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Creating new opportunities for Canadian realtors

Feb 06, 2018
It’s fair to say that the state of Florida is booming. The state’s economy continues to grow after the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and is consistently outperforming the nation as a whole. As well as being home to a robust tourism industry, Florida is also a hub of new technology, aerospace, digital media and medical research.

All of the economic signs mark cities like Orlando out as flourishing vacation destinations and investment locations, and that’s not being overlooked by Canadians. More Canadians purchase property in Florida than anyone else and over 500,000 Canadians own homes in Florida – that’s approximately 1 in every 72 Canadians. Canadians accounted for 37.0% of all foreign purchased real estate in Florida. In fact, Canadians purchased $7.03BN of real estate in Florida between April 2016 and March 2017, which represents an increase of 227% against $3.09BN invested in 2015-2016.”

This level of investment is creating ample opportunity for Canadian realtors to boost their books of business, but for some reason the appetite to capitalize on it doesn’t seem to exist. “We rarely find referral business coming from Canadian realtors, which is strange given the fact that so many Canadians are buying properties here,” says Garry Walmsley, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor at The Orlando Agency, a Division of Global Real Estate Services.

Seeing a gap in the market, Walmsley launched a referral program designed to help Canadian realtors take advantage of the opportunities being created. Through The Orlando Agency’s Refer 50 program, Canadian realtors can earn a 50% referral on all Orlando real estate transactions as a referral partner, which includes New Build Properties, Resales and even Clients who list their property for sale.

“We aim to build select, strategic partnerships with real estate agents who share the same goals and principles as our own,” Walmsley says. “Each partnership will be developed over time, allowing you to expose your target market to Central Florida real estate in the manner which you feel to be the most informative and practical. We provide continuous "on the ground" support, for our partners and their clients, at every stage of the process involved.”

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