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Tony Port Credit draws deep pocket purchasers

Nov 18, 2015
This isn’t your father’s Mississauga! An entirely new kind of client is coming to the Port Credit waterfront area looking to buy—and the exclusive, high end homes are a strong draw.

“The buyer demographic we’re seeing is largely professional, with some well into their careers who are interested in living by the water and enjoying all that comes from a lifestyle situated there,”. says John Lusink, Vice President of Operations for Chestnut Park Real Estate in Port Credit, Mississauga. “Our buyers appreciate the value of living in a family friendly community that is close to the downtown core.”

And Realtors who may be accustomed to having to secure lenders for their clients will realize that the clients coming to Chestnut Park need a slightly different skill set from an agent. As Lusink says, “Generally, we are working with clients who already have their banking relationships and their financing in place, some clients are even lucky enough to be receiving gifts or inheritances from parents and grandparents for their down payments.”

So with financing often confirmed, agents working in the Port Credit area must focus on being knowledgeable about the particulars of this high-end real estate market such as the quality of materials and finishes being used in these luxury homes, and other amenities such as private security that may be offered in the neighbourhood.

Chestnut Park is currently looking for qualified agents to grow its skilled ranks in order to meet the rising demand in the Port Credit area, with Lusink confirming, “Our goal is to have 25 agents at our Port Credit office who value the excellence and high-quality service that our brand is so well known for.”

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