The referral program with a difference

by on 09 Feb 2018
When The Orlando Agency was creating its referral program for Canadian realtors, it wanted to do something a little different. It started with one of the most important aspects: the referral fee. While most realtor-to-realtor referral programs in North America offer a 25% cut, The Orlando Agency decided to double that and offer 50%.

“We created those terms because we want to create long term life long partnerships,” says Garry Walmsley, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor at The Orlando Agency, a Division of Global Real Estate Services. “We want to help the property buyers as much as the realtors themselves. We think that Canadians buying in Florida need a full-service option and that they will be much more comfortable and happy with the results when working with a Canadian realtor rather than a Florida-based residential realtor.”

Operating solely in Central Florida, The Orlando Agency as an independent brokerage is able to provide an unbiased overview of the market, combined with a white-glove service and representation, all while enhancing existing strong relationships with the areas local developers and management companies.

The company has also invested a lot of time in understanding Canadians and how they like to do business. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have bought properties in Florida and for Walmsley it’s important to understand the nuances of Canadian culture.

“We are engaged in Canadian culture, understand how Canadian clients and realtors think and also have Canadian nationals within his Orlando based team,” Walmsley says. “We are transparent in how we do business and we attempt to educate everyone fully who is contemplating a purchase or comes through the door.”

Creating long-term relationships is at the core of how Walmsley runs his business. He’s not interested in doing one or two deals with a realtor, he wants that partnership to run and run. “That means we have a customer-centric approach, everything is not about us,” he says. “We want people to fully understand what they’re getting into before they finalize a deal.”

“In a lot situations we hear about, realtors sell a house, then walk away and are never heard from again. They are solely focused on the sale and commission earned, then move on. When we assist a client to purchase a property, that is when the relationship truly begins in our eyes. We are in a marriage with those clients and the relationship starts when they take title as opposed to most realtors where it just dissipates.”

Download this industry whitepaper to find out more about the opportunities on offer to Canadian realtors.

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