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Real estate association proposes restructuring

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Real Estate Professional | 26 May 2016, 02:37 PM Agree 0
Industry association proposes unification of real estate boards and a new name
  • Scott Simmons | 26 May 2016, 03:11 PM Agree 0
    The Real Estate Boards have to go. I challenge any and all Realtors to go into their boards financial statements and see where their dues go. Most of it goes to wages and benefits for those that work there and do.... What do they do? They do very little. Over the years I have found better support for myself from our association, the real estate council or our O&E lawyers. The role of the boards is or was to print the MLS books and that day is long gone. It's time to move on and free up this dead wood drag on our industry. I will be voting for the new entity and hope others will do their due diligence and actually look and see what the boards are costing us and hopefully realize we are getting no value from all these separate boards.
  • Barbara D., GTA Realtor | 26 May 2016, 03:23 PM Agree 0
    Great Idea! Yes, our Toronto Real Estate Board charges outrageous fees and since the Competition Bureau ruling recently, really has little power and monopoly over much of anything any more, so what are we paying for except their big salaries and useless administration fees!? If we Realtors have had to adapt and change so much, it's about time the real estate boards (EXclusive 'Clubs' really) do the same, and charge less accordingly!
  • Peter B. Realtor | 26 May 2016, 03:28 PM Agree 0
    The restructured board can "free up 10 million to be used elsewhere......" how about freeing up 10 million and reducing dues? Listen up TREB.
  • Martin | 26 May 2016, 03:30 PM Agree 1
    Fees will remain the same or higher! "will free up $10 million a year to be spent elsewhere" like huge wage increases for the new CEO's and their entourage etc. Bureaucratic bungling, cost overruns, disposing of buildings that have been paid off for years, if you see savings here you may have spent too much time shopping in those “BC dispensaries”!
  • Jurgen Zeidler | 26 May 2016, 03:40 PM Agree 0
    When I got my R.E. Licence in 1986 from RECO I was surprised how much I had to and 30 years later still pay RECO plus OREA plus CREA plus BREB (TREB?) PLUS my current Broker. If a re-evaluation of ONE organization's right/duty to exist, why not evaluate the whole system?
    Jurgen Zeidler R.E. Salesrepresentative.
  • | 26 May 2016, 04:54 PM Agree 0
    With the provisions regarding all our collected TREB Data now to be made public, there no longer exists any exclusivity to being a member of TREB. Let Ontario do the same..create ONE BOARD for all of Ontario and cut the fat of the meat. Savings for all including Realtors. VOICE YOUR OPINION!
  • | 26 May 2016, 04:55 PM Agree 0
    With the provisions regarding all our collected TREB Data now to be made public, there no longer exists any exclusivity to being a member of TREB. Let Ontario do the same..create ONE BOARD for all of Ontario and cut the fat of the meat. Savings for all including Realtors. VOICE YOUR OPINION!
  • Broadbent | 26 May 2016, 04:55 PM Agree 0
    With the provisions regarding all our collected TREB Data now to be made public, there no longer exists any exclusivity to being a member of TREB. Let Ontario do the same..create ONE BOARD for all of Ontario and cut the fat of the meat. Savings for all including Realtors. VOICE YOUR OPINION!
  • Shirley H, Broker | 26 May 2016, 05:40 PM Agree 1
    I am a broker in Alberta and I applaude what you are doing in BC. All provinces should only have 1 board, if we need them at all. Real estate agents are licensed to sell in the WHOLE province they are licensed in (as you know). So why is it that we can't get info from other boards and (most) don't allow listings from 'out of board' agents? In Alberta - RECA says we're licensed to sell throughout the province (great....super), the Boards say 'no, not here.' What do we have to do....belong to all 11 boards to properly serve our clients? I agree with Scott....the local boards were originally established to assist in paper forms, etc. When did you last use a paper form? I don't know about you, but for me, I belong to the local board because I have to, in order to access the MLS - that's it! The provincial association provides the forms. CREA says that we need to belong to CREA, our provincial association AND our local board in order to have our listings on the MLS. WHY? WHY 3 organizations to get our listings on a national website? Jurgen is right....a WHOLE SYSTEM change is needed. What power we have given to unlicensed individuals! It's time for a real change that is effective in today's world.
  • Frank | 26 May 2016, 07:42 PM Agree 0
    What they are proposing in BC seems to be at first thought a good idea, but I question the overall cost savings and the anticipated real benefits. As it turns out there is already one local board (Victoria) that wants to have absolutely nothing to do with being part of one unified provincial board so at the end of the day they may end up with a larger provincial board consisting of possibly 6 or 7 of the 11 existing local boards. Keeping things in perspective there are approximately 20,000 Realtors in BC, TREB has a membership of over 43,000 licensed Brokers and Salespersons, representing approximately 2/3 of all Realtors in the province. Yes technically our licence allows us to sell anywhere in the province if we really wanted to do so, and yes it would be nice if some local boards (ie. cottage country) were more friendly and co-operative, but as I see it they are just protecting their turf.
  • Deborah Upton | 26 May 2016, 08:50 PM Agree 1
    This has been a long time coming and a very good idea. Your Boards need to hear from all of you that you support it or it may not happen as Board's fight to keep their positions. Fear of loss is a very motivating force and I think it reasonable to believe there may be a bit of that happening at the Board level. Be respectful of their position and services provided but be clear that this is a decision that is for the better good of all in our industry.
  • Hodges Hamm | 26 May 2016, 09:48 PM Agree 1
    I also applaud what is being proposed in BC and hope that they will get the support necessary to make the changes to what has been a system that is obsolete and waist full of members dues because of duplication. Having one strong body under the direction of one Board of Directors can be in my mind more efficient and effective. Here in New Brunswick, we have three Boards and a Provincial Association that is co-regulated and between the 4, they serve 1000 REALTORS(R) for a population that is 750,000 Approximately. I have been for many years advocating to amalgamate the three Boards and the Association into one strong Organization and break away the duties of the regulation component into a separate entity such as it was a number of years ago when we had the New Brunswick Real Estate Association and the New Brunswick Real Estate Council. Members in New Brunswick need to have an organization that solely looks after the interest of its members. CREA is also in need of being restructured, as over the years I have noticed the national Organization being less transparent to its members and more subservient to the Boards across Canada. Having the opportunity for each member to vote on items and issues that concern us as members should be given back to its members. Opening up the Annual meetings of CREA to every member who wishes to attend and participate either in person at the venue or on line. Technology is here to allow us to participate personally and CREA needs to change the way it allows its members to participate. One member - one Vote - Not one member - Board votes. I look forward to seeing my industry being brought into the 21st century.
  • jake warkentin | 29 May 2016, 04:57 PM Agree 0
    I would vote for this in a flash. I have been in real estate since 1970. starting in Calgary AB.
    A one independent board for each province should be a must. It would make decisions on complaints and other items in disputed
    cases have a more favorable outcome. Being given by a board of none realtors with no personal interest in each case.
    Where at present cases are individually heard by Realtors with a personal interest in its outcome, and how it could effect
    their Company and their sales employees
    Beside the amount of money that could be saved and used in other areas when needed.
    I think it would help build up the moral of each sales person. Knowing that they are in safe hands and would receive a
    fair and honest verdict in each case.
  • FVREB Realtor | 30 May 2016, 11:20 AM Agree 0
    The proposal has merit. BUT the savings of 10mil are incorrect. It is actually only 6 mil, but will take 10-12 mil to put the plan in place. The numbers are not quantified nor disclosed or accurate. The group has not provided the information for their members to base a decision on. They keep saying "Trust us" we will tell you what it will look like after you vote Yes!
  • | 30 May 2016, 11:39 AM Agree 0
    I'm not into amalgamation as we'll get swallowed up by the Lower mainland!
    Them saying that they haven't decided on a head office is ridiculous.
    It's gonna be Vancouver. Victoria board is smart, my question is thus......
    Why doesn't vireb amalgamate with Victoria board to create a true Vancouver island real estate board?
    We would achieve organizational efficiencies with reduced dues. Head office would be Victoria and nanaimo office/staff scrapped.
    It's a no brainer!
    Erik aase
  • Dismantle and Unify - As One | 30 May 2016, 01:52 PM Agree 0
    Just on BC Board is needed. Not two (as in all of BC and then all of the island)
    The island doesn't need it's own board, with the entire rest of of British Columbia in their own board. One board only. Keep the head office in Vancouver. Courses can be taken online. The board office, isn't used form much in all the various communities. It's a storage for 'stuff' and 'staff'. Only one board office is needed. Any supplies? Can be warehoused and shipped/picked-up--or ultimately even decided upon if they are needed at all. Having one board with be incredible.
    People are reluctant, in Victoria and probably up-island to 'join in' for fear of 'losing something'. However, it's one for all out there and it will open many doors for all. Dismantle both VREB and VIREB. It makes complete sense.
  • | 31 May 2016, 10:56 PM Agree 0
    It appears that most of comments are from members of larger Boards or from Realtors® who don't have much, if any loyalty to their Board. In the Kootenays, we have a strong tradition and enjoy great personal service from Board staff. This may be old fashioned in today's world of digital interaction...yes we can actually call our Board office, the staff knows most of us by name and are there to help us in every way they can. We also have a help line for the many changing programs and upgrades to keep us abreast of our contemporaries. I would prefer to see more opportunities to meet face to face with other Board Members and our BoD, who over the last few years have distanced themselves from the Members offering little or no opportunity for philosophical exchange or camaraderie. This may be why at this time, it seems that some of them appear to be in favour of the change The fees we pay at KREB seem fair to me and the budget is well controlled. Our Board of Directors are fairly remunerated and their expenses are reasonable. I do not believe we need to unite as one Big Board, but operate how we are and join in with others as we do now with the current BCREA structure. If you want my vote, show me the facts, and the realities of what this means.Trying to force us to a quick vote was a mistake and only made many of us wary
  • Alex | 02 Jun 2016, 12:22 PM Agree 0
    This makes sense to me. The Real estate profession is provincially controlled. We should have one board in Ontario and access to listings for the entire province.
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