Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting announces second annual "Ultimate 100 Deal + Mastermind"

Kathleen Black

If you are a 100 Deal+ Producer or Team Leader and looking for something new and different Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting have created an event for you. The evening of Wednesday June 13th will launch the event with Networking & Registration. This is just the beginning with two days of Learning, Collaboration, & Mastermind sessions at beautiful Taboo Muskoka Resort, Ontario, Canada customized to 100 deal + Producers.

Their last 100 Deal+ Mastermind was represented by approx. 20 selling 4000 transactions+ per year as a collective, and represent BILLIONS in GROSS SALES VOLUME.

These numbers consist of individual Producers and Team Leaders only. This differentiates the event from those basing production numbers on Broker Owners with 100's of agents doing production. This event is targeted to bend what is possible in a business model by combining world class service experiences powered by Systems, Training, Tools, Technology, Unique Ability, & Leverage to create maximum results PER Team Member.

If you are looking to identify blind spots, make massive referral connections, get exclusivity to represent your geographical location, and generally refuel for the Ultimate Marathon Results in 2018 then visit the event page for registration: https://kathleenspeaks.com/ultimate-100-deals-mastermind/

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting believes this event is pushing the envelope by encouraging Master Minds in attendance to bring something to the table. You get what you give, The future lies in hubs of the best Tools, Systems, Technology, Training, Mindset, & Experiences pooled together to benefit all.

The stronger your network, the stronger your business. The need to connect and Mastermind with other Elite Producers in your business has never been more important.

Together this group will change the industry and create greatness all over north America. They will have open discussions on numerous topics and be exposed to the greatest systems and plans that are currently being used, from the people using them.

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is the Elite destination for North America's Real Estate Teams, with over 80% of clients ranking Top 1% Nationally for production. They seek to get out of the stuffy conference centers and hotels to relax the mind in a beautiful destination, and be inspired by nature on beautiful Muskoka Lake. 

Learn more about Kathleen and her team at www.ItTakesa.Team

Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into one of the fastest growing, results-driven consulting companies in North America, with over 80% of her clients at the top 1% of production across the country. Kathleen serves as CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach with Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting. She created & hosts the “Ultimate Team Summit”, the largest team specific real estate summit in North America, the elite event destination for top producing teams.

The systems she used in her daily real estate business, to get her to the top 1% of North America’s largest real estate board, are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting specializes in helping Realtors across North America build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success.