IN FOCUS: Chestnut Park

  • Seasoned agents apply within

    Chestnut Park Real Estate’s branch in Port Credit is poised to grow exponentially, backed by a premium luxury brand in an affluent market—the only thing needed at this point is a few more talented agents to assist with the high demand for real estate in this area.

  • How crucial is branch support for agents?

    Maintaining the high level of quality expected from their agents has led to the development of an extensive support and training system at Chestnut Park. And this system is essential in ensuring branch support for their realtors says industry veteran John Lusink.

  • Tony Port Credit draws deep pocket purchasers

    This isn’t your father’s Mississauga! An entirely new kind of client is coming to the Port Credit waterfront area looking to buy—and the exclusive, high end homes are a strong draw.

  • Experienced agents flocking to affluent neighbourhoods

    Client expectations are always high for Realtors operating in the luxury marketplace, but so too are the expectations of the real estate brokerages who are looking to hire qualified and experienced agents.

  • Marketing in a million dollar neighbourhood

    Marketing million-dollar properties is a nuanced affair, with one successful realty offering key lessons in the art