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Fed up with board fees? You’re not alone

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Real Estate Professional | 18 Mar 2015, 08:39 AM Agree 1
Agents are questioning the resilience of their local boards as those associations face increasing pressure to make sold data public.
  • | 18 Mar 2015, 11:39 AM Agree 0
    How about doing it the European way? No MLS. No data. And agents typically double end everything at 10% commission. Let's do that!
  • Tired | 18 Mar 2015, 12:15 PM Agree 1
    Mls system should be de activated and
    Control of market knowledge should be put back
    Into the brokerages and realtors. The public
    Still can access information off of individual brokerage
    Websites. As a realtor I feel that I pay the monthly
    Fees to access the Mls system to speediate my services
    To clients. I don't pay the fees for a person to tell me
    What their neighbor house sold for. As far as the associations
    That are in place to take care of our industry, our jobs
    Our lively hoods, your not doing it. So that being said accept
    Your failures and maybe seek out alternative through others
    That can.
  • N Brown | 18 Mar 2015, 12:44 PM Agree 1
    One of the big selling points of using a Realtor used to be that a Realtor had access to reliable information about the current real estate market trends and conditions. That includes pricing and properties available for sale. Even before the internet we have the big listing books ( which we paid for). Now every man and his dog has access to the same information as we do, but, because we are Realtors, we have to pay for it. I think that the only real edge we have today are a better knowledge of legal issues (how to avoid being sued) and personal experience. Oh wait, we also have all the right forms. I wouldn't be surprised if the real estate boards soon start offering free seminars to the general public on how to buy and sell real estate. Why? Well, they've given away everything else, but also from a fear of being prosecuted by the Competition Bureau for unfair business practice if they don't.
    Its OK, I'm joking............maybe
  • Scott Simmons | 18 Mar 2015, 02:00 PM Agree 0
    The headline for this article is about if we are "fed up with board fees" but the article really only talks about the sold data and not the board fees. We on the Victoria Real Estate board pay $110 per month. I really think it's time we seriously look at amalgamation of all the smaller boards. Why do we have two real estate boards on Vancouver Island? One would think one would do. The model seems to be build on the days of printing the MLS books.

    So lets have an article about reducing the number of boards and the fees the boards seem to charge. The worst thing the board does to me personally is send me an email notifying me they will not be working due to a long weekend. Enjoy your day off you have just reminded me that some people actually get scheduled days off. I have never had a long weekend in years. Cheers Scott on Sunny and warm (yes we had our one snow day this winter) Salt Spring Island BC.
  • | 19 Mar 2015, 12:59 PM Agree 1
    I have been in this industry now for almost 25 years and seen alot of changes and some are good but most are knee jerk reactions to someones statement threatening our industry. The fact that the public (and I question that remark) want more information I think is not true but empire building is. With the extra knowledge that the public believes they need most would not know how to interpret it and many have gotten themselves into difficult situations because of the knowledge as a FSBO. I truly believe that good realtors offer very valuable knowledge and expertise to their clients, I can say I have saved my clients thousands of dollars and served their needs for all these years. Why don't we ask the Competition Board to put all their information available to the public (every word). All the real estate associations are suppose to be working on our behalf we pay for the information the systems and their protection. Maybe we don't need them anymore, we can set-up our own system and share information with each other, which I believe is what we started with the MLS system. Armchair realtors need to get out of the business and the associations should look at the reasons they are existing.
  • Richmond | 29 Mar 2015, 04:39 PM Agree 0
    Actually, NBrown, TREB already posts the main forms for public access here
    and OREA gives free books here
    Sooo. I think the horse has left the barn on that one. :-)

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