agents earn only if the property sells and closes.
    In the meantime, there is an expense to market the property. That comes out of the Agent's pocket not knowing if the property will sell or not.
    You cannot discount wages, rent, utilities and all of the real estate fees to all other agencies that licence you (government, real estate boards, Brokerages, etc.). All of these are paid first before yourself.
    On top of that, you need to earn enough of an income to continue as an agent or a broker in this market.
    If discounting the fees does not bring in enough income or cash flow to be profitable, then you cannot afford to last in any market.
    Remember, you get what you pay for.
    Sometimes, is getting paid enough, really enough ?
    Lets face it, Real Estate is a business, if you don't treat it as such, it will fail and more people will get hurt.
    you never go broker making a profit.
  • Wealthy Taxi Driver | 02 Dec 2014, 01:21 PM Agree 0
    Who says I am desperate? Desperate for what? To win an argument against a handful of malcontents who will never understand why the MAJORITY of consumers using real estate agents DO NOT protest?

    Laughing all the way to the bank, Armani suit and all, :-) :-) :-)
  • Kaspersky | 05 Dec 2014, 06:59 PM Agree 0
    All I would like to say, if someone out there thinks that commissions are too high, can take less, is that simple.
  • Outdated | 06 Dec 2014, 09:33 AM Agree 0
    All buyers and sellers use a Flat Rate Realtor And Save ur Money. All u are doing is paying for a outdated system ..remember stock brokers and travel agents
  • Fossils | 07 Dec 2014, 10:37 AM Agree 0
    All these buyers and sellers have very little experience in the Real Estate market especially only having bought one place or buying their first place... Wonder why ur ego and bias stats are stated...stock brokeres started that way too that they will never go tot the side!!!!!! You can trade for practically free and information is online for free
  • Mike Basler | 14 Dec 2014, 03:55 PM Agree 0
    Hey Realtors

    Don't let the posts by the author who uses various derogatory user names. His only goal seems to be to raise a stink with Realtors. Periodically he'll suggest flat fee service for $1000 then mispell dinosaur while using absolutes as conclusions. He'll only write in circles and not answer questions posed to him. He doesn't understand this business nor does he understand the true needs of clients. He also seems oblivious to how (knowledgeable) others must view him. - Just don't invest too much time responding to his banter. You'll get nowhere unless you'd like to use his comments as a platform to help or inform others of benefits. After all the Real Estate Industry was born of the market and it's need for the many services Realtors now provide. Digital service is great but it's not enough.
  • Tom Goebel, Realtor Emertus | 14 Jan 2015, 04:30 PM Agree 0
    Full Service vs Limited Service listings. My eyes were opened recently when visiting our son in San Francisco, one of the hottest and highest price housing in North America. Formerly one of my Boards of Realtors defined the difference between full service and limited service as limited meaning simply posting the property on the MLS and the following.
    Full service includes in addition to MLS and web postings;
    1) Arrange appointments
    2) Accept & present offers
    3) Advise on offers
    4) Assist with counter offers
    5) Negotiate for seller
    Seems I must always be the square peg that never fits the round hole because my services include 4 or the five items even when I take a so called “limited service” listing.

    However in the Palo Alto area near San Francisco an example of really full service came to my attention. A shirt tail relative passed away and the family is getting ready to liquidate the estate that includes a modest home at about $1.3MM. This Real Estate agent at a typical and say average percentage based commission is almost handling the estate as part of her service. The Realtor is moving furniture, setting up and assisting an estate sale, staging, property management and more. All this is done without a retainer or contract and just on the hopes and promise of an exclusive listing.

    I thought my “full service” was better than most Realtors but this agent in San Francisco brings new meaning to the words. In her case I think she earns the big fee.
    In most cases however the public is catching onto the fact that Realtors are no longer the “gate keepers” on how to find your dream home. The public has discovered that their hand held mobile device and/or computer can find all the information that they want. How will this affect the fees that the listing brokers charge when even NON MLS listings are “on line” with alternative real estate specific web sites that compete with in Canada and in USA?
  • Fred | 25 Oct 2015, 10:25 AM Agree 0
    I am new on here. My best friend died at 52 years of age of brain tumor. He lived at home to take care of his aged and ill mother. She decided to dispose of the home to move in with her daughter. She wanted $125,000 for the home - a fair and reasonable price back in the day. I told her I was interested in the 1 acre country property for my growing family and would pay her the 125K.

    However, within two weeks, a real estate agent swooped in and sold the place for well over the price the dear old lady actually wanted. I tell this story, because honestly, when homes are treated as homes and shelters for real families in which to build memories of love and care, and not as a cold, hard commodity to be sold to the highest bidder, then affordable housing issues would not be an issue.
  • e. Harold | 20 Jan 2016, 11:31 AM Agree 0
    Fees are terribly out of whack - the cost of a 2 " ad for a 100k house is no greater than a 700k house - the 100k owner pays 5% BUT the 700k owner pays 3.5% - How the Hell is that fair - the lower income person gets f.....ked All The Time - time to change - there are honest Realtors there - just hard to find !!! look harder !
  • PinkTink1128 | 27 Jan 2017, 07:52 PM Agree 0
    Yep!! Sure does. Isn't it common sense? Like every other Commission based job in America. Be it a car salesman or a mortgage broker, what's the diffrence? if you can't play the game get out of the business. The basis of how every company in America profits is through sales. You don't have to be a part of selling the product. You could work in the accounting division, however there wouldn't be an accounting division if there was nothing selling.
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