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Fall from grace for top BC agent

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Real Estate Professional | 21 Sep 2015, 08:15 AM Agree 0
Questions still remain in the case of one of Vancouver’s top agents who voluntarily forfeited her licence
  • peter b. realtor | 21 Sep 2015, 01:16 PM Agree 0
    Wait. This agent would have received "a few weeks suspension" if found guilty but that 72 year old that swiped a cheap book lost her licence?
    Not saying that theft should be allowed but is the latter's punishment not overblown?
    If the home owner presses charges, their choice to do so, and if convicted of theft, the agent has thrown her career out the window BUT I clearly recall a disgraced fraudster getting his licence... read about this in REP issues past.
    If no charges, what right does her board have to yank her license?
    Her broker can kick her too the curb but should she have the right to apologize, make amends and continue her career?
    If a fraudster, guilty of scamming for $$$ of dollars can get a license and a 72 year old looses hers because of a freakin book, what does it say about fairness within our industry?
    Let's keep things in perspective and not squash little grapes with 100 lb hammers to make ourselves feel good.
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