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An untapped opportunity

The referral program with a difference
Posted on 9 Feb 2018

When The Orlando Agency was creating its referral program for Canadian realtors, it wanted to do something a little different

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Embracing the power of Canadian culture
Posted on 8 Feb 2018

As REP has discovered this week, thousands of Canadians are snapping up properties in Florida each year

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Inside the 50% referral program
Posted on 7 Feb 2018

Canadian real estate agents have a good opportunity to generate some strong residual income simply by expanding their horizons

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What to expect from a leading brokerage

What agents get when they join a leading brokerage
Posted on 6 Dec 2017

Agents at leading brokerages reap the benefits of receiving top level support in the areas that matter

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Join a brokerage that ticks all of the boxes
Posted on 24 Nov 2017

Knowing exactly what to look for in a good brokerage is crucial

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Here's what to expect from a leading brokerage
Posted on 23 Nov 2017

Agents at leading brokerage reap the benefits of receiving top level support in the areas that matter

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Opportunity in Kelowna, B.C

Agents explain why they chose Kelowna to work
Posted on 4 Sep 2015

Real estate agents looking for greener pastures may want to lend an ear to a veteran and a newcomer to one B.C. market.

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Just who is fuelling the B.C. housing market feeding frenzy?
Posted on 3 Sep 2015

Skyrocketing prices haven’t slowed the B.C. housing market, and realtors are reaping the benefits through higher commissions and multiple sales – but just who is driving this frenzy to buy?

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Training does make the agent when it comes to selling
Posted on 2 Sep 2015

When real estate agents remember their start in the industry, a few would be reluctant to use the word “fondly” when revisiting those tough first months trying to find clients.

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