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Why the team structure is no longer suited to real estate brokerages

Jul 18, 2018

by Joe Rosengarten

Despite being a longtime advocate of team structures within real estate brokerages, AJ Lamba’s viewpoint has completely changed in recent years.

Although he was one of the first individuals to create teams in the Canadian market (Lamba attended the prestigious building effective teams program at Harvard University), Lamba now believes the team structure cannot survive in the industry.

“Teams do well as long as both the team and the individual agents both need each other,” Lamba says. “The team provides the leads and the training to work the leads, which the agents desperately need. However, once the training process is over and the agent becomes self-sufficient, the agent no longer needs to continue to pay 50% of their commission split. Teams cannot afford to charge agents fees of $300 for a transaction, like all of the discount brokerages who provide almost nothing except an office to work from but no leads and no training. Teams cannot break even if they do that.”

“For that reason, most good agents will not stay at teams for more than a few years until they learn the business because thereafter they have no reason to pay the team 40 or even 50%,” Lamba continues. “Hence, the revolving door, as every few years it almost feels like a new batch of students have now joined the class and the old ones have become a part of the alumni. We have become something like the best school in town rather than a real estate office. That’s the reputation we’ve developed in the market, which is unfortunate for us as several agents honestly confess when they come to meet us. People hear that if they are serious about learning real estate they should come to our team.”

Lamba sees teams as offering a great learning environment and structure for inexperienced agents. However, once an agent has been on a team for a couple of years and developed some industry experience and confidence, they often leave for a big brokerage who will offer less development and training but will also ask for a much smaller commission split.

“If you look under the hood of any of the teams in Canada, they are all struggling because they are now part of a spiral that they cannot get out of.” Lamba says. “The people at the top are losing money but they have inflated egos. They don't want to admit that an experienced agent is not interested in paying $5,000 a transaction to be in a team when they can pay less than $500 to a hotel style brokerage, which is why I love the team environment in our brokerage. However, agents are now, for the first time ever, being offered a graduation process that is working extremely well.”

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