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How many cranes are too many in Toronto?

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Neil | 28 Nov 2014, 11:53 AM Agree 0
“We have more cranes in the sky than any major city in North America right now. It’s fantastic.” – Rob Ford

This was the statement of Robert Ford in April 2012 when he was asked about his future action plan pertaining to the betterment and prosperity of Toronto. This statement goes on to show the economic development in general and the construction boom that Toronto was experiencing particularly in 2012.

Ford again spoke about the superiority of Toronto in terms of having cranes at work in the city in 2013 when he said, “We have over 150 cranes in Toronto”. This presence of cranes in such a quantity might seem an ordinary thing to the mind, but the mind becomes bedazzled and awed once a person imagines 150 cranes working throughout the city simultaneously. The presence of this many cranes represents the ever expanding skyline the city is creating,and from this, one could assess the economic prosperity the city of Toronto is experiencing.

The presence of cranes does not mean business only for a particular construction company or companies; rather it represents jobs for thousands. The functioning of a crane is just a pebble in the pond that creates ripples of jobs for people associated with construction companies who build, for real estate people who sell the structures, for bankers who loan the constructions and for the apartments and offices owners who get to have another asset in their name.

Like all other statistical figures that are published pertinent to any working phenomenon, the presence and working of cranes in Toronto is also frequently a topic of debate among commerce circles. The debates compare the data of Toronto with the data of other cities of North America, consider whether the cranes are used for skyscrapers or underground constructions like subways, then there is the comparison and contrast of the cranes working to the cranes that are working on paper and so on. Regardless of whatever the topics under debate are, the fact is undeniable that Toronto supersedes all the other North American cities namely, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Mexico City and Dallas. Katherine Jacobs the director of research and operations at Ontario Construction Secretariat made a comment on this by saying, “I believe we would be outpacing Vancouver, and the U.S. is not doing quite as well as we are from a construction point of view.”

All this debate on the presence of cranes in Toronto even the fact that there is a debate on something like that shows the kind of progress and prosperity Toronto is going through. The increasing number of cranes means that thousands of people will be finding new jobs, even more will be finding place to live and above all the combination of jobs and a safe place to live will give boost to economic activity that will again create an even bigger circle of jobs and social prosperity.

So, the question that “How many cranes are too many for Toronto?” The answer is that there are never too many! The more cranes the city has, the more job it creates and the more investment it brings to the city, consequently making the city rise high in all sorts of graphs and charts when compared to other cities of North America. Have the number of cranes in a city become another metric for prosperity?

  • Jan van Mil | 21 Feb 2016, 02:52 PM Agree 0
    One small problem is,are they paying their fair share of tax,this year my property tax went up,,,every year for the last 18 years my property tax went up,,,The fact that 4 buildings / with approx 1200 units, was built on my street, does not help me,, instead it makes my driving or TTC trips hell. And did not help with my Tax, yes I can sell for more,,but can not buy.
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