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Why real estate professionals can no longer ignore technology

Aug 10, 2018

Whether you’re a digital native or someone more comfortable with a pad and pen, the reality is the same: technology is not going anywhere. Technology is now ingrained into all aspects of life and business, and, particularly in an industry like real estate, its usage is only going to grow.

Ignoring the rise of technology and how it is changing real estate transactions and relationships is a move that could leave REALTORS® very much in the past.

“Using technology to make your day to day life easier is a smart thing to do and that is why we tell our members that embracing technology is the most sensible thing to do,” says Patrick Pichette, Vice President of Marketing and Information Technology at CREA. “It helps you remain compliant and saves time, which means you can play an extra round of golf each week or spend more time with family. It makes life easier and enables people to spend more time doing important things and not waste time on manual tasks.”

The impact of technology is more significant for real estate professionals than in many other industries because, simply put, it helps them complete more transactions which mean more money. The Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) CREA WEBForms® also helps REALTORS® to remain compliant and easily manage the numerous forms and documents that are all part of the process.

“That is a really important feature of CREA WEBForms® because it gives REALTORS® peace of mind,” Pichette says. “Saving time is great but knowing you are using is the most up to date forms and contracts, which are available with the click of a button on any device, is even more crucial. Compliance is a big piece of the puzzle and that comes with technology.”

The latest version of CREA WEBForms® has been updated and optimized and now allows REALTORS® to access all forms and contracts in HTML, rather than PDF. It is also features a responsive design, is easier to use than previous versions and can be used on any device on the go. It’s been designed with the needs of REALTORS® very much at the forefront.

“CREA WEBForms® is REALTOR® owned; CREA is funded by our members, therefore dues pay for funding these applications,” Pichette says.

The previous version of CREA WEBForms® goes offline on August 8th and Pichette encourages REALTORS® to switch to the new version now.

“Why wouldn’t you switch? There are no additional cost and the new platform is much more user friendly,” Pichette says.

“We appreciate that some members find change difficult to handle, so we have a number of training opportunities, webinars, online materials, and user guides available for members to make the switch. We are trying to eliminate any roadblocks that prevent our member from using the newest version.”


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