IN FOCUS: Reverse Prospecting

Part Four: Three ways to prove your value to a prospect

Jan 09, 2018

Craig Proctor, North America’s leading real estate coach, on how agents can differentiate themselves from the competition

Toronto and Chicago are often compared to one another. They are both major sports and entertainment markets, their lakeside locations allow Mother Nature to rub up against Big Business and they have roughly the same populations. And yet Chicago is home to only 13,000 real estate agents, while Toronto has over 45,000 of its own.

It’s no surprise, then, that life as a Toronto-based realtor is one of grueling competition, where agents often try to differentiate themselves by saying the exact same things. Craig Proctor, North America’s most proven real estate trainer, says there are three ways agents can prove their value to potential clients.

1. Guarantee the quality of your performance

While a RE/MAX agent, Proctor invented the “Your Home Sold – Guaranteed” program so popular with a number of today’s leading agents. (Realtors providing the same offer pay Proctor a licensing fee.) Either through offering to buy an unsold home or by paying clients cash for not meeting certain criteria, Proctor says performance guarantees are a tactic few agents have a counter for.

“We’re teaching agents to set themselves apart,” he says. “In a world where everyone says they’re great, they’re experienced, they’re local experts and so on, the easiest way to set yourself apart from all the other agents is to simply be accountable because no one else wants to be.”

2. Let your stats do the talking

Agents with robust lead generation systems in place should theoretically have an abundance of leads to choose from. This allows them to pick and choose who they work with.

“We’ve all had buyers and sellers who won’t listen to us, who fight us all through the transaction; the seller wants to list their home for way more than its worth, then the house doesn’t sell and they blame you, costing you a pot of money. And now you have a seller running around Toronto telling everyone who’ll listen how bad a job you did,” Proctor says.

But by generating more leads, agents can choose who they work with – the most motivated, the most sincere, the most ready to act buyers and sellers – which will help juice an agents stats.

“Let’s say I generate 100 leads this week, I’m going to cherry-pick the 30 very best seller leads. These are the people that are going to price their house right. It’s going to sell fast and very close to the asking price. Now I’ve got bragging rights. ‘My homes sell for 98% of the asking price, the real estate board average is 95%.’ ‘My listings sell in under 30 days, but the average agent in Toronto takes 60 days to sell their listings.’ I’m working with the best of the best, my stats reflect that and I can use them to set myself apart.

3. Provide what other agents can’t

Proctor has long been a critic of the open house, which he considers another outdated strategy most agents only go through with to placate their sellers.

“Every weekend you see agents all over Canada doing open houses. If you look at national stats, less than 1% of homes sold are the result of an open house. What are the odds that some buyer randomly knocks on the door and finds they’ve walked into their dream home? It happens, but 99% of the time it doesn’t.”

If an agent is attempting to wow a prospect, how can he or she do it by promising to do the same things every other agent has done – unsuccessfully – for decades? Proctor suggests showing up at an appointment with what sellers are looking for: a list of potential buyers.

“An agent with the right lead gen system will often have a database for a seller’s particular neighborhood that might have up to 50 buyers who are looking for a home similar to the seller’s in the same general price range.”

How many agents can show a seller a list of buyers before they’ve even signed a contract with them? And how many agents can compete with such a list?

Proctor will be detailing these methods, as well as the lead generation system that makes them possible, at a series of free half-day seminars in January:

  • January 9 – Vancouver, BC
  •  January 10 –Calgary, AB
  • January 22 – Toronto, ON
  • January 25 – Montreal, QC

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Craig Proctor is Founder and CEO of Craig Proctor Coaching, an International Real Estate Success Coaching organization. Over the past 20 years, Craig has created more millionaire agents than anyone else in the industry. Craig’s program is uniquely positioned to deliver real, current and proven solutions to Real Estate Agents and Brokers. While the cornerstone of the system is “Reverse Prospecting” (an inexpensive and automatic lead generation system where qualified prospects actually hunt down the agent rather than the other way around), the system also teaches highly effective scripts, conversion and presentation systems which enable agents to have more money, more time and more freedom in their lives.

Craig was twice named the #1 RE/MAX® agent worldwide, the youngest RE/MAX agent ever to be number one worldwide for the company, and has subsequently won every possible RE/MAX® Award. For 15 years straight Proctor consistently sold over 500 homes a year for annual GCI of almost $4 Million, and his success has been profiled on national television and in newspapers across the country.

Today, Proctor devotes 100% of his time to his passion: teaching and coaching other agents. By openly sharing his step-by-step approach, Proctor has not only taught his students how to dramatically increase their results, but also how to vastly improve their quality of life. His system has been responsible for the biggest success stories in the industry.

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