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Why we decided to update our tech offering

Aug 09, 2018

As with any tech product or service in the modern age, standing still is the same as going backwards. All of the big tech companies and corporate giants are continuously updating their platforms and consumers (that’s all of us) have grown accustomed to using intuitive and responsive software.

If a company falls behind their competitors in keeping their software updated it is quickly identified, and it’s a slip up that could be very damaging.

It’s for that reason that The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released the latest update to CREA WEBForms®, REALTORS® hub that links to any board / association MLS® System and allows REALTORS® to connect all the aspects of their real estate transactions using any device.

“The biggest change with this update is that the program now has a responsive design,” says Patrick Pichette, Vice President of Marketing and Information Technology at CREA. “Most of the world is online nowadays and tablets and smartphones are very popular with most of our members, who are on the road a lot. It’s a lot easier to carry around an iPad or smartphone than a laptop. We know going forward that mobile usage is going to keep increasing, and our primary focus is to meet that need of our members.”

The latest version of CREA WEBForms® was developed with the feedback of CREA’s members in mind. The association listened to suggestions from its members before the design phase in order to build a product that could deliver real value for REALTORS® on the ground.

“REALTORS® have been asking for this type of offering and when they make suggestions we do listen,” Pichette says. “We were hearing that our members need to be able to do transactions on the road or away from their home or office, and we created something to fulfil that need.”

“As a national association, one of our primary focuses is to come up different features and enhancements for our members and that means doing due diligence and understanding what is going on in the industry as a whole and what technology trends are taking hold. Our aim is to keep our members at the forefront of any changes and give them the opportunity to utilize modern technology to the best of our ability.”


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