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How crucial is branch support for agents?

Nov 19, 2015
Maintaining the high level of quality expected from their agents has led to the development of an extensive support and training system at Chestnut Park. And this system is essential in ensuring branch support for their realtors says industry veteran John Lusink.

“A positive and productive office culture is essential for agent success,” says Lusink, vice president of operations and training for Chestnut Park Real Estate in Port Credit, Mississauga. “It is about professionalism, too.”

Chestnut Park reinforces a culture of professionalism through a number of industry unique marketing and training programs it has developed over the years.

“We have in-house legal support and in-house marketing support that differentiate us in the real estate marketplace,” he says. “Our agents are able to consult with our experts, from the director of marketing to our graphic designers; from the social media consultants to the copywriters. And we also have one-on-one agent coaching and training.”

Another branch support advantage that Chestnut Park offers their agents is a vault of branded content that they can log into and use, both from Chestnut Park and also Christie’s, to help market their personal brands.

And it isn’t about quantity, but quality when it comes to those realtors selected to represent the Chestnut Park brand.

“The operating model for Chestnut Park is quality,” says Lusink. “We specialize in areas where high-quality service and luxurious homes meet.”

As the company is currently in a hiring phase, there is a revitalized focus on proper training for new realtors at the brokerage.

“We have a transition team in place,” says Lusink, “so when a seasoned agent arrives, we take care to help them get set up, on board, and in business. We want them to hit the ground running.”

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