Part Five: How are you marketing yourself to your clients?

by Clayton Jarvis on 10 Jan 2018

North America’s top real estate coach says realtors live on three separate planets. Which one you live on will be determined by how you market yourself.

For Craig Proctor, and the thousands of agents who have enlisted his coaching services over more than two decades, the difference between starvation and domination can often be boiled down to a single aspect of their business: lead generation.

Lead generation is about more than just finding as many clients as possible. It’s about finding the right clients for the right agent, allowing them to determine who they want to work with – the buyers and sellers most likely to cooperate and act, resulting in a successful outcome for both client and realtor.

Once a proven lead generation system is in place, the process generates its own momentum, becoming easier, more automatic and more profitable in a stunningly short period of time.

But Proctor says most agents fail to generate an abundance of leads because they are living on the wrong planet. According to Proctor, there are three distinct planets that realtors live on, with the first two being frustratingly familiar to most agents.

“When I got into real estate, I only knew about one planet: the planet of manual labour, cold calling, networking and door knocking,” he says. “It was a horrible planet. But that was the only planet I knew.” Proctor’s year on Planet One was a miserable one. “I wanted to get out. The problem was I had nowhere else to go – except Planet Two.”

For Proctor, Planet Two is the slick and well-lit world of brand and image advertising.

“I didn’t know anything about brand or image marketing, so I looked around at how other agents were marketing themselves – glamour shots air-brushed to make 50-year olds look like they were 30; everyone’s number one, everyone’s leaning on a Mercedes with a cellphone pressed to their face.

“I jumped off the first planet onto the second. I’m blowing money from my parents just so I can copy those ads. Six months later, I still had no business, but it was costing me extra money to fail at the same rate.”

It was then that Proctor bought a ticket to Planet Three, which at the time was a distant, largely unexplored sphere where direct response marketing ruled. Proctor set up shop on Planet Three and quickly became RE/MAX’s number one agent worldwide.

“You’ll never make a cold call again,” Proctor says of life on Planet Three. “No more begging, no more resistance, no more knocking on doors, no more chasing. No more wasting money on dumb advertising that doesn’t pay for itself. Instead, you can have a steady stream of buyers and sellers contacting you of their own volition.”

Proctor makes no bones about the impact direct response marketing had on his life as an agent.

“Had I not stumbled onto that third planet, I have no problem saying I would have been a statistic. I would have quit.”

Proctor will be providing maps to – and a detailed tour of – Planet Three at each of his upcoming free, half-day seminars in January:

  • January 9 – Vancouver, BC
  •  January 10 –Calgary, AB
  • January 22 – Toronto, ON
  • January 25 – Montreal, QC

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