How to keep growing in a competitive market

by Joe Rosengarten on 11 Sep 2018

In part two of this special series, Ronni Fingold tells REP how Forest Hill Real Estate became the fastest growing luxury brand in the country

Forest Hill Real Estate is now the fastest growing luxury brand in the country, with more than 900 active Realtors across Ontario and Quebec and plenty of room to grow.

"We’re seeing a lot of new offices established by motivated and qualified brokers,” Ronni Fingold says. “But we’re particularly proud when an established Realtor decides to convert their existing real estate business into a Forest Hill branch. They’re trading their success for the promise of greater success.”

When Ronni’s daughter Catherine Himelfarb Borden decided to transition to being a branch manager after 20 years as a Realtor, she never imagined that her small team of four novice Realtors would grow into a team of 80 professional sale representatives in only five years.  Working in tandem with her daughter and secret weapon, Rebecca, the two have developed a distinct culture and business while staying faithful to Ronni’s vision of treating colleagues like family.

Catherine and Rebecca are proud to have established a comprehensive training and mentorship program, which begins immediately when a Realtor joins the team, and encourages novice and experienced professionals to flourish under their flag. “It’s astonishing to watch an office of Realtors excel” Rebecca says recounting her favorite aspect of the job. “Often a Realtor will join our office unsure and unprepared, and we are able to give them the knowledge and confidence they need to propel their career forward. It is so wonderful to see them reach their potential.”

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